Samsung NC110

Overall rating 3.6 stars
3.6 from 5 reviews
Operating system
Win 7 Home Basic / Win 7 Starter
While working
10.7 h
The number of cells battery
A microphone
The presence of speakers
The presence of a subwoofer
Operating system:
Win 7 Home Basic / Win 7 Starter
While working:
10.7 h
The number of cells battery:
A microphone:
The presence of speakers:
The presence of a subwoofer:


Overall rating 3.6 stars
5 reviews
Overall rating 3.00 stars
August 8, 2012


The background is this: the netbook, we did not buy, the husband of his in the competition won and gave to me because he was quite.And for me, it fit perfectly, looks very stylish and elegant, the case is glossy blue, inside white. After 1.5 months a year I use it, and I use them every day, because another computer I have, ie the common manipulations: the Internet through wi-fi, photoshop, editors I download movies, music (true HD it does not pull very often podlagivaet). How many times I have fell, a small child stood on his feet, jumped, and the last camping trip he was finished – something had spilled, and the keyboard is not functioning, but I still use it(I bought a keyboard with a USB and print it)) Last month, often the operating system brings in the BIOS I think. The power button is broken and husband there all the glue stuck, see Photo)On the panel the letters of the word Samsung fell off, one button fell off(but my keyboard is still not in use) Front protective things lost and all the wires sticking out.But still netbook is super!! The keyboard is very comfortable, the touchpad works perfect! The sound is quite loud, web Cam 0.3, but for communication in Skype it will come down. If I had him carefully cared for, he would I have for many years stood, but I figured that repairing it will cost me half the cost of new, so I’m better I’ll save up and buy a new one))

Advantages:but still my favorite, survived a few drops, stylish, comfortable

Overall rating 5.00 stars
March 12, 2013


I picked up a netbook according to certain parameters is:1. The operating time from the battery.2. Performance.3. Senasem these parameters corresponds to a netbook SamsungNPNC – 110P04RU.The operating time from the battery is 6 – 8 hours, which gives me the opportunity to take it with you to work, trip and not to think that the battery is soon discharged. Operating system Win7 Starter is a little slow, that is not to say that when working on the netbook all the “flies”. It certainly a minus, but you get used to it.The RAM – 320 GB.Hard disk – 320 GB.USB 2, 0 – 3pcs.Wi-Fi is.One of the highlights is that the body of the netbook SamsungNPNC – 110P04RU resistant to shocks and scratches, but it is better not to drop or scratch.At the time of purchase 22 December 2012. the price was 9499 RUB.

Advantages:reliable, inexpensive, and has survived several drops, stylish, comfortable

Overall rating 5.00 stars
April 22, 2013


The ratio price-quality match. It was not my netbook and I’ve encountered a number of problems – some keys instead of letters digits I understood it, the Bluetooth is not found, but in some instructions on the web sites say that it is not there. I does not matter. In principle, all parameters can be viewed on the website. I had installed version 7, all standard programs, and it’s good not had steamed, even Nero, although the drive there. Of the shortcomings – a little slow, slow, but I think that is normal with such dimensions to pull that kind of power. I need only for work I can’t say how it behaves with games. Sites loading fast is Google chrome.

Advantages:stylish, comfortable

Overall rating 2.00 stars
November 4, 2013


I wanted to buy one netbook,to be able to take it and with a pair, and in cafes and just around the house to lug around), many in the University saw this netbook,so seeing it in the store,decided that since many people buy,then good,you have to take. Color like, the netbook is white,and around the screen black.Included,was first..but then ,of course, disadvantages began to appear,i.e. the lack of one,but very big – it is very-very slow.Movies online,naturally, did not look,and if you look, not only at full screen and at the minimum quality.The game also does not play.Even such a simple program like word,you need to wait very long when opened. The session ends making for a very long time,sometimes not suffer and will close the lid,but when on the you get up and open the netbook, will be a half day to recover,that would not explain the long wait until something opens. Sometimes it can just take on and off by itself. As for the pros. Surprisingly,he is a good at him a couple of times to come,also he 5 fell off the table,but intact. Also love to work on it without a mouse.Very convenient.In General,it is not important urgent cases,as it can slow down for half a day at the most inopportune moment. But if not much it to load,then you can work.

Advantages:inexpensive, and has survived several drops, stylish

Overall rating 3.00 stars
November 15, 2013


I gave him the former. Well gave? I spent six months probably,the stores would get stuck on it for half an hour, thus hinting that they want this thing. And on my birthday I received the coveted box of this happiness! Well at least, that she had not spent))) I’ll Start with the pros:Krasivyy all. Beautiful glossy white, black around the screen frame, the top part where the screen is very thin, the screen itself is matte, no glare Cons:brutally repetitive Just very much! The battery holds a little. Not to compare, but something tells me that others keep more! If it’s only to put and to admire him, to do something on it difficult. I use it rarely. I’ve had it for a year and a half, not dropped, did not come on him, therefore he and to this day intact and beautiful.Just option for blondes who are not so much interested in the filling unit as his appearance. I do not advise to buy, you can find the machine much better.


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Type netbook
Operating system Win 7 Home Basic / Win 7 Starter
While working 10.7 h
The number of cells battery 6
A microphone there
The presence of speakers there
The presence of a subwoofer no
Two video no
Adapter type built-in
Video processor Intel GMA 3150 Intel GMA 3600
Type of graphics memory SMA
Memory type DDR3
The amount of RAM 1...2 GB
Number of memory slots 1
Support 3D no
Screen size 10.1 "
Touch screen no
Screen resolution 1024x600
Led backlit screen there
Multi-touch screen no
Widescreen display there
Type cover the screen Matt
3G no
Wi-Fi there
WiMAX no
Bluetooth optional
EDGE support no
Support GPRS no
HSDPA support no
Bluetooth Version 3.0 HS
The Wi-Fi Standard / 802.11 g / 802.11 n
Chipset Intel NM10
Code processor N455
Core processor / Cedarview-M / Pineview
Processor type Atom
Processor frequency 1500...1867 MHz
The amount of L2 cache / 1 MB / 512 KB
The number of processor cores 1 / 2
COM port no
DVI output no
HDMI output no
Interface LPT no
Output TV-out no
Entrance a MIC there
DisplayPort Out no
The audio input no
Built-in Fax modem no
The PS/2 interface no
VGA output (D-Sub) there
The eSATA interface no
Infrared port (IRDA) no
Built-in network card there
Audio output/headphone there
Max. speed LAN adapter 100 Mbit/s
The FireWire Interface no
The input on the TV-in no
Mini DisplayPort Output no
The FireWire 800 Interface no
Number of interfaces USB 2.0 3
Output audio digital (S/PDIF) no
The connection to the docking station no
Memory card
Support SD there
Support SDHC there
Support SDXC there
The device for reading flash cards there
GPS no
Width 179.5 mm
Length 259 mm
Webcam there
Weight 1.18 kg
TV tuner no
Thickness 33.7 mm
Remote control no
Shockproof case no
Waterproof case no
The fingerprint scanner no
Slot for Kensington lock there
Input devices
The positioning Touchpad
The number keys on the keyboard 84
Storage device
Optical drive DVD no
Hard drive type HDD
The amount of drive 250...500 GB
Hard drive interface Serial ATA
Expansion slots
ExpressCard Slot no
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