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Opening the door
The color of the body
Additional information
Ceramic and quartz (top), heater (lower) grills; Quick start (+ 30 seconds)
Other functions and features
camera light, child lock
Auto defrost
The defrost mode
Opening the door:
The color of the body:
Additional information:
Ceramic and quartz (top), heater (lower) grills; Quick start (+ 30 seconds)
Other functions and features:
camera light, child lock
Auto defrost:
The defrost mode:


Overall rating 5 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
October 29, 2015


Even when my future husband and I went shopping in search of a microwave, you constantly swore, he would a microwave oven be sure that buttons, but I had no buttons to wash easier. Six months we could not choose such a simple item, like a microwave. The only thing we had a unanimous opinion that it should be SAMSUNG. Just all that at the time the equipment was bought, was a Samsung.And it’s a miracle we finally gave to the wedding, which I was extremely happy because of the buttons, then and there, and there is one socket, which is very easy to quickly wipe clean with a sponge, and it is not necessary to pick out the dirt around the buttons, I think girls will understand.

appearance microwave Samsung PG836R white housing, and the glass on the door and control panel black that looks pretty stylish, but quickly zalamyvayutsya fingers and splashes from the stove that is near.Power microwaves 800 W grill power 1200 watts, a chamber volume of 23 liters, Diameter of tray 29 cm, Triple grill ceramic, Tenova and quartz. Ceramic and quartz heaters on top and Tenova heater located on the inner wall of the chamber, but if necessary there is the ability to rotate and when using a special stand for it will be the bottom, and the dish will be prepared for above and below. We have these regimes and not used even once.There is a time indicator, you can disable the sound (which in the presence of a small child in the house it is very important).The coating chamber is ceramic enamel, easy to clean, very easy to clean and not scratched. The only thing that is hard to clean is the upper tena we like and not use it, but some sort of fumes, and to reach and difficult to clean, as is the grille and not get in any way.

nutriv the microwave has built-in programs for cooking, such as steaks, kebabs, chicken, fried fish, autoradiogram, the defrost. When the door is open you can see the cheat sheet for these programs.

control panel

podskazkam mostly we use the warm-up but not automatic, just an on button, and avtorazborka, very convenient to use in the presence of the crib, put the piece of meat first on the scales that are close, look weight, and set it on the microwave and defrost it herself. I don’t defrost completely, and to the state, to the solid piece was easy to cut, but to the form held, then the pieces that are neat.This model microwave recommend, despite the fact that we have half the functions do not use, but let them be, and suddenly we sozreem for a barbecue in the microwave. Thanks for stopping by and read. If you have questions ask, I will try to answer.

Advantages:* comfortable *compact

The Samsung company offers users to check out PG836R. The features of PG836R, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left PG836R reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Samsung PG836R. Buy Samsung PG836R with benefits.
Door hinged
Opening the door handle
The color of the body white
Additional information Ceramic and quartz (top), heater (lower) grills; Quick start (+ 30 seconds)
Other functions and features camera light, child lock
Auto defrost Yes
The defrost mode Yes
Automatic cooking Yes
Automatic warm-up Yes
The number of modes defrost 4
The number of modes autopedigree 3
The number of recipes autoprihlasenie 8
The possibility of making their recipes in memory No
Control panel
Timer 99 min.
Display Yes
Switches button
Control type electronic
Modes of operation
Grill there, quartz
Convection No
Grill power 1950 W
Lower grill Yes
Combined modes microwave + grill
The power of microwaves 800 W
The number of power levels 6
General characteristics
Weight 15 kg
Location freestanding
Dimensions (WxHxD) 48.9x27.5x40.7 cm
The internal volume 23 l
The diameter of the pan 288 mm
The inner coating of the camera bioceramic enamel
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