Arlo Ultra Indoor/Outdoor Wire Free 4K HDR Security Camera System VMS5140-100NAS

Overall rating 3.9 stars
3.9 from 20 reviews
Storage Type
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Amazon Alexa, Arlo, Google Assistant
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Indoor Or Outdoor Use:
Indoor, Outdoor
Night Vision:
Number Of Cameras Included:
Voice Assistant Built-in:
Works With:
Amazon Alexa, Arlo, Google Assistant
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The Arlo company offers users to check out VMS5140-100NAS. The features of VMS5140-100NAS, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left VMS5140-100NAS reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Arlo VMS5140-100NAS. Buy (Arlo VMS5140-100NAS or Ultra Indoor/Outdoor Wire Free 4K HDR Security Camera System) with benefits.


Overall rating 3.9 stars
20 reviews
Overall rating 4 stars
June 10, 2019


a lot of precise detail go into the presentation of the Arlo Ultra. Seeing how it was packed made me more eager to see how it is with performance.
The installation was very simple. You can eyeball the pieces and know exactly what to do. Arlo made it easier because all you need to do is download the Arlo app and it will walk you through the installation. It takes under 10 minutes including the firmware updates.
Clear live image that you can playback at 4K quality. The Arlo Ultra is wireless and waterproof so you can mount it anywhere. Feel free to use your imagination if you think I’m kidding. The app have a bandwidth meter to show you the signal strength and I find that very useful when finding a placement for my camera(s). The Arlo smart hub does not come with a micro sd card for recording but it have a slot. I had a 32gb so I was able to use it after a quick format. Some may not need it because Arlo offers a few different cloud recording plans that fits different budgets. I recommend doing a trial to see if you need it.
I notice a lag when connecting to the camera for a live view. Even the audio is delayed. To test this further I turned the light camera light on and it took 5 seconds if not longer to turn on. The camera is within WiFi range. I think that lag is a big flaw because every second counts when it comes time to react during an emergency.
I’ve been using the Arlo Ultra for a week and I can only say that it feels like good quality. It has a nice glossy finish that I think will make it easy to wipe clean. The camera has a magnetic mount that allows you to take it down to charge it and clean it. I can’t tell if the casing will fade or look dingy after being out in the elements for a long time.
I worry that someone can grab the camera off the magnetic mount if they are low enough for them to reach.
A lag when connecting live feed.
Quick setup and easy wire free mounting
Budget friendly cloud plans
sd recording option
4K live feed and recording
Alerts on my Apple Watch
I think the Arlo Ultra will be a great addition to any security system already in place. It is perfect for our house and I plan on adding more Arlo cameras later after I’m sure on how long it will take to recharge since it’s wireless. I feel like this is the perfect camera I need to optimize my current surveillance system. It is also easy to takedown which make moving out easy so you don’t have to leave your Arlo behind.

Overall rating 5 stars
June 11, 2019


This is my first time using an Arlo product and I’m quite impressed by it. The Arlo Ultra 4K UHD Wire-Free Security Camera System is very user friendly and very intuitive to get up and running with ease. I currently have an off brand security camera that is also wifi capable, but requires an electrical outlet. My experience with this Arlo has left me with a great comparison between the products I own.

This Arlo Ultra 4K provides a great picture quality and audio recording for my needs. I like to have a camera of this nature monitor my front walkway and front door. I can see who is coming and going and when deliveries are being made. My desire for this camera is strictly for residential purposes, but I’m positive this would be a great asset for a business owner setting as well.

Main things included in the package to get you up and running are the following: 4K camera unit, wall mount w/ magnetic base, smarthub, rechargeable battery, and cables. You will also need to install the Arlo app to your smartphone, and in my scenario it worked seamlessly on my iPhone.

Getting the smarthub connected to your network is easy as you utilize the Ethernet cable to plug into your network. Power up the camera with the battery installed and you’re up and running as the app will walk you through the process and it guides you very well. Once I had the smarthub and camera synced up, it was time to figure out where I wanted to place the unit for best usage. I was able to drill a small hole within my home’s vinyl siding in order to get the mount drilled in. The mount has a magnetic face to it and therefore the Arlo 4K camera has a magnetic base and it connects easily and strongly to one another. Position the camera how you like for your viewing area and it holds position very well.

I really liked being able to place this camera outdoors without having to run wires and cables to hide them. The battery has been doing really well so far, as it’s down 15% and it’s been running for about 4 days now. I live in the northeast US and experience a good cycle of all 4 weather seasons. So far I’ve gotten the camera wet in a rain storm and it’s still working really well. Depending on which way the rain is blowing / falling it will distort the lens of the camera and possibly effect what you see and record. I’m assuming snow will be an issue for me when winter time is upon us as well. I have my camera in an uncovered area as I don’t have the ability to mount it under an overhang of some sort.

The camera has a lot of great features which I’ve been playing with since getting this set up. The ultra-wide 180-degree panoramic view is nice. It gives me a full scope of my target area without a fish eye lens effect or cutting off the edges of my area. Great to be able to get a true full view of a larger zone. The advanced night vision works really well as I tried it a few times late at night. The infrared camera ability depicts the person and surroundings really well and it’s what I was expecting. The added bonus of this camera is that it has an integrated spotlight which lights up your target area and can create a color video to see a better picture of what’s happening. The light I feel is a nice security feature since it will activate on when motion is picked up and deter any potential bad guy from the area. I also have the ability to activate a horn like alarm from my app in order to make an audible sound to deter someone and let them know they’re being monitored with two way conversations from the mic and speaker. The Arlo Ultra also comes with a 1 year plan of Arlo Smart Premier Service which I feel is fantastic for having as a provided plan by Arlo. After that 1 year is up I can subscribe to different tier levels of playback service, and at a quick glance they seemed affordable. I wish this was a non-pay service to be able to monitor these videos. Another feature offered is an e911 action which will allow your Arlo Smart app to access emergency services. This seems like a unique feature that sets it apart from competitors. If someone is truly breaking into your house or you spot suspicious individuals, I would think this could be a great asset in order to alert the right authorities to your home address. On that note as well, you can also have the app contact a friend or neighbor for example similar to the e911 feature. This could be useful if you see something happening and can quickly have a neighbor across the street be alerted that something is occurring at your residence.

The 4K camera is a big step up for me from my previous 720p camera which gives me a general idea of what happens at my front door. The Arlo 4K is very clear and detailed for my target area within about 6-10 feet. After that distance I have noticed that images tend to get grainy and blurry when I try to zoom in on something which is unfortunate. I was hoping to be able to see and read out a license plate of a car in my driveway about 20 feet away and couldn’t make it out at all. I could see what kind of car it is easily, but in daylight hours and camera set at BEST VIDEO QUALITY of 4K I was unable to read the license plate. This was a bit of a let down, but I’m toying with settings and trying to see if I can make adjustments to see these types of items better.

The app is pretty easy to use and allows for some tweaking on which alerts you want to receive and you can also set a zone for your alert region. The camera has the ability to notify you of motion or person or animal for example when the alert pops up on my iPhone XR and Apple Watch Series 3 (non cellular). Great to see a snapshot picture of what the camera is alerting me about on my Apple devices.

A few other nice features I’ve found while I’ve used this for the past few days have been the power management aspect. I can set this on a battery conserve method and it reduces the quality of the video, or I can go to a best video setting which will ensure I’m getting the highest content but the battery duration could suffer a bit. There is also an optimized setting which gives you a balance of video quality and battery life, and that is where I’m running it currently to help prolong until my next recharge. Another nice feature which I’ve utilized, but haven’t found fully useful yet is “auto zoom & tracking.” This feature helps to track a person for example as they come into view of the camera. In this scenario the camera eye tracks the person moving and follows them. In my case a UPS delivery was made and the camera tracked the person walking into the driveway to the front step and then away from the house. Interesting to see this feature, but I don’t know if it’s fully useful yet as I didn’t really find any benefit from it. There also is a feature for package detection in the beta stage within the app. I have this activated, but haven’t seen it function yet so I can’t fully give feedback about that.

One concern I have with this product is for anyone that may have an older version of an Arlo camera they invested in. From what I gather this new Arlo 4K camera and smarthub only work with 4K camera units. Therefore for a consumer, who has a previous camera, they will not be able to use that older camera unit with this new smarthub. I hope that Arlo fixes this issue and will make sure to allow previous Arlo camera devices to be used with this new smarthub since it’s all within the same ecosystem.

So far I’ve been happy with this security camera and feel confident in the Arlo brand. I’ve had great connectivity and am able to get a view from the camera via my smartphone when I’m away. No issues with connections or blur. Overall I feel it’s a pretty good camera with a high price tag at almost $400, for which you’re getting a smarthub base and a single 4K wireless camera. For me this is pretty good functionality, peace of mind home usage, and hoping for long term use with this. Hoping this helps you out in your decision.

Small and compact design
4K video quality
Wireless and wire free
Great app for viewing and alerts
Security monitor features to deter

Expensive price tag
Backward compatibility
Blurred imagery for distance viewing (license plate)
Comes with only 1 rechargeable battery
Needs a 2 or 3 hole base mount for better stability

Overall rating 2 stars
June 16, 2019


The Arlo – Ultra Indoor/Outdoor Wire Free 4K HDR Security Camera System was nice and easy setup, but to be honest, I expected a lot more from a premium security camera, which makes this set a difficult one to recommend. To start out with what I liked about the Arlo – Ultra Indoor/Outdoor Wire Free 4K HDR Security Camera System was the flexibility in placement. Its wireless and comes with a magnetic mount that you can basically place anywhere. I was a bit skeptical with a magnetic mount being used outdoors, but for the two weeks I have had the camera mounted, it has not moved at all. So down load the app, sync to the Arlo base station, sync to the camera and mount. Literally, 20 mins to get up and running (minus fully charging the camera).
Within the Arlo app, you can add some customizations, such as video quality, highlighting the activity zone in which you want the want to capture notification when there is activity. This is a nice feature as the camera lens can be set to Full, Wide or Super Wide to change the range of video capture and you can define a set range within the video range to trigger an activity. There is also 4k live streaming which does produce a very nice quality feed with the default view. The more you zoom, the grainer the picture.
Now let’s get to some of the disappointment areas. The Arlo base is not a Wi-Fi set up. It must be connected to your internet router through LAN connection. Not a big deal unless your router is on the complete opposite side of your home of where your camera is going to be located. The camera has to be within a good range from the base station to establish a connection and provide timely alerts. Obviously there are ways to work around this issue, such as buying a longer Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi extenders or mesh systems with Ethernet ports, but that is added cost to get the Arlo base station in the optimal location for all your camera locations. The recoding quality was OK. Even with the best quality setting, honestly I feel like you would have to know the person in the video to do any sort of identification. Any zooming, cuts away on the quality and it is too grainy to get any detail profiling of a subject. Another big miss is the customization with the modes. By default, you can Arm, Disarm and Schedule when the security camera sends alerts. Scheduling is nice, as you can set a daily schedule by the hour, but the lack of additional customization within the scheduling mode is disappointing. For example, I can create a new mode that allows me to select whether or not sound can trigger the camera. The placement of my camera is outside of my porch which has a wind chime. Great, I can create a mode that doesn’t get triggered by sound, only motion. The downside of creating your own custom mode is that it cannot be scheduled and is active all the time. I don’t want the camera active when I know my kids are going to be present that will trigger the alert every 2 mins, so I try to schedule around those time. Problem with that is, with the schedule, you do not have the option to disable the sound trigger. So the technology is there, Arlo just didn’t put the flexibility in place with their app. Now comes the final and major disappointment. The recording captures. This security camera, when armed does a decent job triggering a recording when it senses motion or sound, however I do not make any sense of the variable recording times. I will have recording range between 12 seconds to 2 minutes all within activity occurring. If a person is walking around my back yard and within the active range, I don’t just get one recording, I get a handful of them, which would be fine if it needs to be split up, however there are time gaps between recordings. One recording will end, then next will start with the person 5 to 10 ft away if they are in motion. Well, that is really too bad as those time gaps could be crucial to what you hope to capture. This is with their paid service, which is included for the first year. If the mode is active and there is activity, I would have hoped for a continuous feed. That in itself is why I can’t recommend the camera as it supposedly comes off as being a premium unit.

Overall rating 1 stars
June 17, 2019


Just purchased and set up today but it is going back tomorrow. I set one 8 feet away from my car parked on the street and you cannot read my license plate. I placed the other beside my front door which is 20 feet away. if you try to zoom to see faces it gets very grainy and blurry.
My car has been broken into repeatedly so if you can’t read a license plate or zoom in then WHAT GOOD IS IT???
Can’t wait until it gets dark to see what it does but I do not have great expectations.
All of these good reviews have me baffled as these are why I purchased this junker.

Overall rating 4 stars
June 18, 2019


I’ve had a few recent security cameras that were total dogs. These weren’t cheap no-name cameras. A few have retail prices of several hundred dollars and were made by major, well-established manufacturers. With the exception of two brands, every other security camera I’ve tried has been a total failure. The biggest common problem was connectivity. Most of the dog cameras failed to maintain connectivity. They’d work fine for a little while but eventually lost connectivity during the day. That’s a dealbreaker. I’m not even a demanding user. Other than our doorbell camera, we only need camera coverage when we’re away. I don’t need to see my home when I’m there. Therefore, I need rock-solid reliable remote connectivity. This Arlo camera has so far proven to be very reliable as far as connectivity. I believe the included hub is a major reason. So far, I’ve had no issues connecting, even if it sometimes takes a minute or so to connect to live footage.

The Arlo camera was easy to set up, configure, place and use. The included magnetic camera mounts are very strong and can be installed pretty much anywhere. An Arlo account is mandatory but easy to create. The camera can either work off of battery or ac power (with optional additional equipment). The user-replaceable battery can be charged without removing it from the camera using the included magnetic USB charging cable and AC adapter. Battery life depends on usage. I typically get a full day or two of use per charge. This is for an 8-10 hour period, not 24 continuous hours. Video quality is very good but not what I would consider spectacular, even in 4K. With 4K enabled, it’s about on par with the HD quality of my other reliable cameras, particularly the one that rhymes with “west”. The Arlo can capture up to a wide 180 degree area. The one and seemingly only area of weakness that I’ve noticed is backlighting. If there are any bright light sources like windows or lighting in the frame, they blow out the exposure of the immediate surrounding area. I even get overexposure from windows on somewhat bright overcast days. I tried adjusting brightness but it only marginally improved the overexposure and is the only setting available to do so. I attached photos of the same area recorded on the Arlo camera and photographed with my smartphone. The properly exposed photo is the cell phone. I did not make any exposure settings. That’s fully automatic exposure. The two overexposed photos are the Arlo camera. One is before and one after adjusting brightness. Low light and night vision recordings are very good and the camera has a motion triggered light for full color recording when triggered. Motion detection is good as well. If something passes in front of the camera, it gets recorded. As good as my doorbell camera is, there are occasional times where it will inexplicably miss motion triggered events. The app is very good with alerts and notifications of triggered events. The camera also does a good job of detection people in a scene, even if they face away from the camera and stay on the fringe edges of the recorded area. The camera also supports two-way conversations and can sound a loud alarm on demand.

The app is easy to use and a full year premium subscription trial is included. The premium subscription includes up to 10 cameras, 30 days of video playback, activity zones, person detection and e911. The camera also supports an external USB for constant video recording. An optional CVR subscription is required for that feature. The live viewing, activity history and playback all work very well on the app, even remotely. The app also supports fingerprint login.

I am satisfied with the Arlo cam. I like the reliability, ease of use, recording quality and even the added bonus features. It’s not the cheapest option but the premium is worth it, especially with far inferior cameras out there selling for similar or higher prices.

Overall rating 5 stars
July 1, 2019


Ease of Setup & Installation
No Electrician Required
Rechargeable Battery
Cloud Subscription Pricing
Viewing Angle
Multi User Access
Auto Zoom & Tracking
Battery Life
Video Quality
Night Vision
Response to Motion (delay)
Network Connectivity

I was really excited to receive this product. I recently purchased my first home, and security is one of my top concerns. I already have a home security system, with a few cameras but was excited for the features the new Arlo had to offer.
Product arrived in high quality packaging. Everything you need for setup is in the box from the camera to the screws for hanging the magnetic mounting plate. After opening all the pieces, setup was as simple as downloading the app, connecting the smarthub to our router, popping the rechargeable battery into the camera and following the instructions in the app.
After connecting to the network, I sought out a spot on the exterior of my home that would give me the highest visibility. After charging the camera battery, I began using the ‘camera positioning’ feature in the app and I was disappointed by the Video Bandwidth I was getting in the spots I wanted to put the devise. I have 1gb up/down fiber optics internet, a powerful router and I was only 20’ away from the smarthub so not sure why I was having bandwidth issues, 4K video or not. I finally found a place that had strong bandwidth that had decent coverage, and mounted the bracket and camera. 30 second installation, and no electrician required!
After installing, I tested out some of the devises features.
-Spotlight offers enough light to startle an intruder, but not so much that you will annoy your neighbors. Similar to the flashlight on a phone.
-Siren is loud and annoying enough to scare of any unwanted visitors.
-Audio through the devise using the mic on your phone sounds crisp and loud. I was able to clearly hear a conversation down almost a block away!
-Responded to me walking around in the zones I designated motion alerts for (you can draw zones in the app) but doesn’t pick up motion far to the left or right.
-Night Vision works great if you provide an unobstructed view. In a perfectly dark space it works great and the image is crystal clear, but outside any light in the surrounding area cause dark and bright spots. Not good enough to identify an intruders face more then a few feet away.
Color Night Vision: works only with spotlight on. Unable to figure out this one. Outside of the light though you have lots of dark spots.
-Battery worked great after my second charge. 3 weeks in at at 80% battery still. After installing the battery went from 100% to 20% within 24 hours. Just let it die and then recharge and you should be good!
-Motion Detection has about 10-30 second delay and takes an additional 10-20 seconds to open the live stream in the app. By that point the person is usually walking out of camera view.
-Video quality is pretty good but I learned I can only get 4K video when connected to a strong WiFi network on whatever device I am viewing on. Doesn’t seem to record in 4K either? When you are streaming in 4K it will say in the upper left corner. May be a settings thing. I definitely cannot make out license plates or clear faces from the street or even my own driveway.
-Package detection I was not able to try. It’s currently in beta and has great potential, but I placed the camera away from my front door which is where the camera needs to be to utilize. This is a really cool and unique feature that will be great when it’s fully up and running.
Overall, if you are looking for an easy to setup camera system, this is a good option, but know it has a few quirks such as network connectivity if you are more then 15-20’ away from your router or a network booster.

Overall rating 4 stars
July 6, 2019


I have an early version of the Arlo camera and have been satisfied with it. I was really excited to see how the Arlo products have evolved. Truly wire-free is a huge upgrade. The big questions: 1. How easy is it to connect to my network (and how stable?) 2. How good will the images be? 3. How long does the battery really last?

I took the time to really use the product before writing this review. To my summary/title, the biggest challenge was getting the camera to stay reliably connected to my network. My WiFi router is located approximately 40 feet away, through 3 interior walls and exterior lath and plaster. Ultimately, I had to add a repeater to maintain a high-quality connection.
That solved, the Arlo Ultra+ camera provided nice quality images in a wide range of lighting conditions. I live on a street with a decent amount of vehicular, pedestrian and pet traffic. The Arlo did not constantly alert me, and I believe it never missed an appropriate time to record movement. I love that you can tweak the motion sensitivity and I love the phone notifications. I don’t love paying for a monthly subscription. But what’s the price of piece of mind? That’s your call.
Overall, I think the Arlo Ultra+ is a nice evolution and is worth the price tag. DO plan to provide an relatively close repeater if using the camera outside your home or office.

Overall rating 3 stars
July 9, 2019


The Arlo Ultra 4K UHD Wire-Free Security Camera System is Arlo’s next product in wireless home security. It touts features such as 4K UHD recording, Auto Zoom and Tracking, and color night vision. Though this is supposed to be Arlo’s most advanced camera, I didn’t find it much better than the 1080p versions.

My Set Up

I used this camera near my front door for testing. The camera was positioned unhidden 20 feet (clear line of sight) from my Wi-Fi satellite and 30 linear feet (through one floor level) from the Arlo base. My network is provided by an Orbi whole-home mesh system which is made by Netgear (who happens to be the parent company for Arlo). My internet service is gigabit, so there are no bandwidth issues.

Features of the camera

4K UHD recording – This is supposed to be the clearest recording commercially available for home security cameras. I expected to see quality paralleled with a 4K movie played on my 4K UHD television. What I got was more grainy and not this high quality image that I expected. In fact, that’s when it worked at all. Using 4K recording, I could not stream an image to my cell phone in the app. I have uploaded a screenshot of the horizontal gray lines that I viewed instead.

Auto Zoom and Tracking – The feature is a really neat idea. The camera detects motion and basically zooms in and follows the moving object. It had a little delay, but was cool in that it could decide what to follow. My big complaint with this feature was that it does not work when recording in 4K. The settings automatically change if you tell it to record in 4K or turn on Auto Zoom and Tracking. Turning on one feature turns the other feature off. Having a 4K camera isn’t useful if the other features don’t support 4K.

Color night vision – I was stoked to see this as a feature on the camera system packaging. The biggest complaint about my previous camera system that I owned before this Arlo was that the night vision wasn’t very good. My hopes were that this feature would be able to provide more information through color in combination with the higher quality recording (4K). What I was not aware of is that in order for the color night vision to work, the spotlight has to be on. This is a problem for me as I would rather the criminal I am recording not know where my cameras are. My understanding is that the extra light is needed is order to record the color information, and that this illumination process is not specific to Arlo cameras. Other camera systems require lighting to record in color at night as well. You can still record in regular night vision without the spotlight.

Battery Charging – First, the camera only comes with one rechargeable battery. I find this to be an issue because unless you have found a way to charge the camera in-place then you will have times where you have to stop recording to charge the battery. I would suggest that Arlo give 2 batteries in the next package (or at least one extra depending on camera package). Second, the charging method uses a proprietary cord. If you lose or damage the cord, you will have to get one from Arlo.

Battery Life – The packaging describes the batteries as convenient and long lasting. This is not the case. My battery went from 41% to 5% in the first week. Charging a battery every 2 weeks (especially if you have them mounted out of reach) is not convenient.

Spotlight – The spotlight is optional (you can turn it on and off). It is also adjustable, so you can control the brightness level. It can work with the motion sensor or you can manually turn it on. Again, this is required to be on if you want to use the color night vision feature.

Siren – There is a siren feature that you can manually turn on if you want to create a noise or draw attention. The siren is not very loud in my opinion, and I’m not sure that it would be that effective.

Call e911 and Call Friend – There are features to manually contact an emergency number from the app. I did not test these two features.

Magnetic Mounting – The camera can attach to the mount magnetically. I think that this is a neat idea, but due to the shape of the camera and cupping of the mount it is somewhat limited. Some people have raved about this feature, but I wasn’t completely happy with it.

*Decent Quality Wireless Camera
*4K recording (new standard in home security cameras)
*Auto Zoom and Tracking is a neat idea
*Color night vision adds value of clarity in low light situations
*Has Siren, Call e911, and Call Friend features
*Magnetic mount idea
*Comes with 1 Year of Arlo Smart service (cloud recording)
*Has option for SD Card recording

*4K Streaming would not work at all on phone in house
*Cannot record in 4K when using Auto Zoom and Tracking
*Battery Life is short and only comes with one battery
*Charging cord is a specialty cord
*Color night vision does not work unless spotlight feature is turned on and spotlight is illuminated
*Siren feature not very loud
*Requires paid subscription after the first year if you do not want to use SD Card option

Overall, I think that the Arlo Ultra is an average security camera. For a wireless camera it’s not bad, but the battery life is short and new features that didn’t work as I had hoped. This leaves me a little unsatisfied with the product. I think that if you must have a wireless camera Arlo is a good starting point. However, since the new features on the Ultra didn’t work well, I’d recommend looking at the 1080p Arlo cameras instead of this one. The Ultra cameras will cost more, and I don’t see any real benefit for the extra cost. 4K will be the new standard moving forward, but this camera doesn’t exemplify that standard.

Overall rating 5 stars
July 12, 2019


I have been a Arlo user for couple of years I bought the Arlo Pro 2 6 camera pack they were good But the ULTRAS have several significant upgrades like the wider field of view the audio is quite a improvement And the color Night vision

Overall rating 5 stars
December 27, 2019


Was a little skeptical buying these by some of the reviews. So far they are great. Been having them for about a month. I upgraded my plan to view in 4k. Battery seems like they will last about 1 1/2 months without charging. Only complaint is the two way talk is a little low in volume but not a deal breaker. Color night vision is awesome!

Safeguard your home with this Arlo security camera system. Its 4K resolution provides maximum clarity so you don't miss a single detail, and a siren is integrated so you can fend off intruders either remotely or while at home. This Arlo security camera system is weather-resistant, so it's functional rain or shine.
Key Specs
Storage Type Cloud
Indoor Or Outdoor Use Indoor, Outdoor
Night Vision Yes
Number Of Cameras Included 1
Voice Assistant Built-in No
Works With Amazon Alexa, Arlo, Google Assistant
Camera Power Source Battery-powered
Audio Communication 2-way
Network Connectivity Wi-Fi
Field Of View 180 degrees
Color White
Brand Arlo
Product Name Ultra Indoor/Outdoor Wire Free 4K HDR Security Camera System
Color Category White
Model Number VMS5140-100NAS
Camera Power Source Battery-powered
Camera Connectivity Wire-free (Battery-powered)
Number Of Cameras Included 1
High-Definition Yes
Camera Mount Type Wall mount
IP Camera WiFi
Night Vision Yes
Camera(s) Included Yes
Number of Dummy Cameras 0
Camera Infrared Distance 25 feet
Night Vision Distance 25 feet
Field Of View 180 degrees
Mobile Notifications Yes
Network Connectivity Wi-Fi
Two-Way Talk Yes
Remote Monitoring Capabilities Yes
Streaming Video Yes
Audio Communication 2-way
Storage Type Cloud
Indoor Or Outdoor Use Indoor, Outdoor
Operating System Compatibility Android, Apple iOS
Voice Assistant Built-in No
Camera Compatibility Arlo Ultra 4K UHD cameras
Works With Amazon Alexa, Arlo, Google Assistant
Smartphone Compatible Yes
Cable(s) Included Yes
Additional Accessories Included Rechargeable battery, power adapter, magnetic charging cable, Ethernet cable, wall mount, wall mount screw set, video monitoring decal
Monitor Included No
Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts 1 Year
Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor 1 Year
UPC 606449134247
The Arlo company offers users to check out VMS5140-100NAS. The features of VMS5140-100NAS, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left VMS5140-100NAS reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Arlo VMS5140-100NAS. Buy (Arlo VMS5140-100NAS or Ultra Indoor/Outdoor Wire Free 4K HDR Security Camera System) with benefits.
My review Arlo Ultra Indoor/Outdoor Wire Free 4K HDR Security Camera System VMS5140-100NAS

Overall rating
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