Polaris PMC 0510AD

Overall rating 4 stars
4 from 1 reviews
3D heat
The control
Delayed start
Manual adjustment
temperature, cooking time
Automatic programs
9, including: pastries, porridge, cereals, stewing, steaming, pilaf, stir-frying, pasta
The maximum timer time
24 hours
3D heat:
The control:
Delayed start:
Manual adjustment:
temperature, cooking time
Automatic programs:
9, including: pastries, porridge, cereals, stewing, steaming, pilaf, stir-frying, pasta
The maximum timer time:
24 hours


Overall rating 4 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 4.00 stars
December 18, 2015


Hello!Love the variety of fixtures that can make the routine life of a homemaker easier. About the slow cooker, I dreamed long ago, read the reviews, looked into the models and finally we bought it! So I present to you the culprit of my review Polaris PMC AD 0510.

Polaris PMC 0510 AD everything in order.Komplektaciya kit 0510 multicooker Polaris PMC AD includes the device itself, power cord, multistage, bowl steamer, ladle, spatula, instruction and recipe book.

Komplektatsionnaya vincebus slow cooker made of white plastic and stainless steel. There is a handle for carrying the device. On the panel is the display and control buttons.


Panel upravleniya multivertical with non-stick Teflon coating. I also saw this same model but in a ceramic version. I like the 5 liter. My family of four is enough.Less is not necessary. Glad that the Cup can be washed in the dishwasher.Functionproperly the CONTROL.The program “CONTROL” is a multi-mode, which will allow You to cook a variety of dishes.To work in this mode, you must manually set the desired time and cooking temperatures.This program I used a few times, when preparing recipes from the Internet.3D heat.Thanks to 3D-heating the slow cooker heats up quickly, evenly prepared dishes, cakes are always baked through.The program PILAF.I use very often. Never knew how to cook rice were rice porridge with meat.But to ruin a risotto in the slow cooker is simply impossible!!! Everything works fine, rice crisp, the meat soft, kind mouth-watering.Cook recipe book, satisfied.Rice use long grain parboiled.

Plusprogramme SOUP.Really love this app. Soups turn out rich and tasty. Default preparing 60 minutes. Threw all the ingredients, poured the water, set the programme, shut the lid and do your thing.Especially often cooked in a slow cooker beetroot soup, borscht, pea soup.

Pea soup with smoked

Wordprogram Tuscanian this program love to cook ASE tartare, vegetable stew. If it turns out not overcooked, but very tender and tasty. This program did squash the eggs turned out just like store-bought!

ASE tartare

Vegetable stew

Squash microprogramme KALAU me two little kids who love to eat for Breakfast cereal.And in a slow cooker they turn out well, very tasty! Therefore, this program is very popular.

Rice kackprogramme will Proverbially on this program mostly when losing weight)))I can not put separately overall a steamer,and safely cook in cartoon

Chicken for a couple Program Razogrewatego not in use, but warms up really quickly.The program Mypackage do not use almost,because I have a very good oven and baking sweets, I prefer it. Tried to do a casserole, it turned out delicious.For this review to be as objective as possible, I still speckle marble cake from the recipe book. Turned out very even nothing! The cupcake is cooked, risen and delicious.

Marble cake


Casserole of potatoes, chicken fillet topped with cream and cheese

Chicken drumsticks with creamy cheese cocompactly Arcopolis often, mostly as the first stage of cooking.There’s a caveat.When I use the program, pour the oil, you need to give the cartoon is heated, to gain the desired temperature, and then to sleep products.

Fried potatoes with onion and chesnochnaya PASTA/DUMPLINGS the First time I tried recently, cooked fettuccine with chicken, everything was delicious and fast. Soon I plan to boil the dumplings

Fettucinni with chicken

Pasta flaccianello want to say about the delayed start. It became for me a godsend! How lovely to get up in the morning and Breakfast is already ready! It will be appreciated by all who have small kids.Recipe book included, some recipes are prepared by using it.Also, there is a very detailed instruction manual.Now about the unpleasant.I don’t like about this model that does not provide a container for collecting condensate moisture collected in the place of fastening of a cover..,on the body bounded by sides, must be on time (when opened) to wipe, eliminating the overflow…It’s very uncomfortable.

Problematise not convenient to wash the slow cooker, i.e. the door itself and the rubber seal. It would be great if it was possible to remove it.These two points take off one star, but multivarku Polaris PMC 0510AD highly RECOMMEND!So the lovely hostess, buy yourself such a great helper, because he not only makes life easier, leaves time for family, but dishes it out just yum!Thank you for your attention, I hope my review was helpful.More of my reviews on appliances:Dishwasher Lecoultreseries inhaler Humidifier Timberk machine LG

Advantages:*powerful, 3d - heating, a large amount of bowls, lots of cooking programs, control

The Polaris company offers users to check out PMC 0510AD. The features of PMC 0510AD, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left PMC 0510AD reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Polaris PMC 0510AD. Buy Polaris PMC 0510AD with benefits.
Management and program
3D heat No
Management electronic
The control Yes
Delayed start Yes
Manual adjustment temperature, cooking time
Automatic programs 9, including: pastries, porridge, cereals, stewing, steaming, pilaf, stir-frying, pasta
The maximum timer time 24 hours
The maintenance of the heat Yes
General characteristics
Type slow cooker
Power 700 W
Watch Yes
The volume 5 l
Case material metal
Cover the bowl ceramic
My review Polaris PMC 0510AD

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