Prestigio MultiPad 4 Quantum 7.85 PMP5785C 3G

Overall rating 5 stars
5 from 4 reviews
Battery capacity
4700 mA⋅h
Time in standby mode
360 h
Working time (music)
21 h
Working time (video)
5 h
Built-in speakers
there, sound stereo
Built-in microphone
Battery capacity:
4700 mA⋅h
Time in standby mode:
360 h
Working time (music):
21 h
Working time (video):
5 h
Built-in speakers:
there, sound stereo
Built-in microphone:


Overall rating 5 stars
4 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
July 20, 2014


Hello!!!It just so happened that I was going to write a review, it already almost happened in my head, I found the right branch and slightly mind – the story of this gadget in our family, completely consistent with the story in an already existing opinion. Despite all my internal protests, the son of hard scribbling letters to Santa Claus, and Santa Claus husband and I decided whether to buy a year old child an expensive gadget, and indeed whether to buy a gift. (there’s also racing, shooting, children’s heads zombiewalk – Ohhh!) And how not to fly by as if to choose something budget. The company prestigio I took sooooo skeptical, I sold a kidney problem. But that 30 Dec purchased, then Santa Claus 31 and I had to give.Price – affordable – 33000 tenge (at that time there were two hundred $ of a penny)

Technical characteristicsatistical: Prestigio: MultiPad 4 Quantum 7.85 3G: ARM Cortex-7 of cores: 4 frequency, GHz: 1.2 memory: 1024 Bobjam drive: 8 Brasmer screen inch: 7.85 display Resolution: 1024 x 768 screen: Touch Reteree: Lithium polymer (Li-Pol) capacity 4700: Built-in speaker (s), Built-in microperthite external devices: memory card slot, micro-USB, Line out, card connector micro-Mosta communications: WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, GPS pranipatena system: Android set: Cardpanel: Lightweight aluminum corpulmonale camera 0.3 MP, camera rear panel 2 Podderzhka memory cards microSD up to 32 Grasmere (W x h x d): 20.3 x 13.9 x 0.89 we products: 0.35 khrok warranty (months): 24

From all this mumbo-Jumbo that the manufacturer calls specification, the most enjoyable and clear to me was the presence of not only Wi-Fi but also 3G. It is possible to insert the SIM card, select the appropriate tariff from the operator and enjoy the Internet wherever have not got wi-fi. Given our frequent trips, it is very convenient. I mean, you know, right? I gradually came to the conclusion that this gift I am also going to use it.

The Creator of this creation claims that prednaznacheno it is exclusively men (for what such merits, it is curious), I, the lover of Teddy bears, flowers and bows, very nice to see and these the mirror and brushed the rounded surface.

the grip is pleasant and surprisingly easy. Glass and aluminium – easy, stylish and durable. I will add that test drive in children’s little hands, this tablet is already the seventh month, the film on the screen is not glued in case dress just for the trip, but in spite of all this – Prestiges as good as new – no scratches. Really attracts dust like shiny black Grand piano, no less

The tablet was surprisingly nimble – Skype, videos, games – everything works great. The response at the slightest touch. The controls and menu are intuitive. Apps and all Android devices swinging from play market. To view video downloaded additional player, the native is not pulling all formats.


Photos and videos.Many did not expect him. Here, that is capable of megapixel camera. Do not judge strictly my young photographer:

the video is also not impressive, but the disadvantage is not considered.Internetinternet on the tablet, mainly used by just me. It is very convenient, just flies. Not tupit, does not hang. Even a couple of reviews he wrote. Keyboard – your one-stop, the response is faster than on my iPhone. A couple of times faced with the fact that it is not loaded video on YouTube. What was the problem in the tablet, the video or the app is hard to say. But the son is watching cartoons online and not complaining

Application native apps – Skype, gmail, e-book (not got used to it), the office (convenient).

Batereau the non-stop mode, the tablet can work up to 9 hours, in standby mode, maybe a week to lie on a single charge. Included USB cord and adapter for 220.Zvyazku on it to listen to my speakers a little weak, but for watching videos at home – the fit is great.Tablet and child.This question interested me when buying the most. I was afraid that my son will have a dependence on games on the tablet. But there’s one rule – all you need to know the measure. It operates however not only with the tablet. know when to stop, it means that the tablet is not a way to take the child, while parents once. This means that you need to help the child to form a relationship to the tablet not as a toy, but a complex device that could be hurt if it is not reasonable to use it. And I came to the conclusion that severe restrictions will not help. A child must be negotiated. We agreed that the tablet is not more than 2-3 games chosen by the son’s desire. Want to download new – delete the old one. (For this reason, we decided not to equip the tablet with more memory card so that my son was learning rational approach to download apps)for 20-30 minutes once or twice a day is considered acceptable in 5-6 age, but it’s not a hard limit, just need to captivate the child another interesting lesson. I know from my own experience that the child lacks parental attention, will not be dependent on electronic gadgets and computers. On the other hand, still wanted to son was to navigate in the rapidly developing technological world. But the measure, all you need to know the measure. So, first and foremost, this is a great tablet with an excellent ratio of price and quality. Today I did not leave a pleasant surprise from all of the properties and capabilities of this model, therefore, recommend to buy, for yourself whether, for a child, as a gift – great choice! Enjoy your shopping and have a great day! PS. This is my first review on such devices, ask, will complement the opinion, if that…

Overall rating 5.00 stars
September 10, 2014


Our family already had a tablet (iPad mini review can be read in my profile), we have already appreciated the beauty of these small, but smart device, and then it happened that we became scarce. I need to sort my work is a constant reference to the Internet, to the mailbox, social networks, and the tablet I began to see less and less. When I need it, husband it is your business on the Internet makes the movies looks. In General, I decided to buy a tablet, not expensive, but it had certain requirements: diagonal close to the size of the iPad mini, for me a comfortable size, tablets with a diagonal 7 inches for me is small, and the eyes uncomfortable. The tablet should have dual cameras, though not very good, it’s not photographic equipment, but the opportunity to say to call on Skype welcome. It is desirable that planshete was 3G again, I often travel on business, and the Internet connection I need. 4 cores. Oh and it was important that the child could watch cartoons, because after buying a tablet we were going to go by car to the sea, it was necessary to take the child. I was looking for this tablet long and hard and thank God I do not regret! Now it is my indispensable assistant in all my life. Before buying reviewed a lot of tablets, even HP did not impress me, not mine, and that’s it! In General, this tablet suggest. And Yes, he did helped us when we went to the South in the summer. Generally as the Navigator used the IPad mini, but in 38 degree heat and of course it overheated and shut down. What to do?! How to go?! No problem, got a few chapters as and here again we see your route. Once again, a cool tablet, and the sound is good, and colorful, and everything that I mentioned above. Of the shortcomings do not even know, I have nothing to write, still like it)

Advantages:two cameras, a diagonal of 7.85, supports 3 g

Overall rating 5.00 stars
September 15, 2014


Tablet chose a long time, looking beautiful and not expensive, in the end I opted for this model: Prestigio MultiPad 4 Quantum 7.85 3G.I was impressed with the design: stylish and concise, nothing more, very easy to use, nice to hold, and relatively lightweight. Battery lasts for a day, unless you touch the tablet the whole day.Of the minuses – weak camera. Battery heated during activity. And a small dark spot in the upper right corner of the screen, such a marriage has in some parties of tablets of this model, not the fact that he will fall for you. But if you buy, look good, and if we find a fault, ask them to replace it. In principle it is not affected, but so to say “hurts the eyes”.In principle, the purchase I pleased, use for three months, used . Complaints at work yet.

Advantages:gps / android 4.2, dual cameras, classic black color, supports 3 g

Overall rating 5.00 stars
November 18, 2014


Good day, friends!Recently, about two months ago, I became the owner of the tablet Prestigio. Husband for no reason at all decided to humor me and give me such a gift. Use this miracle of technology every day and will tell you about their experiences.

The tablet Prestigio MultiPad 4 Quantum 7.85 3G Quad-core processor, and 8GB flash memory. Bought him another microSD on 16.

On the reverse side with the cute logo Works well, a couple of times back in the day. Had to exit the application and restart. I think this happens with more expensive models.Mainly use for the Internet. The sound is not very loud but for watching a movie or cartoon is enough.Tach works well. Compared with the smartphone of Samsung, it didn’t seem faster.

The picture is very bright, juicy. The child once dropped the tablet on the floor(linoleum), everything works ka before.The camera of course make much to be desired. If photographing a moving child, the picture strongly smeared. But for these purposes there is a camera.

Thin, nice to hold in rukahs complete a beautiful, comfortable cover under the skin. Looks stylish.

Have all kropotkinite screen is almost 8 inches at the time. The screen is glossy, fingerprints are visible on it. As it does not wipe, still does not help))). It and books to read, but my eyes still start to get tired, so it’s best to read all e-book.

Box showing all characteristicsare it somewhere time in three days, but sometimes more often if a lot of use. If you use just a little bit, holds a charge longer.

Box showing all the characteristics, I Think, great for home and on the road to take conveniently. Easily fits in a small bag.

What goes into completeprogram very happy! The price for it so well pleased! Give him five, as the cons are considered minor. Excellent 3D LED TV LG 42LA620V:… INTEGO VX-200HD:

Advantages:the diagonal of 7.85, not a high price

The Prestigio company offers users to check out MultiPad 4 Quantum 7.85 PMP5785C 3G. The features of MultiPad 4 Quantum 7.85 PMP5785C 3G, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left MultiPad 4 Quantum 7.85 PMP5785C 3G reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Prestigio MultiPad 4 Quantum 7.85 PMP5785C 3G. Buy Prestigio MultiPad 4 Quantum 7.85 PMP5785C 3G with benefits.
Battery capacity 4700 mA⋅h
Time in standby mode 360 h
Working time (music) 21 h
Working time (video) 5 h
Built-in speakers there, sound stereo
Built-in microphone Yes
Screen 7.85", 1024x768
Screen type TFT IPS, glossy
Touch screen capacitive, multi-touch
Video processor PowerVR SGX544
Widescreen display No
The number of pixels per inch (PPI) 163
Processor MediaTek MT8389 1200 MHz
Built-in memory 8 GB
Operating system Android 4.2
The number of cores 4
The memory card slot there are, microSDHC, up to 32 GB
Support Wi-Fi there is Wi-Fi 802.11 n
Mode cell phone Yes
Support Bluetooth there, Bluetooth 4.0
Mobile communications 3G, EDGE, HSDPA, HSPA+, GPRS
Audio output/headphone there, 3.5 mm
Connecting to a computer via USB Yes
Connection of external devices via USB Yes
The camera
Rear camera there, 2 million pixels.
Front camera there, 0.3 million pixels.
GPS there, with a-GPS support
Sensors accelerometer
Automatic screen orientation Yes
Size and weight
Weight 406 g
Dimensions (Dhshhg) 203x139x9 mm
Additional information
Features multitouch up to 10 touch points
Equipment tablet, USB-cable, OTG-cable, carrying case, AC adapter, manual
Case material metal
My review Prestigio MultiPad 4 Quantum 7.85 PMP5785C 3G

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