PocketBook Basic 2 614

Overall rating 4.8125 stars
4.8125 from 16 reviews
Battery capacity
1300 mAh
TXT, DOC, PDF, fb2, ePub, DjVu, RTF, MOBI, PRC
FM tuner
The recorder
Battery capacity:
1300 mAh
TXT, DOC, PDF, fb2, ePub, DjVu, RTF, MOBI, PRC
FM tuner:
The recorder:


Overall rating 4.8125 stars
16 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
November 18, 2014


This e-book I use for more than a month. When he came to the store to choose their future “reader”, that operated on the principle of “the mark”. Before that, I of anything similar did not use, and only knew that the firm PosketBook sort of enjoys the confidence of knowledgeable people. Models were not very many, but all different in price from other brands. The price was much higher. On the one hand I wished to buy the book over 4500 thousand when nearby is for 2000 but the other firm. On the other hand, I was worried that buying the cheapest option and it will break down quickly.But then still decided to buy)the book has already been installed a variety of works, including in different languages. Mainly classic. From this list, I decided to read “Anna Karenina.” Shame, but in my school years I this work was ignored. Well, then came the fix books of different genres and authors))) this month I read about 7 books) And I’m very glad this fact! Thanks to my little electronic friend, I finally began to read)))) In the management everything is simple, everyone will understand. The main advantage of the e-book – safety for vision. On your tablet or laptop I could not for a long time to read, as it started to hurt my eyes. Then I can read all day!Charging owner holds amazingly long. For the time charged only 1 time and that is due to the fact that from the store I brought it in almost empty)the Book is indispensable on the road! So small and lightweight, it accommodates a huge library, and will fit a small women’s purse!I definitely recommend it to everyone!

Advantages:compact, lightweight, comfortable read

Overall rating 5.00 stars
November 28, 2014


๑۩۩๑ ๑۩۩๑ account this is my second E-book, and much hope for her long service to me, because the previous book, namely the Ritmix ( model RBK-493 ) betrayed me and gone to another world – or rather, her life lasted for about 5 months and then she flew the nest for charging, guarantee it’s not over…but the store where I actually bought this crap I was told supposedly they do not do it and advised me to go to repair this! That’s what I did, not only that I was charged 1000 rubles for the repairs, so the book was there for a month…and when it came time to pick up each time they put it back on then…but still conscience when they woke up, they called and said, “take it”…I took…and from that moment the book went another day, and then began round-the-clock restarts for no reason, has reached that began to seem only the splash screen when you turn…and immediately shutdown, and new that is to say on the motion was not! Only occasionally, when the book tried to return to life on the screen appeared a penguin – the only thing that made me happy!

It…it was immediately clear the book was the end, and fit it only as a stand for mugs, what actually serves me sometimes! And as all good beginning e-book…, color, wi-fi, on android,lots of apps…it was convenient to read, and all that! Well not talk about sad things! Immediately run to buy a new one did not dare, because she was broke, and buying it’s not cheap…in the end – totally disappointed in these gadgets, and just recently after reading reviews on thousands of books, okay….it is not so bad, and this time the book I will not kidanet, and will serve me faithfully! At first the choice was stopped on the PocketBook 515…but then abruptly jumped on the PocketBook 614 version! Accumulated denyushku (5000 tysyas) – how accumulated…went and changed your dollars, found shops in my town, where it is sold..but visiting most of them is not found, oddly enough….wandered in Euroset, was like, “there, no?” she was like, “what interests me”..I left my number, went about their business…and after a couple of minutes later the consultant calls me and says that the book brought to him in an hour! Stunned, not really ?????? In the end, managed to run to the venue till closing…I bought and went home, to open this purchase, details of you and fill you in!

♳ ♴ ♵ ♶ ♷ ♸ ♹♳ ♴ ♵ ♶ ♷ ♸ ♹♳ ♴ ♵ ♶ ♷ ♸ ♹♳ ♴ ♵ ♶ ♷ ♸ ♹♳ ♴ ♵ ♶ ♷ ♸ ♹♳ ♴ ♵ ♶ ♷ ♸ ♹♳ ♴ ♵ ♶ ♷ ♸ PocketBook 614 ❤

PocketBook presents the new product – simple and easy to use electronic reader PocketBook 614. PocketBook 614 is a great gift even for those who still believes that a paper book is easier to read. The new reader includes all the necessary features for comfortable e-reading. With an intuitive interface to manage the new PocketBook reader is incredibly easy! 6 inch E Ink Pearl™ screen PocketBook 614 does not glare in the sun, and uses only reflected light, allowing you to read even in the bright day. Powerful processor with clock frequency of 1 GHz and 256 MB RAM provide even more smooth scrolling and excellent response of any application. One battery charge is enough for PocketBook 614 almost a month of active reading! 4 GB internal memory expandable up to 32GB – a library that is always at hand! Electronic reading c PocketBook 614 – easy and fun! ✰ What it is light…weighs only 188 grams, and the main thing there fit, all that is necessary ✰ This big green button is a chic, cool design is obtained. Managed it, but it will not be familiar to those who used the sensor….but I , like many,before moving to a touch phone was the normal buttons…but with this selenelackey as well, I quickly got used to + there are 2 buttons…like “forward” , “back”…pressed OK, although someone complains…Yes they figure click ✰ the Screen is black and white. Eye perceived well…the sight had to be protected, sure not the first time, especially when you personally know people who put their perfect vision because of the gadgets, because only in them and hang ✰ Letters are clearly visible, no complaints

✰ Don’t slip in your hands, this is a major plus + is a thing for which to stay and it will not fall (well explained) ✰ On screen you can set the screensaver…how the hell it looks cool

✰ When buying was loaded with some books, 2 of them even in the Ukrainian language ✰ Font can be changed to your liking…I found it so font – italic, I like ✰ you Can insert additional flash drive, but has an inbuilt 4 GB, and I still think enough of this app There are also apps such as snake, calculator, Sudoku, chess, solitaire (so there is something to be distracted from reading at times, or vapor)

✰ Of course, put the date and time (they appear at the bottom of the screen and the battery icon) ✰ the complex included : the book, manual, cable and warranty card

✰ Warranty is given for 12 months, but it is possible to extend, as I explained to the consultant at Euroset ” And not a lot of comparisons with my former book….it turns out the more you book, the more problems, that’s what I did!

✰ One word – cool and quite a simple book, without the bells and whistles, but the design is attractive, what I really wanted (•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)(•●)

Advantages:a large amount of memory, compact, lightweight, comfortable read, beautiful, support for many formats

Overall rating 5.00 stars
March 5, 2015


To be honest, always wary of different modern gadgets and other strange objects. Loved real, paper books with its unique smell, with the ability to flip through the pages. The first time I saw the e-book from a friend, used, looked. Two months went hesitated to purchase it or not. Weighed the pros and cons. And finally as they say ripe…Chose, read the reviews in the Internet and finally settled on this elegant white. Bought and still not overjoyed.The advantages:-light weight, fits well in your purse, you can carry and read when I have time-a good base already uploaded the classics in the Russian language-you can add any product-despite the cost of around 4 thousand (bought in September 2014. to the growth of the dollar), and then pays off and saves the family budget-a convenient screen for the eyes, the eyes long to read if tired as conventional paper books, but not sileny option is acceptable for those who just need a good eReader without various other so-called modern “bells and whistles”

Advantages:e ink, compact, lightweight, comfortable read, beautiful, support for many formats, long enough

Overall rating 5.00 stars
July 1, 2015


To love to read is to exchange hours of boredom, inevitable in life, in hours of great enjoyment.Montesquieu Hello!Only a day has passed since I joined here and the first thing to opinion chose my favorite e-book. I gave her last birthday. Can’t imagine how happy I was!The fact that two years before this I bought a PocketBook 360 Plus, which was a great book. “Was” because I managed to damage the screen this book, even with a cover included. Then, of course, regrettable events, I spent the whole year somehow without e-books. Of course, I bought books, but at current prices… well, the librarians got to know me Now, imagine my joy when I was presented a new e-book *(^-^)* This was one of the happiest moments of my life.Of course, since the book was bought 2 years ago, it’s a bit tacky, but I still dare to show it to you.

my little book lubamatu box and packing books.

Of these characteristics.


Also attached warranty card.To say that this is the right thing to say nothing. Especially those who have really bad eyesight, like me. To spoil it even worse reading from your tablet, phone or computer think it is silly. Technology elink has become my salvation!The advantages also include its relative cheapness. Compared to its counterparts, which have a touch screen, a backlight, etc. PocketBook 614 can afford, if not all, many.Numerous supported formats, of course, another advantage of the Pocketbook 614. You can not worry and not to look for a format that is supported by your phone or computer. With the electronic book you will not be such problems!Download book you can go a lot, though, and States that memory is just 2 GB. There is also a slot for a memory card. But believe me, these 2 GB will be enough for the eyes.If we talk about the built-in dictionaries, that is nice, but not always necessary. I think it is easier to see in a search engine than to highlight the desired word.The main advantage of acquiring e-books is that you can read it a month (or more) without recharging! Personally, I was loading the last races 5-6 months ago. The fact is that while I am downloading books from computer to book, she manages to charge. It is very comfortable during long trips or the Apocalypse. In such cases, you are provided a reading more than a month. Cool, huh?Of course, it’s not perfect. One downside to it is still there. The fragility. this quality is inherent in all electronic books, technology-based elink. Therefore, we can assume that the model, itself notable drawbacks is not. Especially for the price for anybody Not a secret, as far as reading useful. Modern technology allows us to absorb this utility without injury and unnecessary costs. I am forever grateful to the producers for this opportunity and my aunt for a gift Thank you for your attention!

Advantages:a large amount of memory, a comfortable reading process, cheap

Overall rating 3.00 stars
July 27, 2015


Hello!Recently I wanted to purchase the ebook or to receive a gift ) as gift, I have not waited, decided to take matters into their own hands and after reading the reviews on irece decided to opt for the book, the PocketBook 614.

I bought the book even before the jump in the dollar and to me it is a cost of 4990 rubles is expensive or not is up to you. After years of using books, I have something to say about it and what to share with You, just say cons lack.The book is lightweight, ergonomic, me in dark grey matte, and incredibly mark hull – need to immediately buy a case, because it is not included, although it would not hurt the manufacturer that puzzled, because after touching the body by hand, it will be all your fingerprints, which are then difficult are removed.

The book has a diagonal of 6″ – about the size of an average female wrist. Display type – liquid ink – E-ink Pearl, the font size is adjustable at will.- Did not like that the letters are not clear enough, but perhaps I’m expecting from a book is impossible, and the clarity of the letters on the electronic books it is this happen?

– A good read only if the source of light, a little shadow and the letters become blurry and difficult to see, then, how usual book ink can be visible to read, even in the incipient twilight. I really miss the backlight, which is missing in the model. Had to purchase a flashlight for reading.- In this model when using the navigation buttons, well, for example when turning – hear is loud clicks which is making me nervous (no touch control).

That is to read when someone is sleeping is not an option, and I love to read before bed.- There is no wi-fi, although for me it does not matter.- The book is very much pre-classic literature in different languages, some of I immediately deleted it. The book also supports a lot of formats, from txt to pdf and jpg in the gray gradation (from white to black).

– Book charging via usb port

from computer, TV, laptop, i.e. the same charging outlet and this means that this device is using an outlet to charge will not work, but it’s not terrible, the book holds a charge with regular reading… attention…1 MONTH!In General, closing his eyes to the many cons in this book you can quite reasonably read, BUT! if you purchase the replay, I have this specific model bought.

Advantages:a large amount of memory, supports many formats, nice design, long enough

Overall rating 4.00 stars
August 4, 2015


I have long wanted a book, and easier. And this version I liked. The interface is very easy, clean the screen, because it is controlled by buttons and not the sensor. For a very long time to read – eyes don’t get tired! Long keeps charging, lots of memory, nice design! Many formats, the best (easy to read), I believe, is the text version. It is much more manipulation can be done. The need is increasing without hiding the text, and the PDF did not work, the font is too small. but I found a solution – translate a book in text version with the help of programs or online. But still me, this book satisfied.

Advantages:e ink, a large amount of memory, compact, lightweight, comfortable read

The PocketBook company offers users to check out 614. The features of 614, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left 614 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase PocketBook 614. Buy PocketBook 614 with benefits.
Battery capacity 1300 mAh
Supported formats
Text TXT, DOC, PDF, fb2, ePub, DjVu, RTF, MOBI, PRC
FM tuner No
The recorder No
Connect and charge
3G No
Wi-Fi No
Bluetooth No
USB interface there, with charging
Design and dimensions
Weight 188 g
QWERTY keyboard No
Dimensions (Shght) 115x174x8 mm
Display characteristics
Type E-Ink, Pearl, grayscale: 16
Settings 6 inch, 600x800, 167 ppi
Auto-rotate screen No
Built-in backlight No
The processor and memory
RAM 256 MB
Memory card microSD, microSDHC
Built-in memory 4096 MB
Processor frequency 1000 MHz
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