Ritmix RBK-690FL

Overall rating 2 stars
2 from 1 reviews
Battery capacity
1500 mAh
TXT, PDF, fb2, ePub, RTF, MOBI
FM tuner
The recorder
Battery capacity:
1500 mAh
TXT, PDF, fb2, ePub, RTF, MOBI
FM tuner:
The recorder:


Overall rating 2 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 2.00 stars
May 4, 2014


I have long dreamed of the electronic book and finally on my birthday I gave her…Happiness I had no limit to the moment that I started to use it…the Book was here in a box, complete with case and usb cable, which by the way can only charge from a computer to charge from a wall outlet you need to buy a special plug.

Plug in the kit was not just subervie that disappointed me is the poor quality cover that came in the kit. The leather is quite thin and when, if I carried a book with him, he’d be all cracked for 2 months.

Now about the book itself. The design’s fine, the weight is simple, clean and comfortable enough. But the performance of this device is just no! All the switches very slowly, often the buttons do not work, a lot of glitches and malfunctions. If I bought the book myself, I would have returned it without hesitation. But since it was a gift, I have to use it until she will come of standing, and given all the schools and shortcomings, it will happen within a year, I think.The manual says that the book is in the reading mode works 40 hours. It is not so! I don’t have enough charge even for a week, to read a bedtime hour and a half. The book is even not working 10 hours without recharging. So the manufacturer is blatantly lying or I got a Frank marriage.

Just as I wrote this review, there was another glitch. Whether I left the book, whether she was involved, but she was working somewhere in the night, maybe a little more. The book is not open, it does not restart, not charging at all and no signs of life. Only the reset and charging it failed to revive. Here’s how it looks worn after that. Look into vertical stripes across the screen… First time I thought that the electronic ink flowed and the book can be thrown away (Hooray!!!), but she can pull it together.

After the second restart already the book seems better.

There is a button on / off switch, charging Jack, a slot for memory card and reset button, which can be extracted only by means of something slim.

I can’t say whether the card slot, I still have enough internal memory and additional I don’t have.There is another wonderful highlight function, if worked properly, would help to lay a positive impression about the book, but alas…So the book looks like without backlight.

So with light.

The brightness is adjustable. The light button works 1 out of 10 times, when I want in General. And even if you managed to turn the light on, she gradually she begins to fade with each turn of the page… Why, I don’t know, it does not always happen. Mood. I even have found the approach to inclusion. If you click on the backlight immediately after the coup page, 90 percent of it turns on. Here is a glitch that upset me the most! How can you release such untested products???Open book long enough in comparison with the book of Amazon, generally like a turtle. On the screen appears the following inscription, and we have to wait about a minute (depending on the “weight” of the book). By the way, the fb2 format opens faster than txt, and read more convenient.

Go ahead… In read mode, you can go to simple settings (unless of course the button works immediately): content go to the page, the font, and so on.

In Notes, Comics, Pictures and Dictionaries are empty. Well, okay, quite so frustrating…About charging. It is necessary to charge at least 4 hours (suggest in the instructions) and runs book just 2 times longer. Not a lot.Price: 120-130 $ in online stores Belarus. Absolutely overpriced for such quality.My rating: 2 out of 10. Simply because in read mode, no backlight, everything is quite smooth and even the point that there is a case, though not the best quality.

Advantages:included is the case, there is light, you can read

The Ritmix company offers users to check out RBK-690FL. The features of RBK-690FL, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left RBK-690FL reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Ritmix RBK-690FL. Buy Ritmix RBK-690FL with benefits.
Battery capacity 1500 mAh
Supported formats
Text TXT, PDF, fb2, ePub, RTF, MOBI
Other HTML
Graphic JPEG, BMP, GIF
FM tuner No
The recorder No
Connect and charge
3G No
Wi-Fi No
Bluetooth No
USB interface there, with charging
Design and dimensions
Weight 225 g
QWERTY keyboard No
Dimensions (Shght) 132x178x9 mm
Display characteristics
Type E-Ink Pearl HD, grayscale: 16
Settings 6", 758x1024, 212 ppi
Auto-rotate screen No
Built-in backlight Yes
The processor and memory
RAM 128 MB
Memory card microSD, microSDHC
Built-in memory 4096 MB
Processor frequency 600 MHz
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