Prology Latitude I-602

Overall rating 4 stars
4 from 2 reviews
Battery capacity
1200 mAh
The duration of the work
7000 pages
TXT, DOC, PDF, fb2, ePub, DjVu, WMA support
FM tuner
Battery capacity:
1200 mAh
The duration of the work:
7000 pages
TXT, DOC, PDF, fb2, ePub, DjVu, WMA support
FM tuner:


Overall rating 4 stars
2 reviews
Overall rating 3.00 stars
December 7, 2013


My entire opinion consists of some drawbacks, but first I will talk about the few advantages, which have this reader. These advantages are mainly the main qualities which assess e-book, but a lot of small shortcomings are more than their covers.Advantages:- price (R. 3450);- reliability (compared to other models made in China) for 5 months stuck only once, but for the reason set out below;- to download a book (depending on volume (3-10 C) and turns (1.5) not very long; good screen contrast;

No. 1 contrast, glare, bubbles film – the full package: headphones, case, very pleasant to the touch and good at holding a charger;

No. 2 – the book was not uploaded a couple of files to view, and almost the main course of the school of literature of Russian writers: Tolstoy, Gogol, Bulgakov, Dostoevsky etc., but in some books in many places in brackets stood additional reading phrases.

No. 3 Gogol Sorochinskaya armacangola:1. – if you connect to the network for charging, when work slows down( not much but noticeable), it can appear to hang, but for this case there is a reset button; the screen is covered by a film non-uniformly(with air bubbles), which also creates glare (see photo 1);- naughty button and strive, or not react or react very rapidly, but when testing this device says that it is necessary to press the entire pad of your finger and for a short time, with sufficient training everything will be o’key;- to charge it from the mains, it should turn off: when enabled, for some reason he is not charging (does not change the charging indicator);- at times the book because of the cover inconvenient to use, for example to include, because she squirms a little in the case;

No. 4 to include 3 sec hold shifted to the left – short charging wire (see photo 2);2. – at the opening of the Department “History” immediately when turned on instead of popping up the book of books a table with the symbols and have to go back to the main menu to open the division again;

No. 5 drop-down signs to manipulate uploaded data, create folders, delete) only when connection of the reader to the computer;- updating of pages by the minute and turning the pages (sometimes) cannot be configured so that it is only when turning, so the blinking of the screen while reading a little distracting.- when uploading files to a flash memory reader departments: “books”, “music” and “photo” are displayed, so all information should be in one pile, but the reader them self ressortiront by Department, but it created folders in any one of these departments appear on all of them, which may hinder the search for the desired file;

No. 6 the files should be everyone in the Department – some files did NOT SEE it;- when connecting to the network asking whether to connect to the computer;- titles of books are not displayed completely: the string is placed only 29 characters, but when you open the workbook – 17, in doc format and less than 8, in the rotated view – 34;- does not display the location of the folder when opened in the “Books”;

No. 7 location is not marked instances of the read – only samples in fb2 format, which is remarkably reproduced in this book other formats, unfortunately, was not there;- WHEN you TRANSFER files in folders, the file opens WITH the FIRST PAGE, i.e., the stop position is read is not retained;3. – Pdf reader (stated by manufacturers epub, htm, html do not use, therefore anything about them I can not say) on this sample citirama you CAN FORGET after 5 min of waiting when you open even a small file (400 KB) had to cancel, because when you want to read, no patience to wait;- pdf can be converted to djvu format, because this format it recognizes (sometimes), but the letters are small and so either can be read only with a magnifying glass, as if to make the font in this format in the middle passes only on the largest font

No. 8 page djvu

1 enlargement djvu

2 enlargement djvu or make the screen rotation to font size normal read, but the page is viewed in 3 stages and it is very annoying (at first) because you have to look for a space, but if you calculate where a new row is started, you can, of course, to be accustomed;

No. 9 when you turn djvu the upper part

when you turn djvu the middle part

when turning the lower part of djvu – djvu when scrolling back (if you lost the idea) the transition is performed at the beginning of the page, and you have to click 2 times to go to the end of the page and find the last this idea, although it is useful if you want to turn a large number of pages in the djvu format, the time is only updated when flipping pages;- when you rotate the text is the change of direction of the joystick: up = left, down = right, and flip the text occurs clockwise that is, the text goes to the right, and the cover can not be used as a stand for books;

No. 10 is upside down – the font size can only be increased so to make it smaller, will have to get rid of all sizes; the font cannot be changed and font sizes 3-5 (depending on format) from the normal (in the formats except djvu) to the huge: I want to increase a little bit, and letters from doubling;

No. 11 three increase txt

No. 12 three increase doc

No. 13, two zoom fb2 +

3 increase fb2 shows that the reader is confined mostly under him, but still poorly sharpened from the most readable formats fb2: the font to txt me and doc spaces between the letters is uneven, small font, in the format fb2 medium font size, in addition to fb2, and txt between two paragraphs, add a space, so if the gaps have been there, you often have to strain their blistatelnye fingers;- may be just my instance of such a thing, but when you open the workbook the bottom line slightly paler than his sisters, but when you scroll it gets back to normal;- qwerty keyboard almost useless: frequently use only line numbers (these keys are pressed tight), because the figure corresponding to the book, opens it, and to jump to a specific page. Because the letter buttons, a joystick and reset button located on the right side, which for me is very convenient because it allows, holding in one hand a book, search the catalogue in it, and so it is useless, because it can only be used to search words (use rarely, since in this the catch: is Russian, and the first letter of the entered word English; to enter numbers before each figure it is necessary to press the shift – key for paging, which can push, but maybe not), so how to make notes and even call the bookmark, the text has full justification in text files, sometimes a word POPs up almost an entire row with large spaces between the letters, do not know what is the reason: software school, probably;- table (fb2) normally appear only in the form of drawings and tables in doc are displayed (with its specific font in a small size, so that increasing the font increases, but the table itself does not (see photo 12);

No. 14, so table is displayed in the format fb2 – pictures (test file), inserted in the text appear very small, and need to arm themselves with a magnifying glass to see them, because increase the font on them is not valid.

No. 15 drawings in formats fb2, EPUB and doc

No. 16 in figure increase font not deistvuyushim way, if you are the person very well constrained in the media and read books in the format fb2, and preferably a single sentence, without making notes, and bookmarks without using dictionaries, then this book is for you, but if not, I suggest to look for a more functional model.

Advantages:reliability, low price, the rest of the comments, full set, good kontrastnosti of the screen (more or less)

Overall rating 5.00 stars
August 13, 2014


Faced a couple of years ago with the same problem that I want to read books, but they are expensive, and quite book stores are disappearing in our city. Have advised friends to purchase the ebook but not cheap, but with electronic ink, so that the eyes do not get tired of reading. Advised specifically that, in our local shops, it was not ordered through the online store. Brought up, twisted, turned in his hands, turned and hung with her for the evening, to read well is a pleasure. Like a real paper book! The font you can do what you like in size. The book downloaded a lot of books classic, but almost the entire school year. Here and started to read Anna Karenina. After the release, the book automatically remembers last page. There’s only one downside – you come into the story, and it gives you a grid with symbols, but it is necessary in order to return to the main menu. Ah! the book was the cover, a nice, comfortable. Still the screen was covered with a film of protective, I have dropped out after a year of active use. The shelf life on the book – 2 years, I use already half a year, did not disappoint even once, charging for long enough, even if they break, then buy another exactly the same, is quite acceptable – 3 thousand.

The Prology company offers users to check out Latitude I-602. The features of Latitude I-602, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left Latitude I-602 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Prology Latitude I-602. Buy Prology Latitude I-602 with benefits.
Battery capacity 1200 mAh
The duration of the work 7000 pages
Supported formats
Text TXT, DOC, PDF, fb2, ePub, DjVu, WMA support
Sound MP3
FM tuner Yes
The recorder No
Connect and charge
Wi-Fi No
USB interface there, with charging
The possibility of charging from network Yes
Design and dimensions
Weight 300 g
Protection kit case
QWERTY keyboard Yes
Dimensions (Shght) 122x189x11 mm
Additional information a speaker; games;
Display characteristics
Type E-Ink Pearl
Settings 6 inch, 600x800, 167 ppi
Built-in backlight No
The processor and memory
Memory card microSD, microSDHC
Built-in memory 4096 MB
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