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Rye bread
The dough
Bread flour
Wheat bread
Express cakes
Rye bread:
The dough:
Bread flour:
Wheat bread:
Express cakes:


Overall rating 3 stars
2 reviews
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March 15, 2016


Completely bad bakes bread, but this is her main purpose!To begin with, what recipe book you can not even open, because I wrote it people who are far from cooking. Inexperience made the first bread recipe #1 from this book, all measured accurately, used scales. The dough is liquid, the bulb did not work, accordingly, is not cooked. Found a group discussion of the VC firms, it was found that this was the experience of many.Smells like plastic, although prepared already 20 times.The lid closes quite tightly, but without the latches in the open position hanging.Nasty and long beeps.It is impossible to cancel the program after turning on only when you pull out the power plug and wait 15 minutes.For that price there are better models, such as panasonic.

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April 18, 2016


As mark made after a certain date, the house is full of gifts. This time gave and received a slow cooker-bread maker REDMOND RBM-M1911 (originators of the holiday I love bread).

Selection criteria: adjusting the weight of the finished product (500 g, 750 g, 1 kg), baking whole wheat and rye bread, and kneading different types of dough, start delay (up to 15 h) and maintain heat (up to 1 hour).Price: $90 (+/-)

Using the breadmaker RBM-M1911 is possible to prepare bread, cook the lush pastries (and even choose the color of her crust), various baked dishes, desserts and drinks. 19 automatic programs of preparation, including rye, whole wheat, gluten-free types of bread as well as soups, desserts, yoghurts, jams, allow not only to create diverse, tasty and of course healthy meals, but also greatly save time.

The baking dish is stated as rectangular, but in fact bread is at the end. On both sides of the form are projections. I think they improve the kneading process, but then clearly imprinted on the bread.Also it is possible to bake gluten-free and yeast-free bread. There is a rapid mode of cooking.Bonus, there are separate modes of the slow cooker. They don’t really need, of course, if the house is already have a slow cooker, but on the other hand is quite beneficial when you need to parallelize cooking.Disperser is missing, therefore, all the additives are filled into a special mode for the audio signal.

The dough for the Karelian bread with paprika

Ruslana dough: French bread with fresh greens. The window misted fragrance to the whole kitchen.

4 minutes before the end of baking Karelian bread.

Charlotte at the final stage. On the screen temperature baking (she periodically gives way to a countdown of the cooking process).Especially useful that the lid has a viewing window. Helps you navigate the cooking process.

Plastic lugs on the cover. Do not give to burn yourself when opening.Cover is not fixed by clips, but fits tightly. From time to time to look inside and take pictures.

The dough for the Karelian bread from paprikari kneading bread a little jump, and when baking it heats up the body, but it seems like it is a natural thing.

A heating element surrounds the shape at the level of 1/5 of its height.

Karelian bread. The color comes from paprika.All perfectly baked through, the result of the mode contents upper crust familiar to all, the eye is at its maximum, but the taste at altitude in any combination.

The Apple pie is ready!Bucket shape with a small folding handle: easy to get even hot.

Included is a recipe book and two other books manual, measuring Cup, measuring spoon, paddle for mixing and a hook for the extraction of the blade from baked bread. By the way, we still never took. The shape and blade with non-stick coating, so require careful handling.

The recipe book is very detailed, with step by step instructions. Handle even person very far from making anything.

A little surprised the table calorie foods in the beginning. A few turns of if volume is inserted to dilute the advertising of other products Redmond.

The first time was preparing Estonian bread recipe. It turned out perfect!

Estonian bread in the “dark crust”. Delicious!

Good French bread, especially liked the option of fresh herbs (we used to do with fresh spinach). Docolomansky circles on the bottom to wait, of course, it would be naive from a smooth shape, but the texture of the crumb is very similar to the picture.Small tips nasobirala for short time utilization:0. Books manual will answer all your questions.

For example, we somehow came out of mega-bread of three grades of flour. Recipe was flour, and we put a heavy whole grain, and even 60% of the total mix. I don’t blame the bread maker, and blame their bungling and negligence. Needed the oven for the whole wheat mode. But even so, slightly deflated, the bread was eaten for a day just for a sweet soul!

1. When you click “start” starts a countdown on the screen. If you accidentally click again, then go to pause mode and the timer, and the bread is accordingly not prepared in any way.

Press the “start/stop”: the cooking time is flashing, but the countdown is not happening.2. When you select delayed start, we set the time to which the cooking process is completed (in contrast to multimarochnaya menu when delayed start sets the countdown to the start of the process).

Delayed start on the first one, “the Classic bread”3. If the blade is stuck to the form, enough to fill the form with warm water for half an hour. Then the blade is easily removable.4. To replace milk in recipes can regular, whole. Specified in the recipe the volume of water replaced with milk and add 30 g of milk. The reverse is also true. To replace fresh milk in recipes can be used dry in the ratio of 10:1. For example, to obtain 200 ml of milk for baking you need to take 20 g of dry and 180 ml of water. It is better to mix in a separate container before adding to the form.5. If you love terrible love is a deep-fried crust on the bread, it can be any recipe to bring on the baking mode to the desired condition.

Topcem. In fact, even perpetuem. And we like it!The only time that a loaf if it turns out well and dried to get out of shape, it is easiest after it cools down.

Sooo dried French. Delicious crusts enough for all! To the left is the trail from the blade.

Average crust, French bread.6. If you want to bread with pieces of fruit, nuts and the like additives, it is better to fall asleep with sound on the final stage of the kneading, because the bread maker grinds all.

Here’s a delicious cake we got from a recipe with one small “but”.

Raisins it was quite difficult to find. Finally a photo of the recipe and the baking results are very interesting for us the bread open.

Great snack bread. With cod liver!The photo below is visible a small scrap batch. In principle, almost a third of the baked loaf is one or two lumps of flour. This is probably the only drawback to the bread maker REDMOND RBM-M1911.

Appliances in our house___________________________________________________________________________________________P. S. also, this stove is excellent knead the dough, which my son very successfully used not on purpose

The clay is harmless its rukario what else are we playing?What we read?What are we watching?How do we learn English?

The REDMOND company offers users to check out RBM-M1911. The features of RBM-M1911, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left RBM-M1911 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase REDMOND RBM-M1911. Buy REDMOND RBM-M1911 with benefits.
Jam Yes
Cupcake Yes
Rye bread Yes
The dough Yes
Bread flour Yes
Wheat bread Yes
Express cakes Yes
Sweet pastries Yes
French baguette Yes
Unleavened cakes Yes
Borodinskiy bread Yes
Gluten-free pastries Yes
The number of baking programs 19
Additional information
Features additional programs: dessert, milk porridge, stewing, soup, yogurt, baking; braising, roasting
Dispenser No
Case material metal
Memory during a power failure 10 min.
General characteristics
Bread loaf
Power 550 W
Timer there are up to 15 h
The temperature there are up to 1 hour
Maximum weight of baking 1000 g
Weight adjustment baking Yes
The choice of color brown Yes
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