Samsung NV40

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F2.8 - F5.2
Optical Zoom
The name of the lens
Focal length (35mm equivalent)
34 - 102 mm
Face detection
The minimum shooting distance
0.05 m
Power connector
F2.8 - F5.2
Optical Zoom:
The name of the lens:
Focal length (35mm equivalent):
34 - 102 mm
Face detection:
The minimum shooting distance:
0.05 m
Power connector:


Overall rating 5 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
June 19, 2012


I admit at once: I love to photograph. But for a long time I did not have this opportunity. None of the relatives particularly the photograph was not involved, the photography club we have at school. The guy with the camera, which we studied in College, was the object of my endless questioning and harassment about well, let’s something get a photo. And that’s when I got my first earned money after the gift to the parents after the first paycheck, with the second paycheck, I bought myself a camera. It was an ordinary Chinese “soap”. In those days, probably no family which does not have such a camera. At all angles hung signs “Print quality photos”. But really, how was I to know that the quality of the picture depends not on the print, but because of what and how made this picture. And I did not have the opportunity to look at and to learn from the Internet or from some of the people. So I was upset every time I pick its the film developed and printed photos from the salon. But gradually, by trial and error, I learned to choose film properly and to do the. And even happened that the entire tape was not damaged any frame. Nevertheless, this is not what I wanted. But when our house came on the computer, I realized that the camera also needs to be digital. Started my ordeal, between price, quality shots, the brand of the manufacturer, other features of the camera. Very expensive model I could not afford, and that enough money did not satisfy my queries. And when I finally found this camera and consultant in the store said about it, I was very pleased. Of course, we bought it. And now he began to live in my bag. None of my trip somewhere, none of our family event, whether it’s a birthday or just a barbeque, no event in the life of my children has not gone unnoticed. It is a pity I’m not much in the frame, mostly with a camera. Of course – this is not a professional camera, but for a fan like me, do not. The photos are wonderful. You can shoot and run-jumping children, and a small beetle on the flower, and panorama city, and sun sunrise or sunset….. and much, much more. You can even make a portrait. Settings on the camera allow you to take a picture in different modes and on a Sunny day at the beach, in a nightclub, and a darkened room, and close and far. In short, you name it. However, to comprehend this science, I had some time to devote to learning, i.e. to surf the Internet and do a lot of test shots. User’s manual attached is a little bit poor, for the person who has experience in this matter. Also the camera has auto mode shooting. Well, it’s for lazy people. Push the button and see the finished shots, and with the correct settings the camera he will understand. You can watch a nice tune and as a slide show. I forgot, it’s still a video. Of course, compare this video with the video captured by the video camera impossible. But for the family album very nice. I take the speech of his daughter in the dance team sitting on the highest balcony in the back. Make, fix on the hand railing and start.. it Turns out very much even anything. Function eliminate hand shaking is available, but for movies is not enough. Therefore, hands need somewhere to put it, and then when viewed on a computer will be noticeable vibration. Now I am in search of a tripod for my camera. The groove for fixing is also provided. I almost forgot about another advantage of this model: charge it from the mains, i.e. inserting the plug into the outlet and from the computer via USB. Course for professionals we can not keep up, but it’s just my hobby. And it is quite affordable price for middle-income families. See my photos.

Advantages:high quality and inexpensive model

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Aperture F2.8 - F5.2
Optical Zoom 3x
The name of the lens Schneider-Kreuznach
Focal length (35mm equivalent) 34 - 102 mm
Face detection Yes
The minimum shooting distance 0.05 m
Power connector Yes
Battery capacity 1100 mAh
Number of batteries 1
The format of batteries your own
Camera type digital
Size 1/2.3"
Crop factor 5.62
Sensitivity 80 - 3200 ISO, Auto ISO
Maximum resolution 3648 x 2736
The type of matrix СCD
The total number of pixels 10.5 million
The number of effective pixels 10 million
Excerpt 15 - 1/1493 with
Metering multizone, center-weighted, spot
Compensation +/- 2 EV in 1/3-step increments
Exposure bracketing Yes
Manual setting of shutter speed and aperture Yes
Flash built-in, up to 4.50 m, the suppression of red eye
White balance auto, manual, from the list
Image stabilizer (photography) double, movable element in the lens
Shooting modes
Macro Yes
Timer Yes
The timer 2, 10 c
Burst mode Yes
The frame format (photography) 4:3, 3:2, 16:9
Size and weight
Size 95x59x19 mm
Weight 133 g without batteries
Memory and interfaces
Interfaces USB 2.0, video, audio
Image formats 3 JPEG
Type of memory cards SD, SDHC, MMCPlus
The amount of internal memory 20 MB
The maximum amount of memory card 8 GB
Record video and audio
Video codecs MPEG4
Sound recording Yes
Video recording Yes
Record audio comments Yes
Format video recording AVI
The video recording time limited by the memory card
Maximum resolution videos 640x480
The maximum frame rate of the video 30 fps
Electronic stabilization when shooting movies Yes
Viewfinder and LCD screen
LCD screen 230000 pixels, 2.50 inch
Viewfinder missing
Using the screen as a viewfinder Yes
Other functions and features
Announced 2008-01-06
Digital Zoom 5x
Case material metal
Additional features remote control
Date of commencement of sales 2008-02-01
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