Yale Assure Lock Touch Screen Smart Lock YRD226-CBA-619

Overall rating 4.6 stars
4.6 from 20 reviews
Power Source
Network Connectivity
Wireless G
Color Finish
Satin nickel
Works With
Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant
Lock/Unlock Mechanism
Key, Keypad
Voice Assistant Built-in
Lock Type
Power Source:
Network Connectivity:
Wireless G
Color Finish:
Satin nickel
Works With:
Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant
Lock/Unlock Mechanism:
Key, Keypad
Voice Assistant Built-in:
Lock Type:
The Yale company offers users to check out YRD226-CBA-619. The features of YRD226-CBA-619, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left YRD226-CBA-619 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Yale YRD226-CBA-619. Buy (Yale YRD226-CBA-619 or Assure Lock Touch Screen Smart Lock) with benefits.

Yale Assure Lock Touch Screen Smart Lock YRD226-CBA-619 Overview

Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart Lock blogger review

Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart Lock blogger review

Yale Assure Touchscreen Deadbolt Review (YRD426)

Yale Assure Touchscreen Deadbolt Review (YRD426)

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Yale Security | YRD226-CBA-619 | Assure Connected by August | Touchscreen Smart Lock

Yale Security | YRD226-CBA-619 | Assure Connected by August | Touchscreen Smart Lock


Overall rating 4.6 stars
20 reviews
Overall rating 5 stars
May 27, 2019


Yale Real living wi-fi touch screen

Whats in the box
1. Yale Real Living Wi-Fi Touch Screen Deadbolt
2. User guide
3. Connected by August Controller
4. August Bridge – Wifi
5. 2 keys
6. 4 AA Batteries

1. Its beautiful & well built touch screen lock, period.
2. Works with my Samsung Smart things as it is Zigbee capable
3. Guest Access codes (Can setup to expire after a certain time)
4. Includes physical keys as well
5. Auto-unlock feature with the Bluetooth
6. Auto-lock feature when the door is closed.

1. Price, it is a little pricey as compared to competitors



This is a two step process. First is the hardware setup. The deadbolt is of the standard type, so this fill fit in the same opening on your door as the regular deadbolt without any modifications. you need to have ample real estate above the opening for the deadbolt to provide for the battery door on the deadbolt. Once the deadlock is turned on, it will ask you to enter the master key. Once the master key is enter, it will ask you to setup a user key. Now, download the august app and using the provided pass code you can set up the august app to work with the Yale lock. I also have Samsung smartthings and i was able to discover this device on my smart things app and it was very easy to setup.

August app is very user friendly, it allows you to lock/unlock and setup pins for guest usage and also schedule the pin during a certain time after which the pin expires.

Smart things and August app will tell you if the lock is locked/unlocked. There is also a Door Sense feature which i did not setup.


This particular model has a physical key and hence it is a savior when the Yale lock runs out of battery.The battery is expected to last a year with regular use, hey but who remembers when the battery was changed last time.Good part is that the device will show you a low battery warning when the valid code is entered to unlock the deadbolt. I have not had a chance to test this feature.

The best feature i like is the automatic unlock feature wherein the lock actually connects to my phone via Bluetooth to recognize that i am home and it unlocks it.

I have been primarily using the August app to lock and unlock the door, monitor the activity on the door and allow guest access. I have not had an opportunity to setup the lock with alexa but dont see much of a use for it anyways and i perceive this feature as a security risk.

Overall, i am very happy with the automated deadlock and its a nice addition to my existing array of zigbee/z-wave devices.

Overall rating 5 stars
May 28, 2019


The Yale Assure wi-fi deadbolt is the coolest door lock I’ve seen so far.

Installation was essentially plug and play. I had to adjust the plate on the jam due to a bad prior installation and to make the lock work properly. This was not the fault of the lock which is actually designed to work with slight variations in spacing.

The lock set includes the base touch screen lock, a wi-fi module, August Home connect module and a DoorSense sensor to determine if the door is open or closed. I installed the lock, wi-fi and home connect module, I didn’t install the door-sense module.

Once the deadbolt is installed you need to program the lock. This was very ease since the lock talks to you, even so, its good to have the brief instructions to follow along with.

After initial programming, you need to install the August app on your smart phone to setup the wi-fi module which was just as easy. It is important to go through the app once you install wi-fi as some of the defaults may not be what you are looking for, like the remote lock and unlock.

Having your front door open automatically as you arrive home is one the neatest things. You can also program entry codes for family and friends and have them expire, just like your hotel room key. When they overstay their welcome, they can’t get back in. I imagine this is also good if you are an Airbnb owner.

The August Home Connect module allows you to connect to Google and Alexa (along with a host of other services) so you can simply say “Google, lock the front door” and its done. You do have to set up a pin to have Google unlock the door however.

My only complaint about the Yale Assure deadbolt was the lack of printed instructions. Everything was done through the August app, including installation instructions for the modules.

I would recommend this lock to anyone simply for its coolness factor alone

Overall rating 4 stars
May 28, 2019



This product is another line of the ever growing WiFi/Bluetooth wireless door locks. All my testing was done with an iOS device/devices.

The packaging was very well done. It was just enough packaging to get the product delivered. In the box was everything needed to get this product up and running.

The installation took me about 15 min for the hardware. This is a very simple task for anyone who has changed a deadbolt before. Once the actual hardware was installed I downloaded the app and begin to set up the lock using the app. I like to think of myself as a tech person ( as I am a developer by trade) but I had some issues after creating master PIN. I could not get the lock to calibrate. I called tech support and they walked me through some steps and had to escalate my issue. I finally got the issue resolved on the third call to tech support. After a few factory resets and removing the module a few times the lock is finally working as intended.

The lock itself is very well made. I love the feel and heft of it as it makes you feel like it is very secure. One more thing that I really liked was the backing was actual rubber not plastic giving the lock just another level of polish. One feature about the lock that worries me is the screen where you put your PIN in is made of what appears to be glass and I found a few smudges on there after a few days of use. This could potentially be a security risk. I just try and wipe if off when I remember.

One thing that I haven’t gotten to work yet is actually using the Home Kit on my iOS device. I have tried several times but it cannot find it for some reason.

-Very well built and stylish
-Super easy hardware installation
-Lots of customizable features
-Has an actual key as a backup
-August app keeps track of activity
-Can be used and monitored remotely
-Can issue temporary PIN numbers
-Auto lock feature
-Uses DoorSense to let you know if the door is ajar

-I had trouble with the application setup
-Apple Home kit still isn’t working for me


Overall, I feel that this product is not only elegant but gives confidence and reliability. It is packed with customizable features that gives a homeowner many possibilities. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

Overall rating 5 stars
May 29, 2019


BEWARE: This is NOT meant to add, or detract, from the review…it is meant PURELY as an “informative” statement. Yale Lock Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Yale & Towne, was sold to Assa Abloy in 2000. Additionally, August Home was purchased by Assa Abloy in 2017. This matters for a very particular reason. If you have a problem with one half of the product (say, the August Home module), and August support refuses to help you, you can’t contact Yale’s support department to inform them of the situation…because the two different support phone numbers go to the EXACT SAME support department. Unfortunately, while their support is handled by a single department, warranty-related matters, such as replacing a defective component (in my case, the August Module), are handled by separate departments, complicating matters.

Everything comes packaged inside a box which contains two other boxes, one containing the lock, and the other containing the August Home items. Everything is well packaged, and well organized. In short, Yale/August has done an excellent job in their packaging.

Installation is divided into two parts – installing the Yale lock, followed by installing & connecting the August module via the August app (for those with Google Home & Alexa accounts, you link your August account AFTER everything else is completed). Installation of the Yale lock is pretty straightforward…as long as your door already has a 2-1/8” hole. If your door is a newer one, chances are, you’ll already have a 2-1/8” hole for your current deadbolt. However, if you have an older door (as I have), then you might have a 1.5” hole, which means you’ll need to cut a larger hole (most home improvement stores have kits to do this, such as the Milwaukee Hole Dozer), or have it professionally done. Once you have the correct size hole (and have removed the previous deadbolt, if applicable), installation of the Yale lock, itself, is extremely simple, and something you should be able to complete in less than 10 (possibly less than 5) minutes. The ‘installation’ process for the August module is a simple plug-and-play matter…unfortunately, that’s when the problems began.

As with installation, set-up also consists of two parts – setting up the Yale lock, followed by setting up the “Connect by August”. The first part is extremely simple, as long as you follow the instructions that come with the lock. Setting your ‘master’ code can take less than 10 seconds, while setting ‘user’ codes takes 5-10 seconds. Accessing other areas of the locks menu system can take a little longer, such as enabling Network Access, but it’s recommended to set these things before proceeding with the ‘Connect by August’ part of the setup.

Unfortunately, this is where I ran in a serious problem…SO serious, in fact, that it caused a COMPLETE failure on the August side of things. As I type this sentence, my deadbolt is no smarter than your typical deadbolt with a bush-button access. During the connection process, which is done entirely through the August app on your phone, among the first steps is a firmware check, and, if the August Module, or Yale lock, has an older firmware, it performs a firmware update…or, should I say, you HOPE it completes said update. In my case, there was an update for the lock, and it must failed, which, in-turn, corrupted the August Module, making it COMPLETELY useless. I won’t go into an extended diatribe, providing a point-by-point of all that happened…to keep it short, after several phone calls, a replacement was finally shipped, which I am waiting on.

Ok…replacement August module received, plugged in, app reset, and lock reset (yes, you have to reset BOTH the app, and the lock), followed by programming (again) the master code. Once the lock had the master code reprogrammed, I went about connecting (more like “pairing”, via the app) the August Module to the lock. This time around, everything worked. The app walks you though every step. Once everything’s connected, you can send “invites” to your family members, either assigning a randomly-selected code, or manually setting codes (either way, the recipient of the “invite” can set his/her own code. At this point, you’re good to go…unless you want to enable any advanced features (auto-lock, auto-unlock, notifications, etc), all of which are fairly simple, and quick, to set up. However, before enabling them, you will need to add another device, the August Connect (included), into the configuration. As with the August Module, the app walks you through everything.

Although I have yet to link them, you can link your August account to your Google Home, Alexa, or Apple Siri account (if you have more than one, take note that you can ONLY connect the August account to one of them). Once connected, I assume you can give verbal commands to lock/unlock the Yale lock, as well as other lock-related commands. However, I can no state what commands, exactly, will work, for, again, I have not yet linked my accounts. I am adding additional functionality through the August app, one function at a time (as suggested/recommended by August support), so as to first make certain everything works. So far, I have set up notifications, and enabled auto-unlock…and, so far, everything is fantastic.

Once properly set up, and configured, everything works extremely well. The (updated version of the) app is well-designed, and simple to operate. The lock, itself, is extremely easy to install, and can be done in under 10 minutes. As long as the August Module isn’t defective (as my first one was), getting the module connected via the app, as well as all of the initial settings, can also be completed in less than 10 minutes.

Support – While combining Yale Lock, and August Home, support into a single department, it simplifies, as well as complicates matters
Reset button – The reset button is only accessible by removing the entire back half of the lock mechanism (held in place, to the door plate, by three bolts), which you can only do by removing the two outermost batteries first. A smarter/better design would have been to have the reset button located under the battery cover, accessible without having to remove the entire unit from the inside of the door. Additionally, resetting the unit requires removing the batteries twice, once to remove the unit from the door & to reset the unit, and again to reinstall the unit to the door.

Nothing that I’ve been able to determine, so far.

I rarely give a 5-star rating, typically giving 4-star ratings, saving 5-star reviews for “the best”. Despite the problems I encountered, this could happen with anything, as there will always be ‘lemons’. The Yale Lock with Connect by August is, truly, an outstanding product, and one I can highly recommend. There are several other companies producing smart deadbolts, but Yale is not only a well-known company, but a well-respected one to boot. They’ve been making door locks for over 100 years, and is known to be not only one of the best, but also one of the most secure. If you’re in the market for a smart deadbolt, you can’t go wrong with this one. Even though the 226 (this model) is older than their 256 model, I would recommend getting this one. While the 256 is newer, and has a better-designed reset button, it lacks a physical key. If the battery dies, you could find yourself locked out. With the Yale Real Living Assure Lock Touchscreen (model 226), you’ll never have to worry about that.

Disclaimer: This product was provided free, or at reduced cost, for the purpose of reviewing the product. Nevertheless, the above review, be it positive, negative, or somewhere in-between, is a 100% honest review, and the price paid played absolutely no part in my review.

Overall rating 5 stars
May 29, 2019


When Initially opened this smartlock I was scared that I had made a mistake. I thought that the installation was going to be difficult and that i would mess something up. This wasnt the case.

This lock is nothing to joke about, its heavy duty frame and deadbolt gives me more than enough comfort than what i had expected. The set up was a breeze too, it comes with everything that is needed to install (aside from some basic tools). One small reminder is that the door needs to be fit for a deadbolt and that, not just any door will be compatible.

Its quiet too, my old deadbold was loud and clunky, the mechanical arm is smooth and sufficient. On the other hand the companion app had some trouble connecting to my device, it couldhave been my WiFi. Connection aside, the functions are pretty self explanatory and will be easy to learn if you are familiar with smart devices.

All in all this smart lock checks all of the boxes for my comfort and satisfaction. Highly recommended.

Overall rating 5 stars
June 13, 2019


I’ve been doing smart home stuff for over a decade now, and smart deadbolts are something that I never really thought I would do. The early days of IoT smart home devices were littered with poor security, easily hacked, and only semi reliable. Those days have changed, even if the devices in question can still be a bit spotty at times. Enter Yale and August, and interesting partnership that yields a mostly winning combination.

First of all the Yale lock is a YRD226, which is an excellent lock with a touch screen keypad that is great. I can tell you from experience, that after a couple of years, button keypad locks will show the locking code most used and fade, while this touchscreen feels like it will last for a long long time. The backlight is easy to see in all but direct sun, and has audible feedback to let you know when it’s active, and responding to a touch. The Assurance Lock system from Yale is a bit interesting, and takes a bit to get used to. You can program different lock codes, change languages, and all sorts of options. The manual even goes into a workflow chart that would scare all but the most PMP certified individuals. Luckily almost all these settings are accessible through the smart module. The YRD226 is powered by 4 AA batteries which are included. I really appreciate this over my old lock’s 9V. I’m going to use the original 4 batteries till death, and then replace them with lithium energizer AA’s and probably forget about it for a few years.

Interestingly Yale’s Assurance system has a modular slot where different modules, potentially different technologies can be supported. Here the included module is a device that connects to the August bridge WiFi adapter which enables the August smart phone app, Alexa, and Google Assistant integrations. I believe this all works by using a bluetooth connection from the lock itself to the WiFi bridge. The bridge then connects to your WiFi and is able to control the lock. For security reasons, there are certain features and configurations that Yale/August only allow via a direct bluetooth connection. Basic locking/unlocking and custom code generation however can all occur via the app remotely, which is where most of your day to day use cases will be. The partnership with Yale here allows more a more traditional lock brand that might not look as trending as August’s first party products, but nonetheless provides a solid deadbolt.

Smart wise, I had nothing but success with Alexa and the app locking, unlocking, and checking the status of the lock. The operation is always fast, and reliable via the WiFi bridge. Siri/Homekit integration is where this broke down for me. The lock is far enough away from my AppleTV that bluetooth control from it isn’t possible, therefore Siri integration only works if I’m physically close to the lock itself, which is a bit of a bummer. Even then it seems flakey, which is probably more of a factor of my installation location on a metal door. For my use cases, Homekit integration, while nice, is almost useless.

One of the big selling features of August, is that you can integrate with their other devices. In this case, an August doorbell would be ideally paired with a lock like this allowing you to react to a visitor and seamlessly open the door for them. Unfortunately I don’t have their doorbell (yet), but never fear, the utility of this lock goes beyond just remotely opening it. My favorite feature is the ability to provision, share, and manage codes for guests. We’ve had a keypad deadbolt in the past, and it’s too much trouble to manage separate codes given the built in programming. The August app/system allows me to easily create, and share a code via text with family when they visit. They then have their own unique code they can reference right from their phone, which is amazing.

If anyone is intimidated by installation of this lock, I would recommend spending a bit of time just tearing apart your existing deadbolt. Once you get past the first screws, the whole lock makes total sense mechanically, and you realize your door has basically a hole in it with a conduite to the doorframe that the deadbolt itself rests in. The Yale lock adds a bit of heft compared to a normal deadbolt, but it took me maybe 10 minutes total to install. I was only slowed down by the subframe which was an extra step compared to my old lock. The picture based installation manual could have used some descriptive text at places, but overall it’s a one time process that took about 10 seconds of real thought. I had to play with the strike plate just a bit, but honestly it just took a few minutes of adjusting. There is a dance you must do to get the module activated, but luckily the app walks you through it.

Overall the YRD226 is a great lock, and the August module/software seems to be a real winner, bringing great connectivity to the lock. Homekit was a bit of a letdown, but the positives far outweigh that negative to me (Siri control of my home is still a pipedream due to Apple’s v1 approach causing most devices to just plane not work, or suck – hopefully their opening of the platform up will help long term). I love the battery choice, the modular add in, and the smooth installation process. Overall as long as you aren’t relying on Homekit (and if you are and your installation location is relatively close to your iPad or Apple TV controller then things might be much better) then you’ll love this lock. The WiFi based integrations and App were super solid, and Alexa worked great once I setup the required voice code and enabled voice lock.

Overall rating 5 stars
June 19, 2019


There are plenty of locks with keypads out in the market but this Yale lock takes it 10 steps further.

• Clean interface
• Super easy install
• Comes with everything needed to install

• Door sensing sensor requires drilling (for cleaner look)
• A bit pricey

The clean interface is what first drew me to this lock. The number pad is hidden and only appears with lit numbers behind a black glass display. Install was super easy and can easily be done in less than 30 minutes if your door already had a deadbolt installed. The install instructions were robust and the phone app does a guided install.

Why this lock stands out from the rest is the “smartness” that August powered locks can offer. It comes with the “brains” chip that goes into the lock and a wifi bridge so you can access your lock from your phone app anywhere in the world. The ability to use the August app to lock and unlock your lock is amazing. I can always check the app to see if the door is ajar or unlocked. Other noteworthy features from the August app is the ability to set auto lock times. I can set it to lock within 2 minutes. Perfect if I was just running out the door and knowing that it will lock automatically. Another great feature is to set different passcodes for your family members and see via push messages on who unlocked the lock, etc. A recent feature I utilized was using google home to unlock the lock with my voice. I was expecting company over but they rang the doorbell right when I was washing my hands. A simple “Hey Google, unlock the front door” and telling google my passcode, the door was magically unlocked via voice.

I highly recommend this lock to anyone looking to have a keyless experience and the ability to add it to their connected smart home. What stand this lock apart from others are the trusted guts of a Yale but the brains of August to execute. Love this lock!

Overall rating 5 stars
July 27, 2019


I purchased two of these locks for the front and side doors of an elderly family member at a different location. The system informs me when the door is locked, unclocked, open, closed, or left ajar. I can give different codes to healthcare workers and other family members. Fairly easy to install.

Overall rating 1 stars
July 28, 2019


The lot was jam at times and also will not work with Alexa

Overall rating 5 stars
February 7, 2020


I had an August lock before. I was not at all happy with it. Very disappointed with the customer service and function of the lock. I has told that the software and firm were meant for IOS devices and does not work well with Android. So I thought I would give this bad boy a try. It matched perfectly with my existing double door handles. Very solid feel and well built. Here is the kicker, it uses the August app to manage it!!! Yale does not have a management software for this lock that works with Google or Amazon. I was a little worried. To my surprise even though it uses the August app, it works so much better than the August lock. None of the issues I had with the August lock are happening. the auto lock and auto unlock work 95% of the time, 100% with IOS. It is quick and responsive. Works with Google and Amazon no hub needed. It does come with 2 keys as a back up. Battery life seems to be better also. Going on 3 months with the Energizer Lithium AA batteries, with August they would of needed replacing by now. I’m very happy with the lock. I didn’t give it 5 stars because it would of been nice to to use the August app.

Simplify security at your home or business with this Yale Assure satin nickel touchscreen smart lock. The touchscreen design makes interacting easy, and the option for automatic unlocking when you approach with your phone adds convenience. This Yale Assure satin nickel touchscreen smart lock employs Wi-Fi connectivity for adjusting settings remotely.
Key Specs
Power Source Battery-powered
Network Connectivity Wireless G
Color Finish Satin nickel
Works With Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant
Lock/Unlock Mechanism Key, Keypad
Voice Assistant Built-in No
Lock Type Other
Installation Type Replacement
Operating System Compatibility Android, Apple iOS
Voice Assistant Built-in No
Works With Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant
Product Name Assure Lock Touch Screen Smart Lock
Color Finish Satin nickel
Brand Yale
Model Number YRD226-CBA-619
Color Category Gray
Color Satin Nickel
Finish Other
Remote Monitoring Capabilities Yes
Unlock Notifications Yes
Low-Battery Indicator No
Shareable Keys Yes
Auto Unlock Yes
Battery Size AA
Number of Batteries Required 4
Battery Type Alkaline
Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts Lifetime limited
Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor Lifetime limited
UPC 081023044660
The Yale company offers users to check out YRD226-CBA-619. The features of YRD226-CBA-619, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left YRD226-CBA-619 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Yale YRD226-CBA-619. Buy (Yale YRD226-CBA-619 or Assure Lock Touch Screen Smart Lock) with benefits.
My review Yale Assure Lock Touch Screen Smart Lock YRD226-CBA-619

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