Samsung SD9421

Overall rating 4.3571428571429 stars
4.3571428571429 from 14 reviews
85 dB
8.5 kg
Fine filter
Suction power
200 W
Dust collector
the dust bag capacity 2 l
85 dB
8.5 kg
Fine filter:
Suction power:
200 W
Dust collector:
the dust bag capacity 2 l


Overall rating 4.3571428571429 stars
14 reviews
Overall rating 2.00 stars
May 17, 2015


Over the past year I have had to borrow far more than one vacuum cleaner, One cleaner I used when I lived at my mom’s. It was a Bosch with Aqua. The other I have to work – Philips also with Aqua. And so I moved out of the parental home because of not having funds borrowed Vax vacuum cleaner with cyclone filter…And then, finally, I got my own. Before purchase, I was determined on the basis of his experience that I would take only the dust bag. Unfortunately, your favorite Zelmer, I have not found in stores, so I chose from what was available, and was there only Bosch, Samsung and Philips.Samsung and Philips cost about the same, the Philips is exactly the same as at work more expensive by 2 thousand. in Fact, I took Samsung because it was not too expensive, and the firm Vitek doesn’t inspire confidence. But about this model I studied the reviews on Irece, and the vast majority with the grade “5” and “4” (the question is: what?)So, Samsung SD9421 Aquatic I took 6899 RUB in Eldorado.

A vacuum cleaner Assembly (full set)unfortunately, the kit for this price includes quite a bit:the cleaner with Aqua-filter;telescopic tube;brush floor-carpet;brush 2 in 1 (one side slit, the other a brush for furniture).The most annoying is that in addition to lack of vacuum regulator suction power, NO turbo brush. In the instructions a lot of information that you can buy the cleaner additionally and respectively, for a fee, including all attachments.When I was cleaning, I was even more upset.The design of the Aqua-filter quite tricky. If Braun and Philips are just a bucket of “dahlbusch”, then there is something terrible and heavy.Wash much harder. The container is tiny, after cleaning one carpet the container was full and the dust all goes into the water, a lot of dirt remains on the walls and on the top of the filter with the orange tube. And if you pour more water marks “max” and carrying maybe getting water in the vacuum cleaner (in one of the pictures below it is visible).

Dirt after cleaning ONE small course vacuum cleaner with Aquafilter heavy, especially with water. But this, in my opinion, beats all records: if I need to move it, I can barely lift.

Outdoor pleassure in principle is not difficult, although some clips are quite stiff.

Outdoor vacuum cleaner, pulled out aquafinstrasse cleaning in addition to the Aqua-filter should be washed more sponge on the HEPA filter, every time! Philips and Braun have to do it not so often.By the way, there is another spongy filter that is at the bottom. When buying it was put separately in a bag, and it is necessary not to forget to put it in its place before cleaning. This filter is I don’t soap.

Filters after promiskuiteta brush 2 in 1. Is that all? Necessity is the mother of invention?

crevice brush + brush for Mebelini we need crevice nozzle, it can be worn on the hose without the telescoping pipe and tube. But if you need furniture brush, its on the pipe to fit in, she falls down, you can only wear on the hose. What the hell is this? That is, the producers are sure that toothbrush could be required only in the “short” version. Okay, will do.But it could be convenient to fix on the hose.

The brush attaches to the hose Vacuuming it however good. However, in comparison with other vacuum cleaners with aquafiltering, for me it’s the worst. So I do not recommend to buy it, choose something more expensive, but with a full set and a normal bucket.In General, I was upset I jumped the gun and took what was.

Advantages:large dimensions and weight, small dust container, there is no power control, no turbo brush included

Overall rating 4.00 stars
November 9, 2015


Hello!!! Today we will focus on the progress in the field of home appliances, namely vacuum cleaners!!! In my life, I use three types of cleaners: a Soviet rocket, Samsung with a bag for dust collection and cheap Zanussi is also a bag. So: the bags and the dust bag were not around!!!!!!What was needed in our family: 1)we have a small child 1.2 years which is all the time dropping tears, breaks and drops.2) child of 1 year gave kinetic sand, which after use were everywhere, and even in bed(((((((3) have a baby and we gave a big warm carpet, the child was on it and did not zastupilsya from the cold floor.4) we have a new apartment with repair from the Builder, so we always have something drilling, dusting, and accordingly need a quality cleaning. So, my husband is monitoring the Internet. He really wanted a vacuum cleaner, as the time was used and remained so ecstatic. But with the current exchange rate everything is more expensive, plus a vacuum cleaner big volume, and there immediately arose a question about its storage. So I chose a middle ground, and Samsung vacuum SD9421

Now let’s talk about the main advantage of this cleaner, the dust bag:1) has a modular design, which is washed under water for 2 seconds after each use.

2) on the container there is a max mark which indicates the required quantity of poured water

3) after use, you can clearly see HOW much dirt was in your apartment and immediately it all pour out, and don’t store the cleaner with the dust for another week and then another week before until you have someone allergic to dust does not appear.

The vacuum cleaner has two attachments, a brush for washing the container, and a telescopic handle on which there is no power control. It’s probably the only negative in this model of vacuum cleaner

conclusion: I am very glad I bought this vacuum cleaner. Yes, it is not for the lazy, because it must be washed each time after use, but it is always clean!!!!! And do not need contorting your mouth to go shake these bags, or afraid that the sale will end refill bags. Thing for centuries. And most importantly: while cleaning all the dust and debris passed through the water, in the air back of the vacuum cleaner she misses. And every time I have in addition to clean floors and carpets have clean moist air in the apartment!!!! It’s brilliant))) price: bought in the summer of 2015 in the Internet-shop Eldorado for 7200 RUB.

Advantages:there is no power control

Overall rating 5.00 stars
November 29, 2015


In connection with the relocation and addition to the family question about buying a good cleaner by itself. We shoveled the Internet, consulted with knowledgeable friends in this technique, came to the conclusion that we need a cleaner with Aqua, not with bags, do not wash, but just with this filter variant. Well, mark I appreciate Samsung for a long time. Thus, our choice fell on SAMSUNG vacuum cleaner SD9421.

Cute vacuum cleaner, streamlined, color blue/black/silver.Description of “SAMSUNG vacuum Cleaner SD9421″Stylish and functional vacuum cleaner SAMSUNG SD9421 is perfect for maintaining cleanliness and order in the house. As the dust bag in the vacuum cleaner uses a special plastic container that is easy to get and wash. A vacuum cleaner equipped with technology Aqua Cyclone, the principle of which is to use water and air for cleaning dirt and dust. Water, with filtration characteristics, does not allow dust and debris to get back to the house, adhering tightly to the walls of the container. After cleaning you only need to pour out the dirty water and rinse the container.Sustainable rubberized wheels move easily on any surface without scratching it. Suction power is 200 W at a power consumption of 1600 watts. Cleaner copes with dirt and dust, mold, germs and wool of Pets. High quality and delicate cleaning, you are guaranteed with the vacuum cleaner SAMSUNG SD9421.

The main characteristicity worksmart container for palidauskaite ы2 1600 Atmosnet ы200 Vconstruction thin chickentuna for ы water filtration AQUA Multi Chamber and Aqua Cyclone technology, the effective removal of allergens. Hose swivel 360 degrees.Nozzles and prinadlejnosti number 2 of strasatti in komplektaa/carpet, salevalley work, charging, elektropitanie elektropitanie household electrocution network 7 Grasmere, color, wearever 85 Grasmere (Chhvhg)298 x 320 x 530 muthalali/ы8.5 kg you can choose the length of the brushes, since we have a carpet with long pile (which the vacuum cleaner is perfectly clean), and mostly laminate flooring. Although, this is not surprise)))

At the bottom of the cleaner is drawn (or rather drawn) wire, which gets back by lifting the handle on the vacuum cleaner with a characteristic pattern of cord with plug.

3 months ago after pleasane we didn’t vilely the dirty water immediately and it fizzled. The stench of the swamp stood a nightmare. We then washed it, and vypolaskivat, and dried, rather weathered, but the smell, though not large left. So now before use we add a bit of powder in the lower part of the cleaner, pre-filling water to the appropriate mark, and there’s no odor, and foam, of course he does not.

On top put another piece of filter.

It turns out this big thing!

Which, in fact, put in the cleaner (the cleaner without a filter is not absolutely heavy, but with a filter Yes, with water it is more difficult to raise, so that when the vacuum Assembly, it just dragged on rooms).

It turns out this beauty:

In our three past lives still a cat, it is clear that fur everywhere. So, after propylesosit in the rooms the water in the cleaner becomes cloudy and remain on the surface of wool, hair, well, similar stuff.

Then the filter wash, dry and all.In General, the cleaner is very good at his job, thanks to the attachments they can vacuum hard to reach places, and we vacuumed them the sofa. With dust bag like in the protection from allergies, this was one of the reasons for buying it, because we didn’t know whether the Allergy in newborns (again, we have a cat), but nothing happened. Of course convenient that there is no flying debris, as in some miscovich vacuum cleaners, and indeed there can not be dust.Minus, perhaps that when the cord of the vacuum cleaner falls under the cleaner, the cleaner slows down and can’t move it. So go and carry the vacuum cleaner handles.

Advantages:the air after cleaning is cleaner.

Overall rating 4.00 stars
April 22, 2016


I have long wanted to tell you about this unit. So, we bought it for two reasons: the wool of a cat and one child that it is better not to contact with hair and dust. Vacuum cleaner with Aqua-filter is good because it emits part of the dust that cleans, and that means cleaner air, less dust, cleaning two times easier. I want to note: this vacuum cleaner is contraindicated in those who are too lazy to clean it after cleaning. In this case you are risking the microbiological contamination of the apartment stink so want to move out.For me CEE miracle of technology is a great help in running the household. But honestly, wash it every time…in Addition, the cleaner is quite heavy, so fragile lady or even child is unlikely to get pleasure from cleaning. But: If you need to clean domesle you are too lazy to spend 20 minutes on it checkonly have a place to put the smallest devise you will definitely appreciate the Samsung aquatic is appreciated. All the shortcomings, or rather “inconvenience” pales in comparison with advantages of clean, fresh air and lack of “dust bunnies”that’s it For me. All enjoy cleaning!

The Samsung company offers users to check out SD9421. The features of SD9421, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left SD9421 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Samsung SD9421. Buy Samsung SD9421 with benefits.
Type normal
Noise 85 dB
Weight 8.5 kg
Cleaning dry
Fine filter Yes
Suction power 200 W
Dust collector the dust bag capacity 2 l
Power regulator No
Power consumption 1600 W
Power cord length 7 m
Features and capabilities automative power cord, footswitch incl./off. on the case
Dimensions of the vacuum cleaner (WxDxH) 32x53x29.8 cm
Pipes and nozzles
Suction tube telescopic
Tips included floor/carpet; slit; for more
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