Parrot ANAFI 4K Quadcopter with Remote Controller 50855BBR

Overall rating 4.2 stars
4.2 from 20 reviews
Total Megapixels
21 megapixels
Maximum Flight Time (no payload)
25.0 minutes
Wireless Range
12672 feet
Integrated Camera
Video Resolution
2160p (4K)
Product Weight
0.71 pounds
Total Megapixels:
21 megapixels
Maximum Flight Time (no payload):
25.0 minutes
Wireless Range:
12672 feet
Integrated Camera:
Video Resolution:
2160p (4K)
Product Weight:
0.71 pounds
The Parrot company offers users to check out 50855BBR. The features of 50855BBR, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left 50855BBR reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Parrot 50855BBR. Buy (Parrot 50855BBR or ANAFI 4K Quadcopter with Remote Controller) with benefits.

Parrot ANAFI 4K Quadcopter with Remote Controller 50855BBR Overview

Parrot ANAFI 4K HDR Drone: Hands-On Review!

Parrot ANAFI 4K HDR Drone: Hands-On Review!

Parrot ANAFI Review - [Flight Test In-Depth / Pros & Cons]

Parrot ANAFI Review - [Flight Test In-Depth / Pros & Cons]

PARROT ANAFI - The GOOD & BAD - First Impressions

PARROT ANAFI - The GOOD & BAD - First Impressions

Parrot ANAFI vs DJI Mavic Air!! (4K)

Parrot ANAFI vs DJI Mavic Air!! (4K)

The Best Drone For Your Money! Parrot Anafi!

The Best Drone For Your Money! Parrot Anafi!


Overall rating 4.2 stars
20 reviews
Overall rating 4 stars
September 5, 2018


The Anafi is a small, lightweight, foldable and highly portable drone with great camera capabilities, and is Parrot’s answer to DJI’s Mavic. My review comes from the viewpoint of an FAA Part 107 pilot and DJI owner, so I know a little about drones and their abilities.

First off, the best feature is the camera. Excellent 4K quality with built-in HDR capabilities to enhance photos & videos in changing brightness environments. Still photos are shot at a very impressive 21MP, which substantially beats DJI’s best offerings. Also unique to drones in this price point is the ability to control the camera to not only look straight forward & downward, but can also be angled up 90 degrees. This allows a look at sights from their undersides (like bridges) or provide a great transitional effect to or from the sky as you shoot video. On by default, the HDR setting eats memory on the micro SD and a single 25-minute flight will nearly fill the included 16GB SD card.

The drone starts off in “Filmmaker” mode, which is a nice, slow, easy-to-control mode that keeps you from making overly-jerky moves that screw up your videos. The movement of the drone & camera in this mode makes for extremely easy shoots, even for a beginner. My son was able to pick it up for the first time, without prior drone experience, and made some really great videos. You can change into other modes like “Sport”, which flies more like a normal mode on other drones (it’s not going to go 40mph in sport mode). It’s not a racing drone, but that’s not why you’re buying this anyway. If you want to configure it to fly faster in each mode you can do so in the app. But I suggest leaving the modes as-is to get the best video.

Digital zoom is available with the device, but better yet the camera also has lossless 1.5x zoom when shooting in HD.

Other modes for shooting video include options for following a subject, orbiting a subject or point of interest, etc. One of the most ridiculous things about other modes, however, is they require in-app purchases, so you’ll end up spending another few dollars to fully unlock the app. This has to be the dumbest decision; if you’re spending $700 on a drone there is no reason to nickel & dime the user for another few bucks for a full-option app.

Range is spectacular for both distances flown and HD video feedback to your phone. It is also a very quiet drone as compared to larger drones like a DJI Phantom. Battery life is around 25 minutes (comparable to other manufacturers).

The drone folds up small enough to easily be placed in a backpack or even your cargo shorts pocket. However, the controller has no case and no way to secure it, which makes no sense. I understand the idea of making it small & packable, but they completely ignored the ability to pack the controller along with the drone, which is kind of a basic thing to carry with you. I suggest looking for a case to put both in to fully protect & more easily transport both together.

The controller is shaped a little like a Playstation controller with a flip-up combination phone holder/antenna. It has far less controller options than DJI, but for beginners this makes it perfect.

Now for the cons:

– Construction: The plastic used for the body & camera just looks cheap. I’m hoping to never crash it, and it may hold up fine, but just from a strictly aesthetic standpoint it looks inexpensive.
– NO COLLISION AVOIDANCE. This would be my #1 complaint about the drone overall. There are ZERO sensors to stop the drone from crashing into something at-speed. DJI quads all include forward sensors, and some include full 360 sensors. This looks to be the riskiest thing about this drone, and certainly threatens its existence. Use a spotter or stay well away from obstructions.
– Landing Gear: The landing gear are short, landing it almost directly on its belly. There is a fan on the underside to cool the battery & motor, and if you launch or land in dirt or grass the fan can end up sucking debris into it. I suggest using only concrete for an LZ or buying a portable landing pad to deploy from.
– Extra Batteries: I had difficulty locating extra batteries for the device. It was only after 2 weeks of owning it that Best Buy finally started stocking the batteries. Amazon also has limited options for batteries. Worst case you can order directly from Parrot.
– In-app purchases: As mentioned, I shouldn’t have to spend more to unlock features after spending hundreds of dollars on the drone.
– Single Click Power On: With DJI as a safety feature you have to press, release, then press & hold the on/off button (2-step process) to turn the drone on or off. On the Anafi if you just tap the button it turns on. This could lead to accidentally turning the device on when installing a battery or placing back in the case. I would like to see it require a little longer of a press to turn the device on or off.
– Phone Fit in Controller: The controller’s flip-up phone holder/antenna will only accept “standard” sized phones. Phones with “plus” in it (Galaxy S#+, iPhone Plus, Galaxy Note, etc.) will not fit in the holder. Likewise, thicker cases like Otterbox will keep your phone from fitting. It will not fit tablets at all, although there are adapters available on the market.
– No Case for Controller: Would like a way to better protect the controller. Also a way to carry spare batteries. Look for a 3rd party case after getting this.
– App Doesn’t Show No-Fly Zones: BE CAREFUL. I live just outside DC and there are tons of restricted areas around here – DC security zones, airports, certain buildings, etc. DJI warns or outright locks out flight around airports or in no-fly zones as a safety feature. The lack of restrictions could lead you into dangerous situations or land you in trouble with authorities if you’re in a no-fly zone. Make sure you consult the FAA B4UFly (or similar) app to verify you’re good-to-fly where you’re at. Failing to do so can result in hefty fines, jail, or worse yet a collision with another aircraft.
– SD Card Slot: The card tray is very fragile. Be extremely careful inserting or removing the SD card.
– No charger included: It comes with a USB-C cable, but no indication on the number of amps needed to properly charge the battery. I’m using a 2.1-amp phone charger with it and it takes about 90 minutes to charge the battery. Not sure if that’s the recommended amp range or not.

Conclusion: This is a good drone with an amazing camera. While I would say the price point makes this a great beginner drone, the lack of collision avoidance sensors makes it hard for me to argue that this would work well for beginners, since most issues with drones involve crashing into things. I’m rating it 4 stars only because there aren’t half stars. I feel this deserves a 3.5 rating heavily based on the lack of collision avoidance features, lack of case for the controller, and required in-app purchases. I think Parrot is on the right track, and look forward to their future releases, hoping the include some of the public’s feedback about the device.

Overall rating 4 stars
September 10, 2018


This is the first drone I’ve owned, so I don’t have much to compare it to, other than the few times I flew my son’s AR 2.0, which was a few years ago. That said, I thought the Anafi was very easy to fly, despite the incredibly sparse user guide included. I’m not yet comfortable flying primarily by the video feed, so I couldn’t test the range completely, but it definitely has a greater range than the AR did. Picture quality was good, and you can even shoot in RAW format, but there is a bit of a fish-eye effect from the wide angle lense.

-Folds to compact size, easily transportable in included rigid case.
-Easy to fly. Can set altitude and geofence limits to help prevent yourself from wandering where you don’t intend to.
-Camera gimbal does a good job of keeping camera oriented properly.
-USB-C charging, and includes 1 cable.
-Good flight time of 20-25 minutes.
-Wireless controller has a very nice feel to it. Feels solid, without being uncomfortably heavy.
-Can fly with just the wireless controller or just your phone (with a more limited range), in addition to the combination of the two.
-Includes spare propellers, and the tool needed to change them.
-Good manual video controls, such as shutter speed and iso.

-No obstacle avoidance features. I know other drones in this range have such features, so I’m baffled as to why they would omit them. This would probably be the most significant negative, in my opinion.
-Slot for micro SD card is inconveniently in a tray under the battery, and not the easiest to properly align. It doesn’t slide in, rather sets in a very small depression & has metal clip that covers it. Would much prefer a slot, rather than a tray.
-No carrying case for wireless controller.
-There can be a lag in the live video feed after snapping a picture.
-There is some wide-angle (fish-eye) distortion in the corners of pictures.
-Does not include a charger.
-Spare batteries are $100
-Wireless controller may not fit larger phones, and may inadvertently press phone power/volume buttons. Barely fits my Note 8 with a thin case.
-Very limited user information included. Just a very brief quick-start guide, and a gazillion page “Flight Safety Guide”, in about 52 languages.
-Have to pay extra for two of the app features, Follow Me and Flight Plan. For the cost, these should just be part of the app.

Overall, I’d consider this a fine drone, but as I mentioned before, I have very little to compare it to. Going to give it four stars, because I think it’s good, but could be five stars if they had obstacle avoidance features.

Overall rating 4 stars
September 11, 2018


I chose the Anafi drone by Parrot for my first flying experience. I’ve seen other drones in use, but I had never controlled one on my own. I found it pretty enjoyable to use.
There are 3 components needed in order to use this drone: the drone itself, your cell phone, and the app that’s loaded to the cell phone.
The cell phone that I used was a Samsung S8+. It is protected by an Otterbox (important later).
The app for the drone is called FreeFlight 6. I downloaded this for my Android through the Google Play store. It is also available for the iPhone in the App Store. The software loaded just fine, and so far I haven’t had any issues with the app. The only significant thing that I saw was that it is hard to get out of the app when you are finished flying. The back and home buttons are hidden when the app is open, so it’s not as easy to close the app as I would like. The app did have a nice feature that allowed you to change the controller functions to customize how you’d like to operate the drone.
The drone is foldable for portability, and has a 4K camera. It comes with several items: a carrying case, controller, 16GB micro SD card, USB-A to USB-C cord, 1 battery, 8 extra propeller blades, and instructions.
The instructions were really minimal. Mostly just pictures. I would have liked to have had more information as a first time user, but I figured it out fairly quickly.
You’ll need to charge the drone battery and the controller initially. There’s one cable but no AC charger, so you’ll need something that powers through USB in order to charge each of those. Since it comes with just the one cable, you can only charge one thing at a time unless you have an extra cable. Also, the instructions showed charging the battery with a wall charger. It doesn’t come with the drone so I thought that was a little confusing.
The controller is about the size and shape of an X-Box controller. It folds open to hold your phone while you use the app. The provided USB cable connects the controller to the phone. The controller is one of the biggest parts that I felt could have been designed better. I had a lot of trouble getting my phone to stay in the controller. It has the Otterbox on it like I mentioned earlier, which should have helped give the edges some grip. This is something that can definitely be improved upon.
The 4K camera can be set to different recording qualities. I naturally went to the highest to test it out, and it quickly filled up the memory card. I recommend purchasing additional memory. Switching out the card requires removing the battery and removing the card so it’s not difficult to do.
The drone sounded like the other drones that I’ve seen in person. It’s not stealthy. My wife could hear it inside the house.
The battery was decent. The drone could operate for about 25-30 minutes before needing a charge. There is a monitor for the battery in the app, and it will give you a warning when the battery is getting low. It would be good to purchase another battery, as it does take time to charge the battery fully.
Overall, I liked the Anafi. The controller and app could use a little work. I’d also like to see a charger and a second USB cable, but those items can be purchased rather easily.

Overall rating 4 stars
September 28, 2018


First time really flying a drone, so this the view from a newbie. Got drone. …it rained a few days, but at least we read the directions, downloaded the app and updates, and got it all charged up. ..then we were working until after dark, then it rained for a few days. Then we had a good day, but the battery was dead. Or something was wrong, anyway – the drone wouldn’t turn on. So we went back home and plugged it into a charger. There were some flashing red lights and then it settled down to green, showing half charge. After that it seemed fine. Not sure what that was all about. Perhaps it will warrant an update later.

So, finally got a great day. Put phone in the holder on the controller and away we went!!!
(Controller does NOT have that great grip on phone- EASY FIX PARROT.) Drone is very quiet with just a buzzing sound. Video is beyond stable – almost unreal. Probably normal for a drone at this price point, but amazing! We brought the drone to eye level and the recording of us is, well, kind of spooky. It looks sentient.

Oh, and TAKE THE LENS COVER OFF BEFORE FLYING, just a suggestion.

Micro SD card – you have to remove the battery pack and slide and tilt up a tiny metal cover to access it. It seems like Parrot could have come up with something more durable and convenient. At least you can use the USB C cable to download your video instead.

Parrot has made the actual flying super easy even for a beginner, but do read the directions first. You’ll want to let it to lock onto GPS before you launch, for example. Leave it in photo mode while you learn to use the controller; the very slow default settings will give you the time you need to fix mistakes before you crash. Oh, and those trees and buildings around you? They get really close really fast, and the drone doesn’t have obstacle avoidance, so practice at first in an open field or parking lot. Find a flat surface for launching and landing; it complains if the blades are hitting grass.

Overall, both the drone and the controller feel well made, not cheap. It was a little disappointing that the real-time video update on the phone was, well, not real time, which made setting the camera tilt angle tricky. Nice feature, though, and the video we got from it was fantastic!

Overall rating 4 stars
September 29, 2018


It’s a very precise flyer. Stops on a dime in any direction. Maybe just a little too mechanical in it’s stopping power when it comes to filming but great for safety. Super smooth flights and the I love all the modes. Cinema is great for shooting movie like clips and the dolly zoom is perfect for getting the vertigo effect to add more drama into your video.

My Wish List for the Parrot ANAFI
– It should have object avoidance sensors and it would be cool if you could turn them on and off. I haven’t flown into any but I would feel a lot better if it had it.

– It would be nice if they had goggles that worked with it too.

– Builtin, foldable, extended legs would help when flying in a high grassy area. Yes you can hand launch and land and even use a landing pad but this would still be a welcome addition. I see aftermarket landing gear extensions being sold but would rather it be a original part.

Overall rating 4 stars
November 5, 2018


At first look and feel I wasn’t impressed for that price but but after flying and inspecting it turned out pretty impressive! Camera video was very crisp and clear and the zoom comes in handy to get good close ups. 4 stars only because the power button is easily turned on or off when grabbing

Overall rating 5 stars
March 11, 2019


I’ve owned several DJI drones over the past few years. Mavic PRO, Phantom, Mavic Air etc. I’ve honestly never enjoyed flying a drone more than the ANAFI.

I primarily use the drone for recreation/aerial photography for both real-estate and weddings. The biggest draw from this drone is the propellers are incredibly quiet. Once you fly up roughly 50-60 feet the sounds of the rotors are completely undetectable. This was a HUGE selling point for me, given that the loud buzzing bee sound of my Mavic AIR draws entirely too much attention. At a wedding or public event it was non usable. The second biggest draw is that this drone has NO GEO FENCING! DJI’s Geo Fencing is well beyond the point of being a hassle. I have an FAA remote pilot license and can bypass 90% of the restrictions, however it requires submitting constant requests to DJI, providing dates etc etc. I understand that the fencing is in place for safety, but it’s a huge hassle as a pilot to just take it out and fly.

Other than what I covered thus far, the drone handles very well. It feels lighter/cheaper, however I quickly learned that it’s due to it’s air injected carbon fiber body. The drone is crazy light, and also explains why it gets a true 25 minute flight/battery.

Overall rating 4 stars
March 16, 2019


I am in real estate, and purchased this drone to begin taking overhead shots and video of properties. It is a very nice drone to learn with, and offers fairly high quality video. I find at times that it is a little grainy, but that is also because there are so many different video settings you can choose from. With further practice, I feel like I will be able to get optimum quality video from this product. Definitely recommend the Best Buy Protection plan – as they will provide a new unit in case of breaks or accidents! Recommend!

Overall rating 5 stars
May 19, 2019


I’m very impressed how far and high can fly this little guy, the cámara it’s a 4K so the image is very clear, you can fly with the controller and with your phone to see on real time or only with your phone without the control.

Overall rating 5 stars
July 2, 2019


we really like this drone it does many things were enjoy it very much

Take in the scenery with this Parrot ANAFI drone. The robust, compact design lets you carry it wherever the trail takes you, and the drone unfolds easily when it's time for flight. The camera captures beautiful 4K images and video, and this Parrot ANAFI drone keeps your footage smooth with its three-axis image stabilization. Fly Responsibly: Before takeoff, update all software and firmware, and read the instructions thoroughly. See the FAA website for registration requirements and information about flying a drone safely: Additional state or local requirements may apply. Check your local jurisdiction. The following websites may help you make informed decisions about flying your drone: and
Key Specs
Total Megapixels 21 megapixels
App-Controlled Yes
Maximum Flight Time (no payload) 25.0 minutes
Wireless Range 12672 feet
Integrated Camera Yes
Video Resolution 2160p (4K)
Product Weight 0.71 pounds
Integrated GPS Yes
Recommended Minimum Age 14 years
Assembly Required No
Color Black
Color Category Black
Model Number 50855BBR
Product Name ANAFI 4K Quadcopter with Remote Controller
Series ANAFI
Brand Parrot
Recommended Maximum Age 14 years
Memory Card Included Yes
Wi-Fi Built-in Yes
Indoor Or Outdoor Use Outdoor
Records Audio No
Microphone No
Obstacle Avoidance Technology No
Field of View 69 degrees
Digital Zoom 3x
Image Stabilization Hybrid
Autofocus Yes
Image File Format(s) DNG, JPEG
High Definition Yes
Video Frame Rate 30 frames per second
Image Sensor Type CMOS
First Person View (FPV) No
Camera Gimbal Included
Camera Compatibility Built-in-Camera
Mobile Device Holder Maximum Device Width 6 inches
Mobile Device Holder Yes
Number of Rotors 4
Operating Frequency 2.4 gigahertz
Directional Controls All
Maximum Speed 33 revolutions per minute
Maximum Wind Speed Resistance 31.1 miles per hour
Autonomous Flight Modes Circle, Follow user, Hover, Landing, Low battery auto-landing, Return to take-off point
Maximum Operating Temperature 104 degrees fahrenheit
Maximum Altitude (Above Sea Level) 4350 feet
Minimum Operating Temperature 14 degrees fahrenheit
Memory Card Compatibility microSD
Additional Accessories Included Compact carrying case, skycontroller 3 long-range controller, smart battery offering 25-minute flight time, 16GB microSD card, 8 additional propeller blades, propellers mounting tool, USB-A to USB-C cable
Landing Gear/Legs Included None
Controller Battery Type Lithium-polymer
AC Adapter Compatible Yes
Rechargeable Yes
Interface(s) USB Type C
Batteries Included Yes
Battery Capacity 2700 milliampere hours
Battery Size Battery pack
Battery Type Lithium-polymer
Charging Time 90 minutes
Battery Voltage 7.6 volts
Controller Battery Size Other
Charging Interface(s) USB Type C
Number Of Controller Batteries Required 1
AC Adapter Included No
Number of Batteries Required 1
Remote Control Power 2.4 gigahertz
Controller Batteries Included Yes
Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor 1 year
Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts 1 year
Product Set Base
UPC 3520410047664
The Parrot company offers users to check out 50855BBR. The features of 50855BBR, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left 50855BBR reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Parrot 50855BBR. Buy (Parrot 50855BBR or ANAFI 4K Quadcopter with Remote Controller) with benefits.
My review Parrot ANAFI 4K Quadcopter with Remote Controller 50855BBR

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