Samsung RL-50 RFBMG

Overall rating 5 stars
5 from 1 reviews
Additional features
superzamorozki, temperature display
Defrosting the freezer
No Frost
Defrosting of the refrigerating chamber
No Frost
The total amount
341 l
The volume of the freezer
90 l
The volume of the refrigerating chamber
251 l
Additional features:
superzamorozki, temperature display
Defrosting the freezer:
No Frost
Defrosting of the refrigerating chamber:
No Frost
The total amount:
341 l
The volume of the freezer:
90 l
The volume of the refrigerating chamber:
251 l


Overall rating 5 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
July 5, 2014


Alas, the day came when the old was announced the next strike. A couple of times I’ve repaired, but gave the word that the third time will be with him to say goodbye: worked for 16 years, it is time, perhaps a new refrigerator to buy. Sorry, what happened this summer, and many products had to be thrown out (in the winter would put them on the balcony), but Oh well: cleared the space for the new.New refrigerator chose long and meticulously: read reviews, watched prices in the shops, and as a result completely confused: all opinions are totally different. Besides, know that on many sites the reviews custom, they can not believe. With nostalgia I remembered the blessed times of shortages: will take what is available, and happy!I tried to talk to the refrigerated cases by the masters (I have 5-6 such friends), and they, too, advised a variety of brands of refrigerators, cited examples from his practice, but for some reason the negative experience they have touched on different models. Someone abused LG, someone praised, someone advised very expensive models, in General, the head started to swell again. The only thing the guys agree, is that a refrigerator makes sense to not buy Russian and Korean Assembly (it is necessary to look at the label inside of the refrigerating chamber: there must be specified by the manufacturer).

That’s what you should see when pokupaite from what I found on the Internet, I agreed with them and began sighting the search.This refrigerator found in the store Enter about it I already wrote. I must say that the price of refrigerators was there somewhere in the 1.5 – 2 thousand lower than in retail stores.As the price of Samsung, the Korean Assembly of thousands 5 will be more expensive than the Russian.Anyway, I settled on this model. Cost – 25290 RUB shipping to store is free, also free refrigerator brought on the 7th floor (again, saving: climb one floor is not less than 100 rubles).The order was delivered three days later, as promised, payment made through the terminal with a credit card (which was also very comfortable).The guys who brought the fridge and told me to let it sit 8 hours, and then plug it in. In the instructions, however, it was written that 2 hours is enough, but I again started to call the master people. It turns out that Yes, you have 8 hours if the refrigerator was transported in a horizontal position, since the freon must be drained where necessary, and 2 hours if the fridge was transported upright.The fridge is huge: 2 meters

So he villagemarikina camera down in it three boxes of large and small – for ice.


Section for ldaplocal a lot, but to get to the top is not so easy, so there were huddled products that need rare.

Refrigeration kumarasamy glass shelves. They say it is not very convenient because they get dirty faster and noticeable lattice. Not a very good height of shelves: three-liter jar of pens (although, to tell you the truth, I have long ceased to be driven).

Shelves are not very mysociety special compartment for vegetables and fruits, at the bottom of the refrigerating chamber.

Box beweislast handles – holes in the doors.

Pens, there is here are uglubleniya door different praise stickers:

Guarantee – 10 years

Some characteristicsthe we have after connecting:1. A refrigerator works quietly, without howling.2. Freezes great, even, I would say, stronger than necessary, if you set an average temperature in the evaporator was 0 degrees, cucumbers frozen, had to cool down in the fridge.

Controller temperaturesalinity temperature supports.3. Was surprised to find that the heated side walls of the refrigerator. Rushed to study online was that it should be: capacitors mounted in the side walls and not at the back (it is, incidentally, absolutely not heated).4. Forgot to say that this fridge is No Frost, it is not necessary to defrost.5. Pleasantly surprised that on a metal surface absolutely will not show fingerprints ( a silver refrigerators this sin).6. The backlight is cool! Light blue, neon.

7. If a long time to open the refrigerating chamber, the refrigerator starts to complain (squeak).Overall, first impressions are quite good. Of course, can’t give long-term forecast, used only 10 days, but only if there’s a criticism, immediately change opinion.

The Samsung company offers users to check out RL-50 RFBMG. The features of RL-50 RFBMG, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left RL-50 RFBMG reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Samsung RL-50 RFBMG. Buy Samsung RL-50 RFBMG with benefits.
Additional features superzamorozki, temperature display
Defrosting the freezer No Frost
Defrosting of the refrigerating chamber No Frost
The volume
The total amount 341 l
The volume of the freezer 90 l
The volume of the refrigerating chamber 251 l
General characteristics
Type refrigerator
Freezer bottom
Management electronic
Power consumption grade a+n(310 kWh/year)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 59.5x64.3x200 cm
The number of doors 2
Number of compressors 1
The number of cameras 2
Color / Material coating silvern/ plastic/metal
Inverter type compressor Yes
Other functions and features
Noise up to 41 dB
The ice missing
Climate class SN, T
Shelves material glass
The possibility of hanging doors Yes
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