Ritmix RDF-825

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Built-in memory
Memory card support
Secure Digital, Secure Digital HC, MultiMedia Card
Support for USB drives
Zoom, rotate images
Video playback
Image support
Built-in memory:
Memory card support:
Secure Digital, Secure Digital HC, MultiMedia Card
Support for USB drives:
Zoom, rotate images
Video playback:
Image support:


Overall rating 5 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
August 28, 2014


Wanted photo frame) chose a long time, it was necessary and affordable, and that was a read function with usb, as it turned out this feature is not all photo frames often cost only a connector for SD, but to me it is not very convenient. This frame I bought for 1590 RUB So I brought her home….Let’s work together to unpack and sort out… She’s in bright paint box

Inside the well Packed

On the frame 2 protective films, one completely covers the panel and the screen, the second only protects the screen

Complete user manual and power cord

What attracted me to it in the camera…it’s a touch button control on front panel front they are generally rare, and given that the remote is not everywhere that wanted control on the front panel. The first button is enable, the second menu button, the third playback/pause (slide show)/OK, fourth and fifth – the next and previous image and the last back/exit

This photo frame Board, back leg.

On the back of your leg located the USB and SD slots, and a connector for the adapter the power.

Well include…. There is a blue saver

and then once the slide show is photos a demonstration,which can be stopped by pressing the “pause” button, and then pressing the “menu” button get the window of action.

Consider the menu frames click return we gets to the menu, selecting first PICTURE button “OK”, we get the list of all photos which are inserted in the carrier frame, and memory frame

. Pressing the return button source menu appears and we choose the second option with the buttons “next” – “OK”. Is the FILE. This menu item displays which files are on the media, the folders in which they are located. If you for example want to rotate a photo only with a particular folder on the media.

Next, returning to the initial menu, choose the third item – the CALENDAR. There displays the current date and slide show of the available images in the media and my own memory of photo frame.

Further, the 4th paragraph of the source I is SETTINGS. It has 8 settings frame.

The first is the language menu )

The second is the order of the photos in the slide show order as is in the image list or in a random order

The third item is the number of Windows in the slide show, i.e. how much you will have to appear on the screen photos one, two, three or four at once.

The fourth paragraph the delay of slides, changing time of one photo to another in a slide show.

The fifth paragraph effects

COLOR – display the original color photo,

MONOCHROME – displays all photos in the slideshow black-and-white,

and SEPIA – display all photos in the slide show with a brownish tinge, such photos are called “antique”

. The sixth paragraph transition effects – this is how it will be changed one photo to others.

Seventh item is the photo mode, the display sizes of the photos in the slide show. this should play to see for yourself, chosen as it is full of all the vertical photo it is stretched to full screen horizontal…ugh the horror. In the photo, I was size 50)))

And the last item is settings display settings contrast, brightness, etc.

Yeah, that’s the whole analysis of the frames) I like it very much) but that’s not every angle is correct the display of’s like a laptop screen: a little tip darker just raise lighter…This frame considering its price, quality and features, highly recommend. Lot more pleasant moments I want to capture!

The Ritmix company offers users to check out RDF-825. The features of RDF-825, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left RDF-825 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Ritmix RDF-825. Buy Ritmix RDF-825 with benefits.
Built-in memory Flash
Memory card support Secure Digital, Secure Digital HC, MultiMedia Card
Support for USB drives Yes
View images
Modes slideshow
Function Zoom, rotate images
Video playback No
Supported formats
Image support JPEG
Additional information
Additional features clock, calendar
General characteristics
Power from the network
Screen diagonal 8", 800x600, format 4:3
Contrast 300:1
Brightness 300 CD/m2
Headphone output No
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