Rolsen SM-700MFSP

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Wall mount
Case material
Material submersible part
The hole for the ingredients
700 W
mechanical, number of speeds: 5
Wall mount:
Case material:
Material submersible part:
The hole for the ingredients:
700 W
mechanical, number of speeds: 5


Overall rating 5 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
October 16, 2015


This blender I have a third, so there is something to compare. First SCARLETT served faithfully for 7 years, and then I just “killed” the continuous work within the hour. On change to it has been bought by BRAUN ( And then suddenly giving me this blender.Initially I was upset, well, me with my blender, but since the relative is also thought to buy myself, I decided to see which is more like brown or Rolls, in the end left themselves Rolsen, and brown gave.So how to compare there is nothing, start picky and meticulous inspection)))Box.

The power of the blender 700 watts.The blender consists of several elements, each nozzle will be considered separately.1. Chopper with interchangeable nozzles. In other blenders like this bowl I had, so this item is without comparison.

There are two metal attachments for grating/shredding + normal knife-grinder. What I like about this shredder is the volume of the Cup – 1250 ml. to Me it lacked in previous blenders.

Included is a pusher. Head grater – I have to say, I did not expect, but he really rubs!!!

Tested only on raw carrots, so he rubbed her perfectly, no complaints, so if they need large amounts of shredded vegetables, I’ll connect it.

Normal chopper, perfect grinds everything well, no complaints! The output is almost a puree. Grinds meat in the beef in just a minute.

Now shredder. Honestly, hard not to believe that something will turn out, but decided to salt the cabbage. Shred manually laziness, decided to try it and could not believe my eyes, the output was really great thin slices.

In the photo, they may appear thick, trust me, it’s not. Kind of like the purchase Pochinkovsky cabbage.Only when you open the blender, on top of the head is a bit of a marriage of raw material, so a few minutes will have to work a knife, if you want is a shabby or poshinkovat vegetables. But just say, marriage remains very little. After I shredded the cabbage in a glass jar (all took about ten minutes – split cabbage), marriage processed manually for two minutes.The nozzle change fast and easy. I especially like the fact that the chopper has a latch on the lid, it is really comfortable, smaller shed, it’s easy to lift and shake the chopper, if some harmful piece stuck to the bowl.

2. Chopper and immersion blender.

Great immersion blender. With their tasks to cope with a Bang, frays better than brown, who still micro-pieces. Compare Scarlett, who was previously with me.

Chopper. It’s literally a bastard))) With snaps, which I lacked in brown, shedding literally wiped out, it’s easy to lift and shake. In Scarlett’s clips are also available.

The knife chops better than bran, because of the different design knife, brown as you try not to remain micro-pieces, there’s almost a puree.

More powerful than Scarlett, well, then, clearly depends on the motor. Minced meat is ready in just a minute. The quality of grind is comparable to Scarlett, but you get the results faster.

3. Nozzle for making mashed potatoes.

At the same time took a picture of the wall mount that comes in the kit.Tried the potato puree was a success. There is one caveat though – better a little late to malkoy to eliminate some micrococci that may remain. Puree is a more lush, tender and tasty than if you crush it manually malkai. Later, try other vegetables.

4. Whisk.

Included measuring Cup with a volume of 800 ml. Whisk well, along with brown, Scarlett behind in this regard at the time (the capacity of my blender was 600 W).

5. A motor unit.

Has 5 speed modes. Old Scarlett had 6,brown did not have them. Personally, I don’t need them, the difference between them can’t hardly see, so just set the lever on the first number and forget about them.

The noise of this blender is much stronger than brown, he is very very quiet. And even louder, Scarlett. But for me, this factor is not of great importance.The unit is heavy, like Scarlett, brown much easier, I think, this fact is easy to check in the store before buying. For me this is not so important.Power, Scarlett he is clearly inferior (Scarlett power – 600 watts), but brown is on a par, although brown’s description, 600 W, and Rolsen – 700 watts.

In a hand lies conveniently. On the handle are two buttons – normal mode (you can choose the speed) and turbo.

So, summarizing all above mentioned, to purchase obviously recommend brown much more with this set of tips, Yes, it is easier and assumne, but has no latches on the Cup and because of the design of the knife is much worse to cope with meat. Mills Rolsen smaller.Scarlett, are a lot like Rolls, has a latch, grinds well, price is also below brown, but in my opinion, less powerful.Personally I am very happy with all its functions it performs perfectly – grinds, whips, chops and rubs. And if earlier I considered that these functions graters, chopping and mashing not really what I needed, now I loved them, really saves time. I especially like the large chopper bowl (as I missed earlier).My little smart assistant, thanks to you, how often you rescue me, doing work I disliked (especially for shredding cabbage)))))Link to the review on blender Braun.http://irecommend.EN/content/khoroshii-no-ne-bez-nedostatkov-6

Advantages:*convenient to use +the result of a fast, efficient, powerful, excellent design of knives, bowls have latch

The Rolsen company offers users to check out SM-700MFSP. The features of SM-700MFSP, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left SM-700MFSP reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Rolsen SM-700MFSP. Buy Rolsen SM-700MFSP with benefits.
Wall mount Yes
Case material metal
Material submersible part metal
The hole for the ingredients Yes
Key features
Type submersible
Power 700 W
Management mechanical, number of speeds: 5
Mill is, volume 0.5 l
Whisk Yes
Chopper is, the volume of 1.25 l
Measuring Cup is, the volume of 0.8 liters
Additional modes pulse, turbo
Dimensions and weight
Additional information nozzle for making mashed potatoes
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