Prestigio MultiPad PMP5588C

Overall rating 2.75 stars
2.75 from 4 reviews
Battery capacity
5000 mA * h
Time in standby mode
120 h
Working time (music)
36 h
Working time (video)
3 hours
Built-in speakers
there, sound stereo
Built-in microphone
8", 1280x768
Battery capacity:
5000 mA * h
Time in standby mode:
120 h
Working time (music):
36 h
Working time (video):
3 hours
Built-in speakers:
there, sound stereo
Built-in microphone:
8", 1280x768


Overall rating 2.75 stars
4 reviews
Overall rating 4.00 stars
September 10, 2013


I gave mutipad prestigio 8.0 HD,the screen is bright,the sensor works fine,but I wasn’t…the first 5 days,but then something happened that really upset me,namely when I played the game,it hung …after a few seconds all the lights went out,and all the tablet stopped booting on pictures label. After this incident, the tablet was referred to the service center where they said that the problems with the firmware,but after repair has started all sorts of glitches. And now I’ll tell you more about the tablet-8 inch screen,sits in the hand nice,that does not creak, not clicks.As stated on the package-RAM 1 GB, 2x core processor with a frequency of 1.5 Hz ,built-in 8GB memory and support card up to 64 GB, Wi-Fi,operationa system – Android 4.2.The kit also included the case. In General, everything is fine,but a breakdown in the first days of operation is very much spoiled the view on the tablet!

Advantages:*reasonable price, good bright screen

Overall rating 2.00 stars
December 16, 2013


We bought this tablet only for 4000 rubles as a gift to son on birthday (12 years old). The main purpose of this tablet was entertaining, there are cool apps and game needs!.


Here is a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 with frequency of 1.5 GHz. LCD screen capacitive with multi-touch, a diagonal of 8 inches (20.3 cm), high definition HD, with a resolution of 1280×768 pixels. By the way, brightness is on the minimum: enough.

front view

the closer the Tablet runs on the OS Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Here, already installed applications like Office Suite Pro, Prestigio eReader eReader, the game “Angry Birds”, the standard (calculator, voice recorder, Movie Player), etc. the Tablet is equipped with 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB internal memory. Additionally, you can buy a microSDHC card/microSD, but we still have enough internal memory.

bottom view

side view Charging the tablet using the charger, there is a microUSB port. Battery capacity 5000 mA/h, you have to charge every day, but given the fact that the tablet is constantly used. Plus, the installed live Wallpaper, which is not too sickly eat the battery. By the way, the sales consultants are advised to buy the tablet adapter for connecting to standard USB port (not micro) to the tablet to connect to my computer and use an ordinary USB flash drive. So: don’t let yourself fool! All you need is in the kit OTG cable and device for connecting a flash drive. The photo – proof.

right providerone fact, sellers are advised to buy a case. Now, the case is also included and quite decent.

case the Apps we download from Google Play multipede have a high speed connection Wi-Fi (802.11 b|g|n). Speed is small, because this Wi-Fi at home is free (from “Fly”). This tablet is comfortable, looks decent, but there are cons: weak web Cam, the sound is not powerful, the screen is glare from the sides (we immediately stuck a protective film) may intermittently fail. Sometimes it happens that the charge is not checked in, but the tablet dies and the power button does not turn on. You have to simultaneously press on the volume button and the power button. There is a reboot and the tablet turns on. I son, so not much relaxing for games, uploaded app “spell Check” and “Scholar”. Let multipad but pleasure brings more benefits. The opinion added. After another glitch the tablet turned on, but reset all user settings, removed all apps. Less than a year… so, tell you what to do if you have the same problem with this tablet. First, you need to download the firmware. Here you can download: firmware. Then do everything according to the instructions that comes with the firmware. You need to run it from the SD card (which must be purchased, as it is not supplied with the tablet). I tried to run from a USB stick, but failed. Only card is suitable for these purposes, apparently. After flashing the tablet is turned on, and all apps restored. I also want to mention that the tablet has such weak points as connectors. We’ve already replaced the connector for the charger. Soon, I feel, will have to repair the connector for the flash drive: periodically there is no contact.If I knew beforehand HOW much the shortcomings of the tablet Prestigio MultiPad 8.0 HD, I would not buy this device. It is better to pay more, but to take a quality thing. For the future, certainly do not buy the tablets from the “Prestigio”.

Overall rating 1.00 stars
December 17, 2013


Choose a gift to a godchild,it was just a small round date-10 years.Wanted to take some phone,but the Manager talked me out of it.I understand why the child is 10 years old phone?Better buy her a simple tablet,let to play.That it was not there.I gave her a tablet,she spent an evening playing.But when I came in two days to visit,the tablet has already rebooted itself,but through the week completely stopped.Advantages: this tablet is not advantages except the price.Disadvantages: as I told the godfather,the tablet already on the second day, began to lag. Will not load game z Play Market, began to blunt the sensor,time to think,from the very beginning was not so good Kuta review,for some reason,when I switched off and again include the tablet,you have to configure it again.In General, the whole tablet is less solid.I would not who would not recommend to buy this tablet.My rating 1 out of 5.

Advantages:broke fast

Overall rating 4.00 stars
March 1, 2014


The tablet was donated by a 3-year old daughter’s birthday. In fact, he arranged at once and everywhere, the child was delighted!

Now the problem is “sharing” resolved, each family member has their own computer.

Call at once two big pluses on this computer, in particular, in terms of using child, it does not scratch the display and it holds a charge well battery.I think, any idea how worn this thing a small child and for a month it not a single scratch. Although, to stick the protective film is still not hurt.The tablet has a thin non-slip case, very pleasant to the touch, like rubber, by weight, is easy enough.

It is made on the basis of dual-core ARM Cortex A9 and running on Android operating system 4.2 Jelly Bean (the fastest and most reliable version of the Android operating system at the moment).Podtseplena to the Internet using high-speed Wi-Fi connection and very efficiently works there. Daughter watching cartoons online, nothing slows down.Internal memory it 8GB (operational-1Gb), plus has a slot under the drive microSHDC/microSD up to 32 GB.The screen on the tablet 8 inch, high resolution 1280×768, the image is clear and bright, equipped with Multitouch technology, using which it is convenient to read books in a convenient format and watch video files.

He charged, however, for a long time, but then on a single charge than one day during intensive use. Charging – the usual from the network + has a micro USB connector for charging from a computer.Also this connector allows you to connect to your regular drives, phones, external hard drive or a 3G modem, perechodnik under ordinary USB comes. You can even connect it to the tablet MultiPad mouse or keyboard via the OTG cable.The manufacturer already provides a lot of different applications, so the tablet can be used (just out of the box), even if you are new to these things and don’t know where and how to download available (I personally, for example) is more than enough. For example, in the tablet there is a app as software package Office Suite Pro that enables you to view and edit Office documents. Or, for example, an application such as Barcode Scanner is a barcode scanner that allows you to look up product prices, reviews and comparative reviews for comfortable shopping. How was the daughter glad that there is already installed the game Angry Birds! in General, everyone will find for themselves the necessary bells and whistles, as they say.

Front camera (actually, she’s in this one), however, is rather weak,only 0.3 Megapixels, pictures, and videos turns out very mediocre, but for Skype it is quite normal.And the sound is good, loud and clear.Included with the tablet is a nice leather case to store and carry, soft and comfortable.

We use a tablet a month, works perfectly, no hangs, all games are good, Internet fast, no cons, in General, have not found. A good budget tablet, not only for children, can safely recommend.Bought in Eldorado for 4700 R. Opinion supplemented 21.05.2015 g Tablet have served faithfully for one year.But working in such extreme conditions, this is still a lot more we are not particularly expected. Has sent his “retirement”. Began to hang, the battery is not tight and came loose charging port, or rather told his child.In General, we decided to throw out and bought her a new one. And this, I think, deservedly so drawn to four. So there is my review of the tablet Digma iDj7.

Advantages:*reasonable price, nice bright screen, keeps charging

The Prestigio company offers users to check out MultiPad PMP5588C. The features of MultiPad PMP5588C, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left MultiPad PMP5588C reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Prestigio MultiPad PMP5588C. Buy Prestigio MultiPad PMP5588C with benefits.
Battery capacity 5000 mA * h
Time in standby mode 120 h
Working time (music) 36 h
Working time (video) 3 hours
Built-in speakers there, sound stereo
Built-in microphone Yes
Screen 8", 1280x768
Touch screen capacitive, multi-touch
Video processor Mali-400 MP2
Widescreen display Yes
The number of pixels per inch (PPI) 187
Processor Amlogic AML8726-MXS 1500 MHz
Built-in memory 8 GB
Operating system Android 4.2
The number of cores 2
The memory card slot there are, microSDHC, up to 32 GB
Support Wi-Fi there is Wi-Fi 802.11 n
Audio output/headphone there, 3.5 mm
Connecting to a computer via USB Yes
Connection of external devices via USB Yes
The camera
Front camera there, 0.3 million pixels.
Sensors accelerometer
Automatic screen orientation Yes
Format support
Video WMV, MKV, MOV, MP4
Size and weight
Weight 460 g
Dimensions (Dhshhg) 216x138x10 mm
Additional information
Equipment tablet, USB-cable, OTG-cable, carrying case, AC adapter, manual
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