Samsung N150

Overall rating 4.3333333333333 stars
4.3333333333333 from 9 reviews
Operating system
Win 7 Starter / WinXP Home
Battery type
/ Li-Ion
While working
0...5 h
Battery capacity
0...4400 mAh
The number of cells battery
A microphone
Operating system:
Win 7 Starter / WinXP Home
Battery type:
/ Li-Ion
While working:
0...5 h
Battery capacity:
0...4400 mAh
The number of cells battery:
A microphone:


Overall rating 4.3333333333333 stars
9 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
January 12, 2011


A great budget netbook. Everything you need for work or study, present in it. No problem to watch a movie or video, the sound is good, display is small, but not annoying. Perfect for petite girls. The only “but” – OS. Windows 7 Starter does not allow even to change the Wallpaper on your desktop (which, however, easily corrected applets and codes). But now almost all netbooks this axis. In principle, it is not so bad, but if possible, it is better to install XP.

Advantages:webcam, card reader, compactness, lightness, modern design, three flash input price

Overall rating 5.00 stars
January 17, 2011


Very long time choosing and finally settled on the Samsung N150. From what we liked in this netbook is a beautiful and udobney keyboard. Still pleased with the battery. Holds 6 hours with active use. You can take anywhere for a day without charging and not be afraid that he is going down. Hard drive for 250GB this is also a big plus. OS win starter, of course, does not do much. It is better to go to w7 at maximum (only have normal work to buy a RAM to 2GB) or add xp. From 10 inch netbooks it BEST

Overall rating 5.00 stars
January 27, 2011


The Samsung N150 netbook I got recently. I suddenly realized that it is very convenient to have a small light computer that you can take along for the ride, and indeed anywhere. This netbook is about 10,000 rubles. I believe that it is not expensive – in fact it is price good mobile phone. And then for the money get a screen of 10 inches and a comfortable keyboard. This netbook has 250 GB on the hard disk, which is sufficient for storing movies and photos. For watching movies is fine, the screen is though small, but clear enough. Sound for video is also suitable, but the music it does not allow you to enjoy, too weak and flat sound. OS is Win 7 Starter I am certainly not pleased with the fact that one cannot change the Wallpaper on your desktop (only with the help of special programs), but to change it, I will not, because, in principle, to work in it properly, no special inconvenience. Really like that the netbook as much as 3 USB inputs. Convenient – you and mouse and insert a USB flash drive and something else. Earlier netbook I had, so I can only compare with a regular computer. Of course the netbook loses in speed – long window opens, programs, files, etc. Anyway, enough braking compared to a regular computer. But perhaps it should be. It’s not a full-fledged computer or even a laptop. The battery holds a charge for 5-6 hours, I think this is a good indicator. And yet, I immediately bought him a case to carry in the bag and will not scratch. The top cover of the netbook is glossy, zalamyvayutsya quickly, but to wipe no problem. I often use just a soft cloth, as I like to make thing look tidy.

Advantages:250 GB hard disk, compactness, lightness, modern design, three flash input price

Overall rating 5.00 stars
July 10, 2011


She did not choose this netbook, gave favorite for the New year. Loved it. However before that he had a netbook a little “modify”. Native RAM stands at 1Gb, put 2GB. Operating system Win7 Starter changed to XP since the original version all stripped down (in particular does not allow to work simultaneously in multiple applications). Works perfectly. Of course, slower than the laptop, but it is worthy. The screen is matte, not shiny and does not glare. Conveniently located USB ports: 1 left and 2 right. I use a wireless mouse. The keyboard is comfortable. Cover is glossy, shiny, scratch until you notice it. Modern sleek design, nothing is superfluous. Just bought the netbook bag. It’s relatively lightweight, convenient to take along, especially on trips and to University.

Advantages:compactness, ease, modern design, three flash entrance

Overall rating 3.00 stars
July 11, 2011


A great option for those who cannot afford an expensive model. Samsung N150 features an Intel Atom N450 processor and a clock speed of 1.66 GHz., which is highly energy efficient and provides improved cell performance.It is very convenient to take with him on trips as the battery allows it to run up to 8.5 hours offline.Too demanding video games on it not play,but for watching movies and the Internet-an ideal option,following its low cost.

Advantages:offline mode up to 8.5 hours, card reader, small, light, three flash input price

Overall rating 3.00 stars
July 11, 2011


Full support! Decent toy for the money. A few days in Technosila and bought this. Flew the comp fixed, money does not, has taken this a budget option at the time.PS by the Way, there’s now a theme appeared – some sort of action, when buying beech (phones, Nabokov and something else there) you can buy the coupon and will Mature as to buy a new device to return a previous purchase and get about half the amount back. Given the fact that in the near future I want a more powerful thing to catch is extremely urgent thing.

Advantages:250 GB hard disk, webcam, card reader, compact

Overall rating 5.00 stars
September 22, 2011


beautiful, light, graceful), webcam and card reader) super!battery up to 6 hours holds, as purchased was brake, brake, first, very sorry, after cleaning from all samsonovsky chips and applications, as well as removal of virus scan which came in the kit, was flying)on the road essential just. deficiencies have not yet noticed) I recommend it to all my friends) still happy with the possibility of increasing the RAM.write games not play, but what Fig of the game on a netbook? he has a very different purpose)

Advantages:compact, modern design, price

Overall rating 4.00 stars
January 2, 2012


Last year finally decided to buy a computer.Wanted a laptop,but relatives advised netbook.And so,as I have in technology is not strong and I do not need it to produce any serious action,I agreed,because I needed another small.So I bought a Samsung N150.Cost about 12 m. p.. What I liked:1)small,ы2)convenient 3)built-in 4)intuitive interface(so to speak)5)the screen does not glare much(almost no glare)6)well look ы7)charge lasts 4-5 hours.Once loaded it and left after 2 weeks,came wanted again to charge and the battery as been charged before departure,and have remained fully charged.I was very surprised and pleased.8)it is convenient to travel with,and easy to 9)usb-input-3A here’s the cons:1)long and opens ы2)O. S. Windows 7 Starter3)you can not put Wallpapers toloose,it suits me.I read that playing it is uncomfortable,but I play,although they are probably simple.No need to compare it with a laptop-a few more!

Advantages:webcam, compactness, lightness, three flash entrance

Overall rating 4.00 stars
March 3, 2013


A year since I bought a netbook Samsung N 150,no complaints.I like the fact that a large amount of the charging battery,it is possible for the whole or almost the whole day to take it with you and not worry about podzaryadki.The design is simple,sleek,matte surface, does not require much maintenance.Keyboard although and tiny,but it is quite easy to use.Equipped with a webcam( you can use the program Skype YouCam yberLink), microphone.The sound certainly leaves much to be desired for music listening you have to use headphones.In works better than a large computer,installed a lot of applications at the same time can open up to ten Windows.In my opinion for such a little thing high price.

Advantages:offline mode up to 8.5 hours, webcam, compact

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Type netbook
Operating system Win 7 Starter / WinXP Home
Battery type / Li-Ion
While working 0...5 h
Battery capacity 0...4400 mAh
The number of cells battery 6
A microphone there
The presence of speakers there
The presence of a subwoofer no
Two video no
Adapter type built-in
Video processor Intel GMA 3150
Type of graphics memory SMA
Memory type DDR2
The amount of RAM 1...2 GB
Number of memory slots 1
The maximum memory size 0...2 GB
Support 3D no
Screen size 10.1 "
Touch screen no
Screen resolution 1024x600
Led backlit screen there
Multi-touch screen no
Widescreen display there
Type cover the screen Matt
3G no
Wi-Fi there
WiMAX no
Bluetooth optional
EDGE support no
Support GPRS no
HSDPA support no
Bluetooth Version / 2.1 + EDR / 3.0 HS
The Wi-Fi Standard 802.11 n
Chipset Intel NM10
Code processor N455
Core processor / Pineview
Processor type Atom
Processor frequency 1500 1667 MHz...
System bus frequency 667 MHz
The amount of L2 cache 1 MB / 512 KB
The number of processor cores 1 / 2
COM port no
DVI output no
HDMI output no
Interface LPT no
Output TV-out no
Entrance a MIC there
DisplayPort Out no
The audio input no
Built-in Fax modem no
The PS/2 interface no
VGA output (D-Sub) there
The eSATA interface no
Infrared port (IRDA) no
Built-in network card there
Audio output/headphone there
Max. speed LAN adapter 100 Mbit/s
The FireWire Interface no
The input on the TV-in no
Mini DisplayPort Output no
The FireWire 800 Interface no
Number of interfaces USB 2.0 3
Output audio digital (S/PDIF) no
The connection to the docking station no
Memory card
Support SD there
Support SDHC there
Support miniSD no
Support microSD no
Support SmartMedia no
Support Memory Stick no
Support Compact Flash no
Support xD-Picture Card no
The device for reading flash cards there
GPS no
Width 188 mm
Length 264 mm
Webcam there
Weight 1.24 kg
TV tuner no
Thickness 34.7 mm
Remote control no
Shockproof case no
Waterproof case no
The fingerprint scanner no
Slot for Kensington lock there
Input devices
The positioning Touchpad
The number keys on the keyboard 84
Storage device
Optical drive DVD no
Hard drive type HDD
The amount of drive 160...250 GB
Hard drive interface Serial ATA
The speed of rotation 5400 rpm
Expansion slots
ExpressCard Slot no
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