Samsung S860

Overall rating 4.8333333333333 stars
4.8333333333333 from 6 reviews
F2.8 - F5.2
Optical Zoom
The name of the lens
Focal length (35mm equivalent)
38 - 114 mm
Face detection
The minimum shooting distance
0.1 m
Number of batteries
F2.8 - F5.2
Optical Zoom:
The name of the lens:
Focal length (35mm equivalent):
38 - 114 mm
Face detection:
The minimum shooting distance:
0.1 m
Number of batteries:


Overall rating 4.8333333333333 stars
6 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
December 7, 2009


The things I’ve found useful in this digicam! Gave it to me for a birthday, so I still can’t get enough of this gift. The photos are high quality, colored. At maximum extension and increase, the increase could be more to do and see the result on the computer, you can see the fine details captured moment. Of the functions is the finding faces in the frame, few use it))) What I really like is the feature which allows to take pictures from any distance, even with a 10cm. Small, handy, together with two batteries is not very heavy

Overall rating 5.00 stars
December 18, 2010


I asked my friend to buy me my camera Samsung S860 in the United States (he was there). It was back in 2008, when the galaxy was only included in the global crisis of Finance. I could not decide, but finally my Falcon’s eyes fell on a Samsung S860. It is simple, convenient, and reviews that I’ve read – quite a decent camera. After returning from the States, my friend gave me that didn’t let me sleep so long, BUT !!!!!!! he was a light green color!!!! How true! for that!!! But my friend obanil – now that’s your thing. Really! All the people fighting notice the color of the device, suit, praise, and of course asking where you can get such an unusual for daily color. Of course, not only the color it’s cool, but functions a lot. And the photos are excellent. Video records with sound, I can even hear juit a bee or a mosquito squeak. Great camera to zapechatlet the main points of life. And with good color life is beautiful.

Advantages:a large number of functions, great design, easy and simple, high quality images

Overall rating 5.00 stars
February 22, 2011


The camera that I bought almost three years ago – the day before leaving for the sea, it was necessary to buy something cheap, but more or less suitable for shooting. Consultant in the Communication suggested this model. What? – I thought. For the money was not sorry. After I waited for a great stay – the memories of which helped me to keep this camera!The pictures are very good quality, and how its various modes and settings – not to count!!CONCLUSION: if you need a cheap (that’s cheap!) the camera that will just do for you, good pictures – the Samsung S860 is for you!PS I added pictures taken with this camera! but keep in mind that the pictures were compressed!

Advantages:a large number of functions, great design, easy and simple, low cost, good quality pictures

Overall rating 5.00 stars
August 9, 2013


What can I say? Yes, the model is not new. In 2009, bought in NY. But!!! But it serves me to this day! Although, maybe it also depends from the owner, but not the fact. Now, of course, the repair will come in handy – the camera hit the bottom of the pool with water, but after all, photography can – it’s like intriguing soap dish – made photos, how do you know it happened only when you insert a memory card into the computer! XD (and there is only the screen was broken, and the water he at least would henna) Well, okay. Functions sooo much in other reviews about it not lying! You can configure different filters to put on the timer (and that’s if you consider the price of the product and the release date of the model!), also face recognition, different shooting modes. In General, I still took care of him. But one thing’s sure – the pictures are sooo clear, can compete with the canons of all sorts for ten.In short, if you have decided to take the camera based on price, take the samsung S860! The best option! =) Good luck!

Advantages:a large number of functions, all easily and simply, high quality images, low price

Overall rating 4.00 stars
February 7, 2014


This camera was bought by me in the fall of 2008 with the money donated to the wedding, for a ridiculous 3 thousand. The first time could not have been happier, worked flawlessly for 3 years, and for digital equipment this time. Then I realized that this is not the limit for its minor flaws removed a star) so, everything in order.So, the camera is 8.1 megapixels. With such a decent resolution photo quality does not always meet expectations, especially in low light. It also suffers when large spaces – which, of course, logical, but I would not like to see in the photo. This photo shows still distorted color reproduction.

Quality suffers – at the expense of resolution and svetoproekt the way, about the colors. She’s perfect in Sunny weather – the colors are bright, juicy, relevant reality.

In bright daylight the color reproduction is good, meet realnosti imperfect conditions, it varies from satisfactory to terrible (depending on lighting conditions and color palettes).

Here color worse, but quite acceptable

And here the colors are distorted heavily. Original color ribbon hot pink

The original colors of pale pink and belyssa. This camera is satisfactory, practically does not require any additional skills – covers what you need.

Flash “flew”, although we were standing quite daleconomresource. Macro removes capricious, it is necessary to adapt, sometimes to do a lot of takes to get the desired effect.

Here the macro didn’t work. But what an interesting picture)))

Here the macro works as it should, doubleness booties visible.Delay. A very useful feature I use often enough – when you want to have the whole family, take a picture of yourself in full growth, etc. cameras Have several modes of delay (simple delay before re-pressing, 2 double – photo 10 seconds and then after another 2s, plus delay with image stabilization). Personally, I often used the dual delay – just enough time to stand in a comfortable position.Speaking of stabilization. Can’t compare with other camera – no experience, but this stabilization is only a rant. In fact, it is not.Modes. The camera has 6 shooting modes, video mode and a reference mode where you have to dig deeper in the features and options. Shooting: auto, portrait (auto mode with pre-flash red-eye reduction function face detection), digital stabilization (as mentioned above, the effect of it almost none), auto, with a possible intervention in settings (in this case some functions of the camera will not change fractional, only in conjunction with others), scenario mode (auto mode with settings corresponding to one of the scenarios – text, landscape, children, night, sunset, macro, dawn, counter-light, fireworks, beach/snow. Mode works, checked all the scripts), and a manual mode where you can customize everything inside and out. The camera is certainly not professional, but allows you to take quite decent photos on the manual setting in the style of Studio photography – the main thing is to pick up the light.

Is landscape mode. All right, all right. I think this contributes to a very Sunny day.

Subject photography. Manual mode with macro function.The last of the glitches. 3-year camera ottarabanil flawlessly in time sometimes hallucinating – when not displayed icons display features, when you try to turn off not responding to the buttons – in this case, just open the compartment with the batteries, then turn on again. Sometimes for similar reasons, spoils pictures – says error image. Sometimes photos appear the next time you turn, and sometimes get lost in the unknown (this is rare, but has happened).So, to summarize, we can say that this is a great camera for so little money, reliable (my more than 5 years) and compact. Below some more photos done by him. As you can see, under certain conditions, the photos are beautiful and interesting.

Paint transferred well.

Manual mode with macro function.

Auto. A good photo without settings.

So shoots in the twilight. It is clear that dark, but I would like the best.

Advantages:a large number of features, low price, good quality pictures

Overall rating 5.00 stars
March 2, 2014


Bought the camera in 2008, before going to sea.The main criterion was the ease of development (which only came with age) and price. Although I was surprised that the camera is still the same as in 2008. Perfectly fits in the pocket of the jeans. Of the minuses – in 2012, the sea is fogged lens! Had, as she could, to clean it. Today will be less words and more pics (also processed)

Advantages:everything is easy and simple, low cost, good quality pictures

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Aperture F2.8 - F5.2
Optical Zoom 3x
The name of the lens Samsung
Focal length (35mm equivalent) 38 - 114 mm
Face detection Yes
The minimum shooting distance 0.1 m
Number of batteries 2
The format of batteries AA-compatible
Camera type digital
Size 1/2.5"
Crop factor 6.02
Sensitivity 80 - 1000 ISO, Auto ISO
Maximum resolution 3264 x 2448
The type of matrix СCD
The total number of pixels 8.3 million
The number of effective pixels 8.1 million
Excerpt 8 - 1/2000 s
Metering multizone, spot
Compensation +/- 2 EV in 1/3-step increments
Manual setting of shutter speed and aperture Yes
Flash built-in, up to 4 m, suppression of effect of red eyes
White balance auto, manual, from the list
Image stabilizer (photography) digital
Shooting modes
Macro Yes
Timer Yes
The timer 2, 10, 10+2 c
Burst mode No
The frame format (photography) 4:3, 3:2, 16:9
Size and weight
Size 93x62x27 mm
Weight 123 g without batteries; 173 g with batteries
Memory and interfaces
Interfaces USB 2.0, video, audio
Image formats 1 JPEG
Type of memory cards SD, SDHC, MMCPlus
The amount of internal memory 11 MB
The maximum amount of memory card 4 GB
Record video and audio
Video codecs MJPEG
Sound recording Yes
Video recording Yes
Record audio comments Yes
Format video recording AVI
The video recording time limited by the memory card
Maximum resolution videos 640x480
The maximum frame rate of the video 30 fps
Viewfinder and LCD screen
LCD screen 230000 pixels, 2.40 inches
Viewfinder missing
Using the screen as a viewfinder Yes
Other functions and features
Announced 2007-12-04
Equipment USB cable, AV cable, software CD, manual, strap, 2 x AA batteries
Digital Zoom 3x
Additional features tripod mount
Additional information shooting a self-portrait; 11 exposure programs; digital effects; the recorder (maximum recording time 10 hours); insert the date/time on still images; timer movement; editing of video clips
Date of commencement of sales 2008-01-01
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