Ritmix RBK-450

Overall rating 3.5714285714286 stars
3.5714285714286 from 7 reviews
Battery capacity
2300 mAh
TXT, PalmDOC, PDF, fb2, ePub
FM tuner
Battery capacity:
2300 mAh
TXT, PalmDOC, PDF, fb2, ePub
FM tuner:


Overall rating 3.5714285714286 stars
7 reviews
Overall rating 1.00 stars
November 22, 2011


bought this book about a month ago and regretted almost immediately. In the shop everything seems to be working fine but when I started using it almost immediately started having problems. It does not turn on actually turns on but after a while dies, and Pat some time, again is not willing to engage. Pat had other problems, I couldn’t throw it from the computer because the computer it bluntly couldn’t find, but that’s half the trouble when they could throw as I thought to find this in the book also was a problem. Had to throw again but Pat showed the original version. In General I with it was a big problem and you do not advise!

Advantages:poor thing

Overall rating 5.00 stars
December 12, 2011


Surprised so many negative reviews. Perhaps people have a great experience,I don’t,but the book became a real salvation for me! I have a small child,and she falls asleep with me,but still wakes up several times a night,and then sit with her arms,so she fell asleep for 40 minutes each time, in the dark. Pumped in a book on the Internet (for free, of course) a bunch of classics + books to work,and now instead of painfully counting the minutes until the baby snuffle peacefully in my arms as you shift to bed, I sit and read. At minimum screen brightness,put the book back to a child – and voila! Already a lot of useful and interesting read. So putting the baby to sleep turned to me from the torture continued rest and good evening. In addition, pumped to the book the movies, TV shows and watched too, very convenient! You can look in the headphones,and the child too will not interfere. A small portable TV! Still a player there, I have nature sounds uploaded:) More in her recorder, clock , calendar,and can’t remember what else:) In General,for 3.5 thousand rubles consider a great purchase. Battery lasts for 5 hours at reading. Recommend! What people don’t like the interface,I don’t know. Page turns by pressing the half of the screen at any point, the right side turning to the next page, in the left – to the previous one. You can move through the book,a finger pulling on the strip,which shows how many percent of the book read. When once again include a book,your bookmark automatically on the page where you read – pointing and all,you’re back in the right place. Of the minuses I want to note that I could still make page turning buttons, plus the sensor,because on the walk in winter, impossible to read, your fingers will freeze off. Another minus is that there is no stand to put the book as a TV, you have to hold in hands.

Advantages:inexpensive, easy to read in the dark, fast video, saving on paper books

Overall rating 2.00 stars
July 30, 2012


I use this book for over 2 years, so feedback about it would be the most loyal because of the experience with it in a few years.So,we bought her original sister, for 4500 rubles. By those standards this book cost is not cheap. Included was a case,charger,earphones and usb cable,which after 2 months has stopped working. Worked more with her, I than sister. Pros:1)listen to music and watch a movie-just gorgeous. Finish all loud. But there is one drawback(can)- quiet speaker. If you turn on headphones(better are not native, they are the ears tire quickly,better vacuum) the sound is excellent. In the road to watch a movie-one 2)Has many applications-voice recorder,calendar. Sometimes prydnieper cons,of which there are many:1) Sensor. The falls several times to press, annoying impossible. 2)read the. Even if you put the brightness to minimum still eyes will hurt. In fact it’s the same computer screen. For a long time for this book not 3)Battery. Charged all night,discharged – for 3 hours. 1 the film the full charge accurately enough. 4)charging Cord -30 inches. If you put to charge and read-extremely uncomfortable,even if the socket and place read 5)Speaker.Very quiet. The advantages described what needs to be done to properly watch a movie or listen to music Verdict: now she is already about 3000-3500 rubles. Buy it for the sake of reading is not necessary, and in order to watch movies-very even. Photo:1)Book off 2)In 3)read 4)When 5)List ы6)7)Calendar+clock

Advantages:fast video

Overall rating 3.00 stars
August 20, 2012


Was very happy when bought this book. I read a lot, often late in the evening or at night. This book was very comfortable-povetko diminished and no one interfere. The sensor didn’t bother me (though many complain), but maybe I was just lucky. Used as an eReader and for a photo. You can make there daddy and put everything in its place. I do needlework. Because there have uploaded a bunch of photos with diagrams, descriptions, models. The video is also cool. Once strained my calibration didn’t know how to get out of it. It turned out – very easy ))) in General – the owner loved and very cherished. But…in a year she began to fail in the calibration goes, it does not turn off, then the pages started to be confused in your bookmarks Today… finally died – turns on and hangs on the splash screen…not shut down, not restart not possible. The master said – it’s cheaper to buy a new one.(((Just for the warranty period and enough… very Very upset. Now I will buy another after reading reviews.

Advantages:easy to read in the dark, fast video, saving on paper books

Overall rating 5.00 stars
April 1, 2013


This e-book was given to me over two years ago,on the day of birth.The fact that this gift came spontaneously in my head,said “I Want the ebook”so my parents went to look for her.And nowhere was not an appropriate book.But in the very “Connected” to us suggested to order “online” from the online catalog,explaining that until I vybirayutsya and order,within 10 minutes I get a call,confirm the order and within the next hour, I can pick it up from the warehouse.I chose at that time quite a good book,inexpensive.

The cost of e-books:3000 rubles

Recently I decided to write this review only because I calculated HOW much I SAVED!32.

The fact that I’m a bookworm,books to read for a day or two days or three days,even the biggest.For example volume of “War and Peace” I mastered over the 3.5 days

Constant new books,movies which I downloaded for free(and by the way, they went to the cinema and was paid),the new albums with music… so debriefing: a +++great price+++the savings on the purchase of conventional books+++easy to read in the dark+++good battery+++indicates good video+++case+++stylus pen+++ —sometimes the sensor works well—I would like Wi Fi— Rating:a Solid 5!I love it!

Overall rating 4.00 stars
April 2, 2013


Start with the fact that I am an avid kinyosha – eat with a book, wash with a book, fall asleep with a book and, sorry, go to the toilet with her (without it). A bunch of books in closets, on shelves, and regret about the money spent, if you did not like the book, fall out of the page, when read out to the holes, from such can be removed by purchasing the e-book. The choice of books I was careless, took by the scruff savvy friend (he was working in a cellular network ))))he chose and gave me this book (I do not know what drew, I guess at the price tag and the desire to get rid of me, backed by his actions saying: “Take this, about four years you will be enough if the sensor is to protect you.” And what a year it serves me right. Not to say that it’s perfect, which is not no, but the pros it has enough.So the pros: 1) Cheap 2) Simple Cons: 1) blunt, a great book can open/close a minute 2) disgusting, just disgusting stylus, which will ruin the protective film (if you’re lucky, only), fingers better 3) batarekh if you use it on the lowest brightness enough hours to 8, i.e. 3-4 days of reading before bed. For daytime activity better pratfalls into the shadows, as more sun – more brightness, maximum 2,5 hours If you only use the player without illumination, enough for the same as 8 hours at minimum brightness. Video from 6 to 1.5 hours, again brightness.Who can I buy it? Such a lover of books and lover of technology, I – year from the date of purchase bought 1(!) the book, dearly beloved Lukyanenko for the collection, and before that the number of books purchased was $ 3-5 per month + stayed back place for reading books in front of the computer. Others may choose something else, there are models from the same ritmiks better and more complicated, but they and stand accordingly.

Advantages:inexpensive, easy to read in the dark, saving on paper books

Overall rating 5.00 stars
September 13, 2013


Hello! I want to talk about my long-standing buying,on e-book Ritmix RBK-450.I bought this book 1.5 years ago. The price was at that time about 4,000.

Used and I use it instead of textbooks. Just download all the tutorials and books I need in school on it,and I don’t have to carry the heavy bag. And every day I look at her movies and TV shows.

Personally, I’m comfortable on it to read books. You can change the font,font size,font color and background color. While reading you can play music,automatically flipping pages. You can also add or subtract brightness. Open the book at the place where you left off.

The book also has several games,calculator,calendar,recorder

It is possible to listen to music and watch movies. Player for music is the equalizer. When watching a video, you can enable or disable subtitles(if they are),and you can change their size.You can also change the size of the video.

In the book there is a very handy thing is an Anglo-Russian and Russian-English translator. The words that translate can even play.

The book is small,very light and thin. It comes with case,stylus,charger and USB. Permanent memory in the book 4GB.

There are 2 headphone Jack, charging connector,connector for memory card and connector under the USB on the back of the book is the speaker .The charge holds good. Enough to view 2 movies hours Poltarev.And if you just read,then of course the charge lasts much longer. The sensor isn’t very sensitive,but quite normal.

The book can be put like this:

In General, a book I recommend her with pleasure,for me it is indispensable. 🙂

Advantages:cheap and can be easier than 6 books, easy to read in the dark, fast video, saving on paper books

The Ritmix company offers users to check out RBK-450. The features of RBK-450, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left RBK-450 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Ritmix RBK-450. Buy Ritmix RBK-450 with benefits.
Battery capacity 2300 mAh
Supported formats
Text TXT, PalmDOC, PDF, fb2, ePub
Sound MP3, AAC
FM tuner No
Connect and charge
Wi-Fi No
USB interface Yes
The possibility of charging from network Yes
Design and dimensions
Weight 310 g
Button paging No
QWERTY keyboard No
Dimensions (Shght) 120x190x11 mm
Additional information format support RM, RMVB, AVI, MP4, MPG, FLV, MOV, 3GP, VOB, DAT, ASF, support 1080P HD, WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC, APE
Display characteristics
Type LCD (color), resistive touch
Settings 7 inch, 480x800, 133 ppi
Auto-rotate screen No
Built-in backlight Yes
The processor and memory
RAM 256 MB
Memory card microSD, microSDHC
Built-in memory 4096 MB
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