Qumo QUEST 507

Overall rating 4.5 stars
4.5 from 2 reviews
GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Wi-Fi 802.11 n, Bluetooth 4.0, USB
System A-GPS
Satellite navigation
Battery type
Battery capacity
1700 mA * h
Connector type for charging
GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Wi-Fi 802.11 n, Bluetooth 4.0, USB
System A-GPS:
Satellite navigation:
Battery type:
Battery capacity:
1700 mA * h
Connector type for charging:


Overall rating 4.5 stars
2 reviews
Overall rating 4.00 stars
December 15, 2014


At first very hesitant in buying this model since the brand little-known and reviews about it a little, but then I have not regretted that chose this model! A very affordable model, ordered in a Communication in October 2015 for 5990 R. Worried that when you see, your mind to buy, but I was immediately very pleased with the design, graphics, large screen, metal body and much more. The brand was also satisfied in the future I will pay attention to it.On the screen was glued special film (and then nowhere such not to find, until they are released), the Phone is very thin, the battery is inbuilt and the phone does not understand (so I advise you to protect it from overheating), the memory card is also not supported, but 16GB is enough for a huge number of apps, music, photos, etc. No problems with the phone have not yet discovered. Overall very happy with the purchase!Among the shortcomings we can highlight the following:Quickly sits down the battery, but a day enough;Bad sound, but the headphones are quite decent, and it was Hard to find a case, but on the Chinese sites have begun to appear the Charger broke after 3 weeks, but the usual charge for Android does not find a problem.Despite the above disadvantages smartphone recommend!

Overall rating 5.00 stars
February 22, 2016


Before buying my phone requirements were: design (metal shell + thickness), good battery, screen not less than 4 inches. Access to the Internet, more or less normal camera – it’s natural. There are all sorts of cores, “Gigi”, the version of Android does not matter. That is, in fact demands at least. The hardest thing was to find a smartphone with metal and slim case for the price below 10 thousand. In the end, was found QUMO Ouest 507 for the price of 9.5 million (before rate increase cost 6-7 thousand, so sorry that I didn’t find it). What was purchased in the online store (with a discount for 8ths), that is, took the picture and the reviews, actually before purchase in hands it did not hold.So, my opinion:the Design. The white color is very beautiful, and compared it with the white Samsung, so the color of my models is significantly different, it is beautiful, whiter or something)) the Back part not the whole of the metal: made from plastic top and bottom inserts. In color metal and plastic well are so different, and it’s a bit spoils the overall look would be better if the back part was made of metal completely. Between the screen and the back metal casing, read in reviews that over time it will break away…the Phone is thin (6.6 mm), very nice to hold in your hand like this. Also like that the label “Women” is very small and only one.The build is good, never creaks, no bends, one thing, swinging from side to side on button/lock and volume rocker, they even rattle if you shake the phone.Most unpleasant: this model is almost impossible to find a bumper or even case-book. In the end I bought a universal case-book, but not glued, but merely carry the phone in your bag and pocket, use only the “naked” phone.The case for it, I tell you, it is very necessary, because even though the respect with which I treat him, the appearance is spoiled well. Kotska appeared already after 15 days of use, and the metal (especially on it), and on the plastic. Very direct get upset about this…Screen. Bright, good color.Speaker. Not loud, just has a Lisp even. There are…your Camera. In principle, Amateur photos turn out quite well, but more of 8 megapixels and I was not expecting.Battery. (1900mah). For a day of active use suffices. Once the battery was enough for 2.5 days (was used then Bluetooth, player, calls, SMS, a couple of very fast Internet).Communication and Wi-Fi catches well, good audibility of the interlocutor. Menu lightweight, very quickly figured out. The phone immediately has the manual. Flip fast, no lag, screen response to touch is fast. Also I really like the color indicator, one can see it on the phone, it is not necessary to repeatedly check.For the time that I use glitches not been General happy with the purchase. However, thinking that it would not insist on the metal, looks much better than scratches on the plastic than the scratches on the metal…Rating: 5-

The Qumo company offers users to check out QUEST 507. The features of QUEST 507, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left QUEST 507 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Qumo QUEST 507. Buy Qumo QUEST 507 with benefits.
Standard GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Interfaces Wi-Fi 802.11 n, Bluetooth 4.0, USB
System A-GPS Yes
Satellite navigation GPS
Battery type Li-polymer
Battery capacity 1700 mA * h
Connector type for charging micro-USB
Diagonal 5 inch.
Screen type colour, touch
Touch screen type multi-touch, capacitive
The size of the image 960x540
The number of pixels per inch (PPI) 220
Other functions
Management voice dialing, voice control
Airplane mode Yes
The CPU and memory
Processor MediaTek MT6582, 1300 MHz
The amount of internal memory 16 GB
The number of processor cores 4
Additional information
Equipment telephone, headset, USB cable, power adapter, manual
General characteristics
Type smartphone
Management touch buttons
OS version Android 4.2
Housing type classic
Case material metal
Type of SIM card micro SIM
Dimensions (Shmht) 71x142.9x6.6 mm
The number of SIM-cards 2
The mode of operation of multiple SIM cards alternate
Multimedia capabilities
Audio MP3
The camera 8 million pixels., led flash
Front camera there, 2 million pixels.
Headphone Jack 3.5 mm
Recording movies Yes
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