Skybell Trim Plus Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - Wired TR04100SL

Overall rating 4 stars
4 from 20 reviews
Brushed Aluminum
Product Name
Trim Plus Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - Wired
Model Number
Color Category
Color Finish
Night Vision Capable
Brushed Aluminum
Product Name:
Trim Plus Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - Wired
Model Number:
Color Category:
Color Finish:
Night Vision Capable:
The Skybell company offers users to check out TR04100SL. The features of TR04100SL, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left TR04100SL reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Skybell TR04100SL. Buy (Skybell TR04100SL or Trim Plus Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - Wired) with benefits.

Skybell Trim Plus Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - Wired TR04100SL Overview

Skybell Trim Plus In Depth Review

Skybell Trim Plus In Depth Review

skybell doorbell Wi-Fi video  Review

skybell doorbell Wi-Fi video Review

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SkyBell smart video doorbell unboxing, installation and review.

SkyBell smart video doorbell unboxing, installation and review.

SkyBell WiFi Video Doorbell Review Install Unboxing

SkyBell WiFi Video Doorbell Review Install Unboxing


Overall rating 4 stars
20 reviews
Overall rating 5 stars
May 28, 2019


The SkyBell TRIM plus is an alternative to other brands of smart doorbells, RING, Nest, Arlo, etc. These have become increasingly popular, probably due to increasing trend in delivered package thefts. I chose the SkyBell over other because they offer 7 days of free recordings, you can view or download your recordings for 7 days. Other smart doorbells require a subscription, for instance, RING is $3/month or $30 annually. Not that $3/month will break the bank, but with all the monthly fees most people have, (cable TV, Netflix, Hulu, cell phone…) who needs a fee from their doorbell?
Initially, I wasn’t crazy about the design of the doorbell, it’s very contemporary and I wasn’t crazy about the “Skybell” letters on the doorbell button (they do offer an “oil rubbed bronze” version). One of the best feature is the LED and letters can be any color! In the app, you can go into setup to change the color. I tried to match the color of my bricks.

Unboxing and installation:
The package included everything I needed to install the SkyBell onto by brick wall. Screwdriver, plastic anchors and screws and a drill bit. I was surprised the included drill bit was for masonry, saved me a trip to the toolbox! I removed the old doorbell, re-used one of the existing holes and made a new one for the top of the SkyBell. Make sure the wires are tucked out of the way on the mounting plate, otherwise when you go to screw the doorbell on, it won’t fit in easily. I had to reposition my wires a few times, when you tighten the small screws, it tends to move the wire to where you don’t want it (see photos). Overall, the physical installation took about 10-15 minutes from start to finish, very simple.

App setup:
To complete the setup, I downloaded the app “SkyBell HD”. Very simple to setup the app, the app walks you through it step by step. Setup user name and password, connect to SkyBell’s WiFi and in minutes, it’s done. The doorbell should be a green color when you’re done, as opposed to the flashing orange and green.
In the app, you can manage the following: notifications, chime, motion detection, speaker volume video quality and LED color. I can’t think of any option that I would like to have that is not in there.

After 2 weeks of usage, I found the SkyBell works very well. I didn’t have any issues with it. My kids came home, rang the bell, I was able to speak to them via the app. The speaker is loud and they can hear me clearly. I noticed peoples faces come across a bit dark, this is 2:00 in the afternoon on a cloudy day. So like any other camera, it takes a second or two for it to adjust the exposure. If the person ringing the bell stays in front of the camera, the exposure will adjust and the dark face, due to the bright sunlight being behind them, will adjust and you can see their face. If they’re moving around a lot, like kids often do, it’s a bit tougher for the camera to adjust and their faces might stay dark.
I found the motion sensor to work well and consistent, when we walk out the front door, it’ll pick up the movement and send an alert letting you know motion has been detected. The app allows you to adjust the sensitivity on the motion sensor, I have it set on “Medium”.

Alexa app:
This is where some of the criticism is, while it claims to be Alexa enabled, you can’t see the camera on your Alexa Show! The Alexa app can do things such as turn on quiet mode, take a snapshot, or take a video. I didn’t even bother enabling the Alexa skill for this. Hopefully they will add streaming video to Alexa soon.

I like this doorbell a lot, I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone shopping for a smart doorbell. I was chatting with a co-worker that owns a RING doorbell, it seems that ring app has a delay launching, comparing our apps side to side, both on an iPhone Xs, the SkyBell launches much faster. I was viewing live video feed about 2-3 seconds before his. A few seconds is not a lot, but when you’re waiting for an app to launch, seems like a long time.

Overall rating 4 stars
May 28, 2019


It’s hard to argue the convenience of having an entry door cam, especially the front door. Whether for receiving packages, knowing when unsuspecting visitors stop by, or just to take a quick look every now and then, a front door camera delivers the goods. After being someone who has teetered on the idea of having a doorbell camera, the Skybell Trim Plus turned out to be a good place to start.

Pick up the Trim Plus box and you will notice it is packaged well. The contents of the box are very well protected with a soft contoured foam. Packaging can make or break a first impression, and Skybell didn’t disappoint. Another note upon opening the box is the inclusion of tools which could be key to successful installation. Kudos to Skybell for including a screwdriver and masonry drill bit. All you need (possibly) is a drill, and you’re ready to install. The first thing I noticed about the device itself is that it’s not very discreet. There is a power light built into the body, and the doorbell button is lit with “SKYBELL” on it – definitely doesn’t look like your standard doorbell. The Trim Plus is well made and seems pretty sturdy. I felt pretty secure about stability once mounted.

Directions for install are pretty straight forward. Download the app and follow the instructional prompts. You basically connect to the Trim Plus, then connect it to your wireless router. The only problem I encountered during installation was a buzzing sound from my doorbell chime. There appears to be a power issue with chimes that are a bit older, so keep that in mind. The app is pretty straight forward. It will notify you when the bell is rung, and you can use it to view live a live camera feed. Skybell also gives you free cloud recording. When the bell is rung, the Trim Plus records around 30 seconds or so of footage. I found the Trim Plus to be fairly responsive in notifying me of a visitor when I was away from my home. Of course, when in the house and on the same network, the notification is nearly instantaneous, but Skybell has done a decent job on notifications over mobile. There is a delay, but it’s reasonable – you can more than likely catch the person at the door. Video quality was pretty decent. I found the framerate to leave a little to be desired, but it is clear and handles variations of light fairly well. The camera has color night vision, which I was very skeptical of. It turns out it is decent, but I think I would love the option to switch to standard night vision if desired. With all these wonderful features, the Trim Plus falls just short due to one irritating omission – and it is a shame if no other doorbell cam has it. All doorbell locations are not created equally. The location of my button is significantly out of the direct line of site of the door. There should be a way to adjust the camera to account for this. A couple of small fine tuning screws on a cogged swivel would do the trick. The lack of this feature hurts the overall usefulness of the product in my opinion. The consumer has to account for this by altering the existing mount or building a custom mount. Sure, the camera has nearly 180 degrees of visibility, but as with most people, I want my doorway filling most of that picture, more specifically the center of it.

With all that being said, the Skybell Trim Plus is a good buy. It definitely gets the job done, and serves as a viable solution for those seeking a doorbell cam. It has Nest and ITTTF integration, and the app is very responsive and easy to use. Just remember, pay attention to mounting locations.

Overall rating 3 stars
May 29, 2019


We have not had a video doorbell so we can’t compare to the leading competition out there. We have had an Arlo camera system for quite some time and have been really happy with the image quality that system provides. Thus, we were disappointed with some of the results we achieved from the Skybell Trim Plus.

To start with the positives, installation is very easy with video instructions available on the Skybell website. It’s a nice plus that Skybell includes hardware and an installation tool kit to make the job easy for most any skill level. Once the hardware is installed, just wait ten minutes to allow the system to charge and then proceed to install the app and create an account.

The app is easily understood and straightforward in how it works. Typical use would be for live video viewing or accessing the Activity portion to view recorded videos. We found the app to function well with some minor delay at times in pulling a live video feed. Settings are available in the app to change a variety of things such as turning off motion detection, modifying the indoor and outdoor chime, image quality, speaker volume and managing sharing. I find the feature to change the Skybell LED color rather cool and liked the shade of blue we settled on.

One big positive for Skybell’s system is that seven days of video and photos are stored free of charge to a secure cloud database or they can be downloaded to your mobile device. No subscription fees to incur which is great. The next big positive is the quality of night video which is clear and in color. The two way audio was satisfactory for us and the motion sensor worked well.

The primary issue we found in our installation and thus the three star review was the image quality for much of the daytime video. Perhaps it is due to our home’s eastern exposure and covered porch, but the video lighting looks very bright behind the subjects approaching our door and much darker around their face and body. The lighting contrast in daylight causes the video to not function as well for security purposes. Often, one could not make out the person’s face well enough to identify who it was. As mentioned above, we did not have this problem with the night videos. Modifying the image quality setting to 1080p did not resolve the lighting/contrast issue either. Again, perhaps this is unique to our lighting situation with eastern exposure and a covered, front patio, but the bottom line is that we wish the daytime video contrast was better.

In summary, if avoiding subscription fees is a big factor in your choice of video doorbells then Skybell Trim Plus is a good choice. If daytime video quality is the primary deciding factor I would likely opt to try the other leading brand in this category.

Overall rating 4 stars
May 29, 2019


Wow, there are a lot of long reviews here for the SkyBell – Trim Plus Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell. Some are very detailed going over every spec. My review is not going to do that, you can always refer to the other reviews and Bestbuy product details. Let me start by saying this the SkyBell – Trim Plus Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell is simply a great product. It hits nearly every mark :
Installation –
For people , this is pretty straightforward but there are some caveats. The instructions that come with the unit are woefully lacking and you should refer to the website. If you are not using a doorbell chime, you MUST use a 10 ohm/10 watt resistor in between one connection of a SkyBell wire to a power wire. This is not listed anywhere on the box nor the provided quick start guide. For most people, you will be connecting this to an existing doorbell chime.
Setup –
Setup and installation are two different aspects of the Skybell Trim Plus. You need to download the app, create an account and follow the prompts to connect to the doorbell. It worked flawlessly and I had no issues. I had the Skybell Trim Plus up and running in a few minutes. The app is not fancy and that is a good thing. A simple , clean intuitive interface that handles all the functions. This is a mobile app only device, there is no web interface.
Fit and Finish –
The Skybell is an unobtrusive , slim line video doorbell that wil fit just about anywhere. It appears to be made of metal at first glance, but it is all plastic. Nothing wrong with that, the Skybell well made and has a nice finish.
Function –
At first I was not thrilled with the quality of the video but then I got into the settings and changed it to 1080P and it was fantastic and perfectly clear. Somehow I had it on the lowest video quality setting. It worked nearly as well at 720P. The night vision works well and it appears the doorbell button provides enough light to assist in the night vision. I did notice a line of artifacts on the bottom of the screen. It does affect the video and only appears on the 1080P. I am not sure if that is my router signal strength or something else. Regardless, I found the video quality and the field of vision to be excellent. The doorbell also includes two-way audio. You can adjust the volume of the audio and I would suggest putting it on its highest setting. The Skybell Trim Plus includes a motion sensor which works but there is some latency between sensing motion and getting an alert on my phone. Videos can be stored on the cloud and directly accessed through your phone. The only issues I experience was several times I got the error message “ video stream could not be established.” It seemed to happened more frequently if I clicked on the doorbell ring notice when it came across my phone. I simply went into the video directly and everything worked fine.

In summary , I really liked the SkyBell – Trim Plus Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell. It does everything it says it does. There were some minor functioning issues but I confident that they is related to my network rather than the device. Putting everything aside, what really sells this video doorbell is there are no additional subscription fees. You are paying for the cost of the device and that is it – you have a full functioning video door bell with all the bells and whistles ( pun intended.) If you look at the competition , they charge $30 to $60 year. You may get a few features like facial and object recognition but I could not care less about that . I want to buy something that works and not have to deal with additional fees for the life of the doorbell. The SkyBell – Trim Plus Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell does all that and more.

Overall rating 5 stars
May 29, 2019


SKYBELL Trim Plus is a video doorbell that took less than 20 minutes to install. It is 4.8” tall, 1.44” wide, 1.13” deep and weighs in at 2.0 oz. It requires an 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz router with an internet minimum transfer data upload speed of 1.5 Mbps. Setup was easy with the SKYBELL HD app which I downloaded to my Apple Phone and used the IOS operating system. (SKYBELL also has an app for Android operating systems.)

This video doorbell has all the features I need and more. Features include:

Motion Sensor – The motion sensor has a detection distance of up to 15 feet. SKYBELL will alert your smartphone when a visitor comes to your door even if they do not press the button.

Record Video & Photos – High definition video and photos are taken and added to an historical archive of activity that can be stored on your smartphone and/or on a free secure cloud database. Video has a 720p/1080p resolution and a 5x zoom technology. SKYBELL Trim Plus provides a full 180 viewing angle and full color night vision. I can see a visitor at night in full color HD. In my case the 180-degree viewing angle is limited to the left of the viewing as the door frame where I installed the video doorbell is set back and the brick veneer obstructs some of the viewing. Still I can see almost my entire front yard and all the way down the drive.

On Demand Monitoring – Since SKYBELL is always on it’s very easy and quick to start a live video stream at any time.

Two Way Audio – SKYBELL, with the use of the app, has the capability of a two-way conversation with any visitor at your door. Both a microphone and speaker in incorporated into the design of the doorbell.

Silent Mode – The silent mode allows for the indoor chime to be remotely suspended and notifications of a visitor at your door come instead to you via your smartphone.

Multiple Users – One of the best features of this video doorbell and the app is that multiple users and mobile devices can receive alerts and videos simultaneously.

LED Color Options – There are two areas on the face of the doorbell that illuminate with LED color. The user has the option of changing the color by selecting their preference from a wide selection of the visible spectrum.

Installation required removing the old doorbell and connecting the two wires to the backing of the new doorbell. I mounted the doorbell onto the door frame and because my doorbell is wired, I did not have to use the adapter that is required for digital door chimes. I followed the installation requirements of setup through the app and the doorbell worked on the first try.

The only problem I had in the whole installation was tightening the bottom set screw to hold on the face of the doorbell. SKYBELL provides both a drill bit for brick and a small screwdriver. Since many of the parts are plastic and the screwdriver didn’t exactly fit the screw, I had trouble with tightening the screw to catch in a small piece of plastic that holds the face on the doorbell. The doorbell is weather resistant and designed for outdoor use. It has a 1-year warranty.

The photos are crisp, and I can check on my front yard and porch without being home! The video doorbell is an asset to my home.

Overall rating 4 stars
May 30, 2019


I have been wanting to try something like this out for a long time, so I had pretty high expectations. My old doorbell is along a wall so it does not face the street just another wall, and its very low so I was a little concerned. I did not need to be.
unboxing: wow they though of about everything to ship to you. The doorbell itself, drill bit and a screw driver are included (you will need to supply your own drill of course). There is so much packaging here, it wont be broken when you get it. I have a 15yo house with a standard doorbell, but if course both of my wires were white so I had concerns about which wire goes where. I got it right the first time. If you watch the video to install, its for the skybell hd not this but you will figure it out most likely.
Setup: This uses the 2.4GHz, which is WAY over crowded with devices like this but I do have a guest account I made just for IoT things like this. From the app you select the skybell from your phone WiFi. It took a few tries to connect but it did. If you get a red and green blinking you are good. I got a fast orange at first.
I went inside and talked to my roommate thru the app (press and HOLD the green button on the app). There is some delay but not too horrible. I tried the motion sensor, there is a several second delay to start recording (or to get a notification). That is enough time for a porch thief to get away with a package before it knows to record. I tried to wait for a firmware update, but cant tell if it has updated, or even what the latest firmware is from the app or website. I set my camera for 720 resolution and it works with on my phone with little lag. You can go up to 1080, but with this being on the over crowded 2.4 network you may want to see how it works for you. The colored light is cool, when you activate the camera it changes to a bright white I could see in my dark front porch very well. This does not work with Arlo, google, siri, or Yale so that is a drawback. I can get some Alexa integration but its iffy. you get 7 days of video storage for free (NICE), but you can not save it or download it for law enforcement or something like that. This is plastic, and I live in south central Texas. The website says up to 140 degrees, we will see how well this survives a Texas summer

tools included
pretty easy setup
great picture
little lag with my setup (picture of the connection status attached)
wide angle to see the length of my front porch (pic attached)
free storage, no monthly fees
color night vision
can take the hot or cold
company says they will replace it if it is stolen

uses congested 2.4
no integration with Arlo (would be nice is when the other cameras start recording this did also), no google or Siri, no Yale or smart lock integration.
Alexa integration in limited.
Plastic device, not metal, will see how heat and humidity affect this.
you cant see who is at the door without them knowing or seeing the lights come on.
You can not download videos
the motion sensor has a several second lag and even with the motion sensor on high. It uses passive infrared, so in the Texas heat I wonder how well this will work. I waited to see if there were OTA updates, but the app does not say if it has been updated and I cant find firmware info on the website.

Are there some buggy issues? yes. Can these be fixed in future updates? yes.
This is a good product, its much less expensive than some other comparable devices with no monthly service fees.
give it a try!

Overall rating 1 stars
June 2, 2019



Installation of Skybell ring was very easy, took me 5 minutes to do it.


Setup went smoothly, Downloaded SkyBell app and followed the prompts on the screen and setup was completed in just a few minutes.


Device has some nice features such as motion detection, custom light color on the device itself, notifications alerts, option to disable indoor chime (very helpful to those with small children), and selective image quality (720p to 1080p).


In my case I have been experiencing lots of problems with performance and connectivity of this device. Majority of time I would get “Stream cannot be established” or just plain black screen. Even in those few cases when I was able to connect (in about 30% of attempts) it took a little longer to display the video (10-15 seconds of dark screen then video), and audio would be cutting out of so you can’t hear or understand anything, because you would hear only every 4th word in the sentence. Tried to test connectivity on both LTE and local WiFi but both gave me bad results, which is surprising because one of my mesh nodes is just a 7-8ft away from the door.

Overall rating 5 stars
June 9, 2019


The SkyBell Trim Plus Smart WiFi video doorbell solved a huge problem, actually three, that we had with a previous video doorbell. The first being the wider visual range. Because of that alone, I’m satisfied with SkyBell. I no longer need to search for a side to side angle adapter. Our doorbell doesn’t face the street like most doorbells, instead it’s on the side wall facing inwards instead of forward. With the old one we couldn’t see the street, sidewalk, steps or driveway so unless you walked up right in front of the door we wouldn’t know you were there(which will lead me into the second problem, in a second). That particular company only offered an up and down angle adapter (crazy, right!?!) instead of side to side. So this SkyBell video doorbell was heaven sent right off the bat. I can now see all of those things I couldn’t see before.

The second issue this doorbell SOLVED for us right off the bat is it’s responsiveness and ability to record without being forced into a contract or payment option of some sort. First let me touch on the responsiveness.

It’s fast, real fast. As soon as you or an object appears in range SkyBell will notify you. There is barely a delay, more like a fraction of a second, from when it sees you or when the SkyBell doorbell is rang to when it hits your phone. Once it notifies you and you tap it, it takes you straight into the SkyBell app and to the view live screen. Which made me ecstatic. With the other one we happily replaced with this, it would be 4-5 sec delay and the slow notification wouldn’t even open the app once you tapped on it. You would have to go to the app and when the app opened, it took you to a useless screen where you would then have to swipe and tap to get to the view screen. Now onto recording.

The 3rd issue the SkyBell video doorbell solved for us, was the recording. And once again a huge boxed was ticked off. The ability of this doorbell to record moments like when someone comes in range (which you can set given their options), rings the doorbell or when you just want to take a peak outside is incredible. You can set the sensitivity of what it will notify you on or record. So you won’t get a million pointless hits to your phone. There are NO CONTRACTS OR FEES TO DO SO. With the one we replaced, we weren’t able to see anything. So by the time the app finally opened and we got to the right screen, the person would be gone and there was no recording of who was there, and because of the angle we never knew who or what made the doorbell go off in the first place. Most other doorbells offer this service for free for a limited recording but not that one, we would have to pay to view everything even snippets. That’s the MAJOR reason we needed this SkyBell video doorbell, and by George it ticked this box off with no problem. I can go back and view who was at my door at anytime WITHOUT issue or fees.

Like I mentioned the wider angle for viewing is great. The nighttime view is also great because it’s in color, no black and white, but you get crisp and clear color video. You can change the color of the lights for the doorbell if that’s your thing. There are several settings to choose from to customize your doorbell for your needs. You can also change the quality of video depending upon your WiFi and how strong it is, so you’re able to view and record video at 1080p. And yes that video is very clear.

It wasn’t difficult to setup at all. However, after about a week I started getting a message that said, “Stream cannot be established, please try again later.” So I decided to change the quality video to 720p(best) and the stream worked again and then I put it back on to 1080p and it was fine. Our WiFi connection is pretty strong so I’m not sure why we received that message. Another issue we ran into is that we can’t connect to Nest. We get through the first one or two screens but when we hit the allow button through the app the screen is just white. Nothing happens and we can’t go further.

Also, It’s not the prettiest most modern looking doorbell, and it’s made with a plastic case, so at first it doesn’t seem of quality, but it is, it’s very sturdy and feels solid once on the wall. It’s also slimmer than others so it has a sleeker profile. I would highly recommend this doorbell. It simply WORKS and if you read all of the specs you will see it is a great quality doorbell, that may give you everything you need without the fees and contracts to be the first line of defense for your home. I am very happy with SkyBell.

Overall rating 3 stars
June 20, 2019


I had the chance to install the SkyBell Video door bell and it’s going to change security for my house. When you open the package you get the SkyBell door video camera, base plate and hardware as well as a screwdriver. You’ll tend to need more then what’s provided to do the install unless you have an existing doorbell button that matches the base plate.
The “brushed Aluminum” is more like faux aluminum, it’s actually just plastic with a aluminum style coating.The door video camera itself looks good and is straightforward to install. ONLY 2 wires how simple is that? if you plan to install the door bell directly to a power supply you will need to use a 10 watt resister or else you can void your warranty. I installed mine with a door chime so I could hear it in the house.
After the simple install you have to set up your Skybell door bell. This is where it was really confusing. I’m pretty tech savvy but the installation guide was a bit confusing to set everything up. I think Skybell could do a bit better in explaining the setup. Eventually I figured it out.
The interface is pretty easy and simple to use. I did have a few times where the video failed to stream, not sure if that was because I was on mobile data or the Skybell itself. You can use the microphone function to talk to people at the front door and it’s awesome now whenever someone wants to knock on the door I can instantly check or the SkyBell notify me of anyone knocking on my door.
Overall, it’s a good product but could be better.

Overall rating 5 stars
July 14, 2019


I have been using the Skybell for almost one month and I doubt I would ever be without one again.

Installation is simple, all the tools you need are enclosed including a masonry bit. I have a very close fit on a trim molding which I needed to fudge it over even further and it still installed easily. The fisheye lense was able to catch my entire front, even though the brick wall is fairly close. I read some reviews stating the motion sensor was not reliable. I had that experience also when I first got it up and running. I suggest calling customer service and they will push an update through WIFI they told me it would take hold in 24 hours and it sure did! Also check the level of sensitivity in the app. Now it captures everything, including the trash trucks on the street and wind moving the trees. It gets me every single time coming in or out. The LED light is nice, I like to match it to whatever HUE lights I have on indoors. The finish on the Skybell is perfect (brushed aluminum) you cannot tell that this is not metal. I wouldn’t want it metal either.

The App is simple, you can turn the motion sensor off, you can silence the doorbell inside. I can easily see who is at the door and take a picture, all the things you would expect it to do. What I didn’t expect is how clear the night vision is. Motion sensors recorded an amazing thunderstorm that lwent all night, it was pretty cool and exceedingly clear.

I really appreciated that Customer Service is always available, you may have to wait on the phone a bit, but you get to speak to a *real* human instead of filling out an email ticket and wait days or even weeks for a reply. Also, there is no monthly fee and a week’s worth of video is long enough. I have way to many subscription fees so this is another reason I went with Skybell. Its very easy to download any video or whatever you want right away.

I’m also happy that it will work in sub-zero temperatures as it doesn’t rely on a battery, important because I live in Minnesota. The unit would be incredibly hard to steal the way it is mounted, but they also replace a stolen unit.

Please go through the app thoroughly, get an update by calling Customer Service through WIFI if necessary. I feel this is definitely worth the price given the access to Customer Service, warranty, no subscription fees, easy installation, easy APP and very clear video. If it matters, these are made either in the USA or Mexico depending on the batch. I would buy this again.

See who's at the door on your smartphone with this SkyBell Trim Plus home-security doorbell. It sends HD video and two-way audio and can detect and record a visitor's presence via live monitoring and a motion sensor. This rugged SkyBell Trim Plus home-security doorbell has full-color night vision and withstands inclement weather.
Color Brushed Aluminum
Product Name Trim Plus Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - Wired
Model Number TR04100SL
Color Category Silver
Color Finish Silver
Brand Skybell
Night Vision Capable Yes
Video Resolution 1600 x 1200
Video Recording Capability Yes
Motion Detection Yes
Network Connectivity Wi-Fi
Chime No
Mobile Notifications Yes
Camera Connectivity Wired
App Compatible Yes
Remote Monitoring Capabilities Yes
Two-Way Talk Yes
Power Source Electric
Product Width 1.44 inches
Product Depth 1.13 inches
Product Weight 0.13 pounds
Product Height 4.8 inches
Installation Hardware Included Yes
Additional Accessories Included Mounting Hardware
Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor 1 Year
Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts 1 Year
UPC 856478006132
The Skybell company offers users to check out TR04100SL. The features of TR04100SL, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left TR04100SL reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Skybell TR04100SL. Buy (Skybell TR04100SL or Trim Plus Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - Wired) with benefits.
My review Skybell Trim Plus Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - Wired TR04100SL

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